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  • 2seven questions for building

    OK sir, here are your questions:

    1) since the front axel is not directly in contact with the track are oilites unnecessary for the front assembly?
    The front axle does touch. And some modelers have it supporting just a shade of weight. However, the answer is NO, you do not need bushings for the front.

    2) do you solder the oilites into the rear 7/32 brass tube (i assume yes)?

    3) if i purchase this guide SP101004 Sloting Plus Universal 1/32 EVO Deep Wood Guide will it work for my home track (if not, can I/ should I modify it so it will) or is there another guide and braid I should consider for my current use?
    If you want guides compatible for your track try this one: SP101001 Sloting Plus Universal it will work fine for the Showdown models as well.

    4) what type of pinion and crown gear should I buy? I assume I will need a pinion press? I believe the Crown gear will slide over the axel and fix into place with a set screw? pinions and crowns are top choice, but NSR or Scaleauto make equally good quality gears. Yes, if you are going to start building and tuning, a press is certainly something you need. IMHO its best to invest in a decent tool right from the start. Try the one perhaps listed here. Yes the gears slip over as do the wheels. Meaning you will need wrenches for this purpose. Try this kit listed here

    5) what axel thickness should I be using, what part # (this may be subjective but, a starting point will be tremendously helpful)?
    3/32. You can just start with listed here.

    Hope this helps. Also here is a video series for the chassis

    Hope this helps you.


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    Thank you for you info! I see that the SP101001 Sloting Plus Universal guide is sold out on the site i reviewed. Could you recommend another?


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      maybe cloverleaf or leb hobby ?
      bill ,framingham ma