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  • 2021 O2.0L Builds

    Thought I would kick this off with a few months to go. The Plafit chassis 70 Camaro is now 8 grams lighter with more torque, lower gearing, lowered body, less body rubbing and more rubber at the rear. Only time will tell if it will compete after a 15th place showing 2 years ago.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	5B1813C0-A48A-4ABB-A8C7-69E7AED21405.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.08 MB ID:	95789
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    You are busy already sir! Sounds like it will be great!


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      Has the makings of another car that will do the number 33 proud.
      Bob G. ..... Boston, North Shore


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        Here are the two cars I am still working on for the T/A proxy. The blue car is my backup and is about complete. The white car is my primary, unless I can't get it to outperform the blue one. I've still got a good amount of work to do to it.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	2021 Trans Am Camaros2.jpg
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ID:	101389
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        Team SCANC
        Woodland Trace Raceway - SlotZuka - Bent Tree Raceway
        OFI - Buena Vista Motorsports Park - Slotkins Glen
        Leadfinger Raceway


        • Brumos RSR
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          Wow, that’s a lot of rear rubber under there. I Love it!!

        • Fast Co.
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          It looks like more than it is Tony. There’s not a lot of room under those fenders.

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        Here is the car I am sending. Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1728.JPG
Views:	577
Size:	3.13 MB
ID:	101393 Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1727.JPG
Views:	583
Size:	3.62 MB
ID:	101394 Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1726.JPG
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Size:	3.46 MB
ID:	101395
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          Click image for larger version

Name:	B0A27ED4-119A-4A21-BF5F-39A04F92A0E3.jpeg
Views:	490
Size:	3.74 MB
ID:	106466 Click image for larger version

Name:	C3F62F12-2A8C-4DE9-ADD9-FBE5E6DBD847.jpeg
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Size:	3.27 MB
ID:	106465 Getting closer to having a good car for this proxy. I was hoping the Mustang would be faster of the 2 but the Camaro is a good tenth or 2 faster on my 100+’ Carrera track....
          looking forward to the proxy and so glad I don’t have to sweat out round 0 now!😂


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            A little test ‘n tune today; I’m definitely leaning towards the orange #79 car……

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              Which one?? Shame we can only enter one car now. I need to get started on my build/rebuild.
              Arrold Martin
              Nashville TN


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                Sending same car as last time. refreshed the tires and installed a cg pod. running into issue with installing 18mm gears and getting correct gear mesh. ended up using a 19mm gear but thinking may have clearance issue as the tires wear running 10 /34 gearing have some 18.5 mm gears on order along with 6.75mm pinion to see if that will work. if not may have to go back to slot it pod
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                • steeveew
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                  I believe that’s what I run on my CG pods. NSR 6.75 mm pinion and 18.5 mm Scaleauto spurs.

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                Not quite finished,but close.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	image_27151.jpg
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ID:	107532

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                Randy C
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                • Ragtopman
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                  Looks awesome! I am still trying to get my body to sit lower like yours but my tires always rub... great job👍🏻

                • Doubl-B
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                  Love it!

                • arroldn
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                  Loving it. You are making me think of doing a re-paint of one of my many Cudas.
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                Camaro finished with just a few tickles in testing this weekend & in the mail Monday.
                Chassis is a modified Plafit with some Carbon parts that I've been playing with for a few years & if it goes all right might be my go to Proxy chassis for all my other classes.
                Weight is 100 gms which I'm more than happy with after my previous proxy cars.
                Cheers Jimmy


                • F1Fan
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                  Jimmy you are already a Plafit tuning legend down-under, it is great to see you are also making your mark up North with your Plafit innovations! Good luck in this series, and thanks for your support in the GT3 and WC proxies.

                • Brumos RSR
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                  Great looking car!! Your Plafit is lighter than mine by 3 grams. Good luck in the series.

                • Ragtopman
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                  Looks amazing! 👍🏻

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                Love this Camaro ! Great job.


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                  I'm going to have to spend some serous money on postage to get this car out on time. I still need to put it on the track.

                  Scalextric 71 Camaro body I painted a few years ago
         Mazda Group C Chassis
                  Sidewinder .5 offset Pod
                  CBD "steel hubs" 8mm & 11mm wide
                  Motor - no clue.....maybe tonight once I install one.
                  Tires - NSR freshly ground down from 22mm to 20.5mm (yesterday). Hope I did not take too much off as I'll have to start over again but I do have 1.5mm clearance I think!
                  Interior is half a full interior (bottom is ground off with black paper on the bottom). Might have to scrap if I think it weighs too much and put a lexan interior inside

                  The 1.5mm clearance is tough but I think I got the clearance now. I needed minimum 20.5mm tall wheels in order to gain the clearance. The tire height affected my body as the tires were rubbing on the I had to raise the body with the styrene tubes I epoxied in for the Group C chassis I am using. Styrene glued onto the body sides are used to control the body float too. If I had an old 0mm offset pod that would of helped with the 1.5mm clearance but I only had a .5mm available.

                  Rush Rush Rush...


                  Click image for larger version

Name:	5049D177-3C53-4F01-AFD4-CF31ECF23645.jpeg
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Size:	2.12 MB
ID:	108446
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                  • Aloha
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                    Your driver looks like he had a hard night. Rob you got to be nice to him as you know we will all be following him around the track.

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                  Really nice livery!


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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	4F9371B1-2787-48B4-940C-14D13A1DEE29.jpeg
Views:	298
Size:	3.07 MB
ID:	108712 Ok changed my car as I finally got the Mustang a bit faster than the Camaro I was working on.
                    Pioneer body, shapeways chassis, slot-it .75 offset pod with slot it 15x8 wheels(also been trying CBD 15X10 out back so I will make a final decision which pair I use before I ship), slotting + axles and guide and went with Thunderslot rubber as all the NSR’s I tried sucked (prob because they were all EVO’s) clearance is about 1.6mm so I should be good. I also had to shim up the chassis so the body would clear the tires but used some silicon washers instead of styrene. I also went with 11/34 gearing. I have not done any proxies besides the Revoslot one so a bit unsure of what is the norm for this proxy in terms of gearing so any help in that area or any area would be greatly appreciated. 😂
                    Hope it’s fast enough to hang with the pack…🤞🏻🏁


                    • Fast Co.
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                      Beautiful car!