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SCCA Proxy - Please give me your input on this solution. Vote ends 4/15

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  • SCCA Proxy - Please give me your input on this solution. Vote ends 4/15

    Alright guys, as we continue to work through this problem. I am considering alternatives to getting this proxy done/moving.

    I am considering allowing hosts to run the cars solo for the remainder of this proxy. It may take some time, and there are more variables at play. But it could allow us to keep moving forward and provide some entertainment for not only the hosts but also the racers.

    These are my ideas and concerns. I am open to all input.

    If this doesn't work, my currently plan is to leave the cars in Glenn's care until May 1st. If we have no progress or the situation is the same at that time I am going to call it, and we will start up again next year.


    Results may vary because not all of the racing can happen at a single time.

    The host will be driving their own car for all lanes.

    We will still be shipping items between people, which has its own risks right now. A "quarantine" time period may be needed.



    We can make SOME progress. Fast cars still typically win races regardless of who is driving them.....

    We could institute a "Drop" race in the format. Discounting the host car for their race....but this may be one of their better results based on trends I have observed. Would likely be "taking one for the team".

    The cars could be cleaned with a non-invasive detergent when packaged so that the quarantine period may not be needed?

    Lets run them Solo, I wanna see results, even knowing they may be flawed.
    Lets hold fast until May 1st to make the Solo decision.
    Lets cancel, send cars ASAP
    Wait until May 1st, then send cars home if it looks like we are no closer to racing.

    The poll is expired.

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    We have 3 races in the books so far for this series, and a qualy completed at the 4th track. The cars are all in good shape, in good hands and at no risk at this point.

    I see no downside to waiting until May 1st to make a decision of any kind; whether it be to try solo racing, to wait another period of time for the coast to clear or to ship the cars home.

    The only thing that we're actually fighting right now is the urge to inject some fun and excitement into an otherwise very strange, locked-down world. I, for one, would hate to see us compromise the way that we have been running proxies for years now; a way that clearly works, simply because we need to be entertained. Trust me - I get the "be entertained" part and I don't like social distancing or stay-at-home orders any more than the next guy, but I think that things will start to look better here in the US after mid-April, so it's not such a burden for me to wait until May 1st to see what the options really are at that point.



    • Aloha
      Aloha commented
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      Agree with Audi1’s points

    • Doubl-B
      Doubl-B commented
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      Yes I agree, let's not hasten to cancel the series. Let's wait and see. If we send the cars home, they are prolly just going to sit around on the owners track. I think we need to be patient and resume the proxy when it is appropriate to do so. I remember a year or so ago when the (was it the SCCA ?) cars got crushed and many damaged by the postal carrier. Proxy was cancelled - that was very disappointing! This is different. I know it's hard for you younger guys, but patience...

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    Thanks for input Allan. I am just trying to keep everyone happy by allowing the majority to decide the outcome.

    Whatever it is, there will always be a next one!



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      Thanks Zack good job getting everybody input


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        THE other Vancouver aka Vancouver Washington across the river from keep Portland weird....
        Member NASTE (Northwest Association of Slot Track Enthusiasts)


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          I voted for May 1st then return but I think you should add another button
          May 1st then make a decision , that's what I want to do. I just want to race.
          Courtney Smith
          Chattanooga TN


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            Sorry for the late reply. Last year the trans-am proxy took a long time to complete, way past its schedule for one reason or the other. The proxy was still fun to follow regardless of its delayed schedule. I'd recommend you hold the cars for another month or so if necessary and just complete it as time allows. My car doesn't have to anywhere else it needs to be.


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              Well, we voted to wait till May 1st, and we are now at May 18, so what are we going to do about this proxy?

              Where are the cars, and is anyone still interested in running them?

              Let's get some form of decision please.
              Dennis Samson

              Scratchbuilding is life
              Life is scratchbuilt


              • chrisguyw
                chrisguyw commented
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                Try again next is the smart and safe decision !!

              • docdoom
                docdoom commented
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                well that is a bummer. does give me a chance and fix the weak brake issue with my car..

              • arroldn
                arroldn commented
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                Run it if possible.

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              I would also say run if possible. If some track hosts don't feel comfortable maybe they can be moved towards the end of the schedule or see if other hosts would like to run double headers to speed up the proxy?


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                I agree with Big Duhg let's look at his plan sounds good a few other Proxys are moving rite along.


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                  Same class again next is the smart and safe decision !!
                  Merrimack, NH


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                    You know, if we do tank this Proxy now and come back again next year; which, at this point, has to be considered a “maybe” at best, I’d like to see the Ford GT40’s out of it. They were never really SCCA cars. They ran a couple of races because they used to run FIA and SCCA races sometimes back to back on Saturdays and Sundays and very occasionally, the FIA cars would run the next day in an SCCA event just to get some more laps in on the track.

                    Or, break them into two classes; the SCCA cars and the “ran an SCCA race” cars, which would include the GT 40’s, the Porsche 917k’s and the Porsche 908’s.

                    We tried it this year and I was in favor of trying it. But, after the first couple of rounds it was clear that we were racing apples and oranges and that was never the idea behind the original SCCA Proxy series.

                    As far as this years series goes, I would say continue to run them. Proxies are starting up again now and the risks of COVID-19 are much better understood now than they were 2 1/2 months ago, when we shut them down. If track hosts say “no”, then they do, but I would not assume, a priori, that it is unsafe to run Proxy races at this point.



                    • glasshorsevh
                      glasshorsevh commented
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                      Second on everything Allan said. When I was a kid in the mid-sixties my family attended many SCCA events and what sticks with me is the great variety of cars entered. Never saw a Ford GT ... Lotus, Elva, Brabham, MG, Daimler, Morris, Morgan, Corvette, Cobra, etc.etc.etc...


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                    Allan I'm with you and wondered why the GT40 was even allowed this year. But rules are rules. I'll get you in 2021.
                    Arrold Martin
                    Nashville TN


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                      I love GT40's but I also understand what is been said about SCCA cars and that makes sense and I agree with that too.
                      On another note, I'm disappointed my Monogram Chappy is not aloud to enter.
                      Either way, I will go with the flow and enjoy the proxy.