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  • Round 3

    Hello fellow racers.
    New year began whith a rebuilded Elra Park.
    Some modifications was done to allow to fit a modificated vintage Scaley "woodgood Chicane". Now you can race clock wise , anti clock wise , whith or whithout chicane and having operating pit lane gives several options to race, I think not too bad for such a small space.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	ep1.jpg Views:	15 Size:	228.7 KB ID:	73038

    Click image for larger version  Name:	ep2.jpg Views:	14 Size:	228.2 KB ID:	73039

    Extensive work has been done on CJR Racing´s Porsche. New balast was added and a new livery due to battle scars that ruined the old one was made. Now it´s renumbered 10 instead 130.

    Racing Bandit crew was also working hard on Jag´s gearbox and balast to try to make the British car more competitive.

    Inagural new layout/ year race whithout chicane, clock wise. Fair Weather.


    1-#2 Z carfan(Ferrari)
    2-#22 Thundadownunda (Ferrari)
    3-#2 Chappyman 66(Porsche)
    4-#8 Slothead (Chevrolet)
    5-#5 dw5555 (Mercedes)
    6-#18 FC47 (Mercedes)
    7-#6 Vonsirius (Jaguar)
    8-#10 CJR Racing (Porsche)
    9-#16 Racing Bandit (Jaguar)
    10-#6 T County Lug Nuts (Chevrolet)

    Ferraris dominated the qualy session, both Racing Bandit and TCLN desloted .
    CJR´s Porsche went better and team has good spirit, hoping further adjustments will work for the race.

    To be continued...
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    Team Chappyman66 put the Porsche 550 out on the track, figuring that the big yellow Ferrari would be a strong competitor. We knew we were fast, but the provisional pole was a surprise. But we want to win fair and square, so we got together with Zcarfan and went to the tower to get the scoring adjusted. The #3 position on the grid seems familiar for the small displacement car and we are going to be ready for race pace at the new layout.
    Come Race at The Trace!
    Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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      The new layout reminds us of a good old American oval, just going in the opposite direction. Slothead Racing is going to use our notes from prior races to setup the car, just switch lefthand stuff to righthand. Then we should be ready to go Ferrari hunting.


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        Sorry, a mistake was done on the Qualy results.
        Now it' s edited.
        Pole was z carfan's Ferrari and P3 for Chappyman's Porsche.


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          Top down racing does have it's disadvantages. More than once we caught the driver looking at the fans and waving as he went by. Apparently "We have a failure to communicate".
          Boss Dave
          Saginaw Valley Raceway
          Only Rule: Just enjoy who you are racing with.


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            A very cold day at the circuit but drivers seems to did not feel the low temperature focused as they were on the race about to start.

            During two laps cars was running as a block, the end of the straight and seemed as if it was no room for every car.
            Chappyman66 trapped between the two Ferraris and Slothead´s Corvette has no any option but went out of the track, so unlucky that the Porsche hit the barriers and was damaged to the point that can not return to the race!

            TCLN once again starting on P 10, began to gain positions.
            CJR´s Porsche at good pace.
            Intense battle at the back between the two Jags.

            Positions after 40 laps (of 100)
            in parentheses starting position.

            #2 Zcarfan (Ferrari) (1)
            #8 Slothead (Chevrolet) (4)
            #22 Thundadownunda (Ferrari) (2)
            #5 dw5555 (Mercedes) (5)
            #10 CJR Racing (Porsche) (8)
            #18 FC47 (Mercedes) (6)
            #6 TCLN (Chevrolet) (10)
            #16 Racing Bandit (Jaguar) (9)
            #6 Vonsirius (Jaguar)(7)

            #2 Chappyman66 (Porsche) (3) DNF

            More to come soon...


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              The team is definitely hoping to create some momentum (but not so much that it takes them on an off road excursion) - watch out leaders - we are coming for you!


