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RAA 2022, Need input, I guess i not with it this year

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  • RAA 2022, Need input, I guess i not with it this year

    There are now a lot of proxy races going on. Need to find a group of cars that every one likes that are not being run and say with that group. Yes I do need to step up my game too.

    Be like home made chassis cars

    H&R chassis cars

    Carrera car only, 1/32 or 1/24 scale

    LMP cars

    NSR cars only

    no plastic chassis cars

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    LMP cars would be cool!


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      LMP Or a Revo proxy never had one before


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        So what about Carrera/ Scalextric gt3 only. have to run the stock body but with either scratch built chassis or 3d printed. lots of body's to chose from and just as many 3d chassis being produced. can go with max 23k motor and a spec tire. be interesting to see if builders could do with them.
        lmp also sounds good.
        Revo sounds like a blast.
        maybe it is time to start a poll thread and get a feel of what to run......
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          I think Revo Slot would be fun as well, but kind of an expensive "jumping off point" to get in the proxy...


          • Brumos RSR
            Brumos RSR commented
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            I’m with Doiubl-b and ALS. Revoslot GT2 Proxy I’m in with #33
            Revoslot tires (your choice of shore)
            Revoslot motor only
            3mm axles only

            I think you would get a bunch of interest,, So much you could probably run it in 2021!

            Regarding the price, if you think about what some may put in a Proxy Car it might not be bad:

            Car 48.00 75.00
            Tires 6.00
            Gear. 6.00
            Pod. 8.00
            Motor. 12.00
            Total 80.00-107.00

            Price of a Revoslot.... 79.99 17 minutes watching a video and a few pieces of gorilla tape maybe, some lead and a set of tires, make it an annual proxy run it two years then switch to say a Marcos
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          • Austin
            Austin commented
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            The gt2 class Revoslot would be

            MARCOS LM600 GT2

            PORSCHE 911 GT2

            DODGE VIPER GT2

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          There already a GT3 proxy going on right now.
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          • docdoom
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            true but you can never get enough gt3.

          • REL13
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            This is true.

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          Be nice to actually run my NSR Mosler
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            Yes the RAA proxy will be GT2 Revoslot chassis with any GT2 body from the 90s Body list will be posted
            Merrimack, NH