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IX SRS , Fourth Round

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  • IX SRS , Fourth Round

    Welcome back to Elra park.

    All teams attended for the fourth race of the season.
    Low temperature but no rain at sight.
    This time will race the chicane layout.

    Click image for larger version

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    Lot of preassure over Ferrari drivers, Scuderia want results!

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    Life can be great when on top

    Qualy session ran whithout any major incident, only Slothead´s Vette desloted once.

    Qualy Results

    P1 -#6 T County Lug Nuts (Chevrolet)
    P2-#2 Zcarfan (Ferrari)
    P3-#2 Chappyman66 (Porsche)
    P4-#22 Thundadownunda (Ferrari)
    P5-#5 dw5555 (Mecedes)
    P6-#19 FC47 (Mercedes)
    P7-#8 Slothead (Chevrolet)
    P8-#16 Racing Bandit (Jaguar)
    P9-#6 Vonsirius (Jaguar)
    P-10-#10 CJR Racing (Porsche)

    All was ready for the races but suddenly all teams as one made an announcement; will be no race if curve 1 it´s not modified!!!
    According Teams´point of view, bad design it´s the reason of so much accidents under race conditions, a R1 curve it´s so close to the "dead track/ timing device" that have to brake late if don´t want to be stopped on that section of the track.

    Arguments went on , but a clear message to track owners was given; no modification, no race!

    Click image for larger version

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    To be continued...

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    We're happy to see that our new car has the same set up as the old one. Splitting the Ferrari pair seems normal. That blasted Vette though......where did TCLN come from?

    Perhaps we will requalify if the track gets modified...
    Come Race at The Trace!
    Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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      Looks like our driver has his rhythm down - no just need to keep things smooth for the race and let the small block in the vette sing!


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        I don't know what it is about our driver and the women. He always seems more interested in them than the race. Although a bunny would certainly turn my head also. Maybe the modified track will allow Slothead's driver can keep it on the track long enough and come up and play with the BIGBOYS.
        Boss Dave
        Saginaw Valley Raceway
        Only Rule: Just enjoy who you are racing with.


        • slothead
          slothead commented
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          The comments about your driver remind me of an interview with Brian Redman in which he says he got into racing by accident, constantly thought he'd die in an accident, but stayed with it because of the women.

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        We're delighted to see the improvements taking place on the track. In our driver's opinion curve 1 was not only poorly designed, it was cursed. He's also recommends that track ownership bring in a priest and have an exorcism performed in that area.

        When racing resumes we're confident our Corvette will show it's stuff and begin moving forward. Our driver will wave at the other drivers as he goes by, though the number of fingers involved may vary depending on who it is.


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          P4 not too bad for the topless Ferrari crew, but it doesn't pull the ladies!!! Mods to turn 1 may change things.......stay tuned


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            sorry about the delay (actual life inposses), race scheduled for weekend next week,


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              No problem. My driver is relaxing with the bunny.
              Boss Dave
              Saginaw Valley Raceway
              Only Rule: Just enjoy who you are racing with.


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                Finally all was ready to start the round. Race direction decided to run whithout chicane just to get accustomed to the track modification.

                Race started, it was a great battle at the front, Z carfan leading whith Chappyman just bumper to bumper!

                Lap 40 of 100

                1- #2 Z carfan (Ferrari)
                2-#2 Chappyman66 (porsche)
                3-#6 TCLN (Chevrolet)
                4-#5 dw5555 (Mercedes)
                5 #22 Thundadownunda (Ferrarri)
                6-#18 FC47 (Mercedes)
                7-#8 Slothead (Chevrolet)
                8-#10 CJR Racing (Porsche)
                9-#16 Racing Bandit (Jaguar)
                10-#6 Vonsirius (Jaguar)

                Jags once again at the back, despite Racing Bandit good speed.

                (To be continued)


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                  Our team is working to keep the tail lights of the leaders in sight with hopes that as they run bumper to bumper one of both of them will push just a bit too hard and allow our Chevy to zip on by to the front!
                  Keeping our driver patient, waiting on that opportunity is quite the challenge though!


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                    That wide-wheeled Ferrari is pretty hot.....we know we have reliability on the Porsche. Our driver is trying to run consistently, and be ready to make his move at the end.
                    Come Race at The Trace!
                    Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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                      Overall we are pleased with the Mercedes performance. Just need to eek out a little more speed.
                      Boss Dave
                      Saginaw Valley Raceway
                      Only Rule: Just enjoy who you are racing with.


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                        team are happy to be holding down 5th place at this stage of the race, fellow Ferrari racer Zcarfan holds the lead.


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                          Spy cam caught Thunda's driver in a practice session with a much faster car.

                          Click image for larger version

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                          Saginaw Valley Raceway
                          Only Rule: Just enjoy who you are racing with.


                          • Pepsi 62
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                            damn it, knew it was a mistake using red on a test car

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                          Race went on.
                          On a three car battle at the back inolving two Jaguars and CJR´s Porsche, dissaster came again for Racing Bandit, his car made an awful sound and refused to move! , another transmission issue. After race team reported it´s been a serious problem, the actual front engined car just broke the shaft! ( I really don´t know at the moment if I will be able to repair it or if a new car will be offer to R. Bandit, will see...).

                          At the front , both Z-carfan and Slothead made little mistakes and TCLN, Chappyman and specially dw5555 took profit! Once again coming from nowhere the green Mercedes appeared at the front and this time wining the race.

                          (Again a lot of fun making this series, you must, please, excuse me for the late report, I´m very bussy at my job.)

                          RACE RESULTS

                          1st #5 dw5555 (Mercedes)
                          2nd #T County Lug Nuts(Chevrolet)
                          3rd #8 Slothead (Chevrolet)

                          4th#2 Chappyman66 (Porsche)
                          5th #2Z carfan (Ferrari)
                          6th #22ThundaDownUnda(Ferrari)
                          7th #18 FC47(Mercedes)
                          8th #10 CJR Racing (Porsche)
                          9th #6 Vonsirius (Jaguar)

                          #16 Racing Bandit (Jaguar) DNF

                          Pictures soon...
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