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                The updated circuit looks great! It’s also seems to suit the little yellow Ferrari for us, we at team Zcar hope to keep the momentum going. Cheers!
                Mike - Galena Ohio

                "When you're back there with the squirrels, you're bound to get your nuts cracked." - Graham Rahal


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                  The car is a write off.....a complete wreck. Fortunately our driver was not badly injured. We had the speed, but no mass to match the lumbering Corvette and there was no outside line.

                  We are procuring another car and will hopefully be back for the next round.
                  Good luck to all.
                  Come Race at The Trace!
                  Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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                    We're glad to still be in the hunt. Them Eyetalians are a tough bunch. Shouldn't be a big surprise that the Jags were battling it out in the back. Where else would they be.
                    Boss Dave
                    Saginaw Valley Raceway
                    Only Rule: Just enjoy who you are racing with.


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                      dropped a spot from P2, topless driving in cold conditions doesn't suit Aussie drivers. Hoping he can focus on the task at hand and get a win for the team and for Ferrari


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                        We've reviewed the video of Chappyman's accident and concluded it was purely a racing accident. Our driver does think the unlucky Porsche was being too aggressive for the initial period of the race, but when an opportunity presents itself drivers often can't resist.

                        The Slothead Racing Chevy wasn't damaged in the incident and after a quick pitstop during the caution period is ready for more racing.


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                          Battle became fierce at the front, the two Ferraris leading, Slothead and CJR Racing pressing hard, all drivers pushing their limits so much that suddenly the yellow Ferrari braked too late and finished upside down, Safety car.

                          New start and at the back the Jags battle continued and this time Vonsirius trying to overtake Racing Bandit was the one that hit the barriers, another Safety car!

                          Another start and the unthinkable happened , another accident, this time Slothead´s Chevrolet went straight to the barriers on a frigthtening accident, Slothead driver left the car confused but whith only minor brushes!

                          Spectacular fight at the top Ferrari/Chevrolet and finally was T County Lug Nuts who crossed the finish line first , began last finished first!

                          Meanwhile Racing Bandit also gaining popsitions, finding at last a good race pace and finished thrid!

                          The two Mercedes passed under the chequered flag nearly at same time but was CF47 the first one.

                          CJR Racing viewing the carnage decided to stop fighting whith the Mercedes and secure a P6.

                          1st #6 T County Lug Nuts (Chevrolet) (10)
                          2nd #22Thundadownunda (Ferrari) (2)
                          3rd #16 Racing Bandit (Jaguar) (9)

                          4th #18 CF47 (Mercedes) (6)
                          5th #5 dw5555 (Mercedes) (5)
                          6th #10 CJR Racing (Porsche) (8)

                          #2 Chappyman66 (Porsche) DNF Accident.
                          #2 Zcarfan (Ferrari) DNF Accident.
                          #8 Slothead (Chevrolet) DNF Accident.
                          #6 Vonsirius (Jaguar) DNF Accident.

                          Click image for larger version  Name:	m1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	143.2 KB ID:	74862 Click image for larger version  Name:	m2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	144.3 KB ID:	74863
                          Click image for larger version  Name:	m3.jpg Views:	0 Size:	139.7 KB ID:	74864 Click image for larger version  Name:	m4.jpg Views:	0 Size:	137.9 KB ID:	74865
                          Click image for larger version  Name:	m5.jpg Views:	0 Size:	193.2 KB ID:	74866


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                            The team are extremely happy with a P2 finish, great drive. Safety Cars breed safety cars, the drivers all seem to go wild after a safety car period!
                            Congrats to TCLN and Racing Bandit on their podiums, commiserations to those that crashed out. There's always next round


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                              Congratulations to the podium finishers, especially TCLN for a great run from 10th to 1st, and to Racing Bandit for going from 9th to 3rd. Thundadownunda did well to hang on to 2nd place with through all the mayhem.

                              Our driver was shaken but will be ready for the next race. Two DNF's in a row is not good, but we'll be just as hard charging for the rest of the series. All we're after at this point is a trip to victory lane and it takes guts to earn the glory.