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Marklin slot car - motor oiling points

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  • Marklin slot car - motor oiling points

    So I recently picked up a Marklin E-Type Jaguar and while it appears complete the motor sequels like its thirsty for some oil when tested. I put a drop of the old model motoring red oil on the tip of the pinion gear hoping it would work its way down to the armature but Im unsure where else to put the oil. It has a unique open frame - pitman type motor in a side winder orientation.
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    As well as the pinion end of the motor shaft, put a drop of oil on the bushing on the magnet end of the armature ,........and of course oil both axle bushings, as well as the front end axle spindles and steering mechanism.

    The comm. looks to be clean, but, a shot of contact cleaner on the comm. while the motor is running ( slowly) will not hurt.

    The tires appear to be in reasonable shape, but a quick sand/true will remove the years old glaze from the tires and restore some grip.

    Chris Walker
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      Mr. Walker of course knows of what he speaks. I would also go with a medium weight petroleum based oil in a needlepoint applicator on the armature shaft end. Don't forget all four points where the axles pass through the chassis! Remember -- less is more! Have FUN with that vintage beauty! -- E