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Quick Slick Slip-On Proxy 2021: Track List

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  • Quick Slick Slip-On Proxy 2021: Track List

    Host tracks for the 2021 season will be listed here. This proxy is open to both plastic and wood tracks. If you would like to host a round please reach out via this thread or DM to discuss details.

    All potential hosts... Please note that this is a silicone tire proxy.

    I'll do my best to coordinate the tracks in a way that the proxy has a steady flow from start to finish.

    Track Listing:
    1. Clover Leaf Racing Store Track (cj74) - August 2021 - Complete
    2. The Herman P. Finklemeyer Memorial Race Park (pappy) - September 2021 - Complete
    3. Lebanon Raceway Park (Budslots) - September/October 2021 - Complete
    4. Ridgeline Raceway (Billyboy) - October 2021 - Complete
    5. Cornerstone Raceway (mether05) - Complete
    6. Rockledge Raceway (Doubl-B) - December 2021
    7. Amoskeag North Race Park - TBD
    8. The River Run - TBD
    9. Snipsic Lake Raceway - TBD
    10. Suncoast Speedway - TBD
    11. Circuit 23 Motorplex - TBD
    12. War Eagle River - TBD
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    We are almost rounded out with the track list for the 2021 season. I have received some tentative feedback from a couple hosts regarding timing. I'll be firming things up over the next few weeks.

    As you can see from the list above, we still have room for 3 more tracks to complete the series.

    Seeking additional hosts:
    • Do you have a track that runs silicone tires?
    • Have you read about proxy racing and wondered what it is all about?
    • This is a proxy based on having fun while still being competitive.
    • Hit me up if you are interested in hosting!


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      I'd like to welcome the 3 track contingent in Florida (organized by WER) and The Herman P. Finklemeyer Memorial Race Park (owned and operated by Pappy).

      The Florida tracks were a whirlwind last year. I'm expecting the same this year.

      The Herman P. Finklemeyer Memorial Race Park is a new track that we got to see build progress here in the forums. I raced this track this past weekend and it will test the build of these cars. A well setup car will do well. Struggle with the set up, struggle at this venue.

      Welcome all!