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2020 Quick Slicks Proxy: Round #10 -The River Run

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  • 2020 Quick Slicks Proxy: Round #10 -The River Run

    A box of Quick Slicks Proxy cars showed up in my mailbox today. I’ll take a look at them tomorrow and will try to get the qualy run early
    next week with a target to complete the race and this series within two weeks after that.

    Stay tuned for updates.


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    That sounds good Allen, Have fun.
    Robert- Shoreline Model Raceways Club
    Connecticut, U.S.A.


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      Racers, I'm going to need to extend the date for Round #10. I'm sorry about the resulting delay in finishing up the series, but I have two sets of proxy cars to run right now. One is on silicone tires, the other on rubber tires.

      My track is rubbered-in at this point and if we run the rubber tire cars after the silicone tire cars, then I'll need to rubber-in the track all over again and in this COVID-19 confinement, that's time-consuming and it's an extra step that I won't need to take if I run the rubber tire cars first. This is because we find that on my track, silicone tired cars run just fine after rubber tired cars. The opposite, however, is not true.

      So, the new target for running the Quick Slicks Proxy Round #10 is the first week in March. I hope that this is not too much of an inconvenience for any of you; it makes my job as a proxy host a lot easier.



      • arroldn
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        Do what you have to do.

      • Doubl-B
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        No worries Allan!

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      no rush. i think we understand rubber and silicon tire issues. Im happy to be running on your track
      Lance Sofa racer, SA TX by way of Hawaii


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        Allan I hope my VW has no electrical issues at your track.
        Arrold Martin
        Nashville TN


        • Audi1
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          We'll be on the lookout for them, Arrold.............

        • arroldn
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