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SCCA Proxy - Covid 19 updates.....

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  • SCCA Proxy - Covid 19 updates.....

    Good morning guys,

    I want to take a minute to talk about the potential impact this virus is going to have on our plans. Right now Glenn (101corvettes) has informed me that they will have to put a minimum of a 2 week hold on the race which we have already qualified for. I have told him to just keep the cars there for the time being, if this drags out too long then we can decide if we should take other actions. If the delays push us way out toward next year, returning the cars and starting up again in 2021 might be a viable option.

    Proxy hosts, please feel that you are in no way obligated to take on the responsibility of completing these rounds, unless you feel absolutely safe in doing so. While for many of us this is a fun release, it is still racing toy cars after all.

    My state is likely to go into a 2-4 week shutdown today, I am sure many more are to follow.

    Thanks for your understanding and the amazing efforts thus far!

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    Zach and everyone I put the cars back in the cases last week so they would not turn into dust collectors. This is going to be a long year and I really don't see things getting any better any time soon. At any note the cars are safe and my speedway is shut down. Until we know more I hope everyone is staying safe and let get threw this so we can drop the Green flag again!


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      Glenn, thanks for the post. I was just about to come in here and check in on everybody.

      Given the problems we face for what could be a good while right now. I am considering calling this race quits and returning the cars home for the time being. We are only three races in right now, and while I am bummed out about it. This is probably the most Socially responsible action at this time.

      I welcome your input on this subject. There is always next year, we can take the lessons we have learned here and have an even faster field when the climate allows.

      Thanks to all of you,


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        Well I'm for you keeping the cars they are Germ free and Dust free . I say keep the cars and wait and see how things are going in 90 days Thanks Adrian


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          maybe we need to set up a poll and see what EVERY want to do. might be the last chance we get in a long time to have our voices heard.....
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            I’m all for Glenn holding onto the cars for the next few weeks and see how this all plays out. I am cautiously optimistic that we can still get this proxy in the books.


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              Hold onto them for a month or so. By the end of April we should have a better idea of how long this thing is going to continue.
              Dennis Samson

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                At this stage, I would say return the cars, be honest I don't see the situation getting any better any time soon , and without the cars no host has even the remotest concern over completing their round.

                Chris Walker


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                  I'm going with Chris on this one. This thing is not going away any time soon, and the possible side effects of continuing just aren't worth it.

                  Take care people
                  Randy C
                  Grindrod B.C.


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                    Your country is suffering from Trump not locking down .
                    Australia has been in lock down for weeks already ..We are coping alright as our daily infection rate has dropped, fingers crossed we all get through this strange but sad time ....Australian government has implemented $11,000 fine or 6mth jail if you break the quarantine rule.... Also you can’t go visit family or friends the only time you can leave your house is for essentials or work..
                    Australian army is involved also ...


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                      Just to clarify as there is so much BS circulating. In the US there is a separation between state rights and the federal governments rights. The president no matter who he/she may be does not have the authority to lock down the entire country without declaring marshal law, which would bring about a whole other set of issues. For better or worse it is up to each states governor to decide on a lockdown. I'm not saying this is a good thing it is just the way the constitution is written. After breaking away from Britian the intent was to limit the power of the federal government, and at the time most of the 13 states thought of them selves as small independent entities that had banded together to run the British out and weren't too keen on a centralized government.
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                    I'm on the fence on this one. If the cars can sit for another month or so, comfortably, with the current host, then I don't see any downside to letting them do that. I'm a little more optimistic than a lot of folks, because I have a background in this area; having worked on the development of a SARS vaccine back in 2003. But, if a re-start is what the proxy director and the remaining hosts decide, then I'm OK with that, too. These are unusual times that we live in right now, and, of course, here in the US, the media churns the bad stuff every day. No finger pointing here - as I say - either way is OK with me.



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                      Just a thought I wanted to throw out here. Seeing how this is all depressing for everyone and we all could use something fun and positive to look forward to how about the host run the race himself? At lest a couple of rounds and when things start to get back to normal somewhat then go back to the normal format of running the race. I’m not saying run all the cars in one shot but if you could run a couple of cars a night and then at the end put all the finishing in race order ? It would take longer of course but keep it moving with something to enjoy 😊. Like i said just a thought.


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                        One thumbs up

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                        I'd be ok with that as it may give the host something to do if he's bored in the house. Heck I'll take 4 cars run in one lane a week😄