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HRW Holeshot Nations - Summer Nationals action!

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  • HRW Holeshot Nations - Summer Nationals action!

    Quick overview shot of the cars in the pits waiting for their turn in the staging lanes!

    All cars were given a couple shakedown passes to insure there were no issues that cropped up from shipment and that they could make full clean passes. With that, I am happy to report that every car in the field proved to be great runners straight out of the gate!

    General detail on the racing...
    Each car was run multiple passes until performance stabilized at which point they moved to the staging lanes for qualifying!
    Both the qualifying and racing were broken down by scale, with 1/32 cars taking first honors.
    Qualifying was performed in each lane, with the average being used to determine seeding in elimination ladders.
    Cars were launched off of a single trigger, eliminating any variability in driver reaction time - with the only variance in reaction times being in how the cars launched off the line.
    Tires were cleaned prior to each run for consistency.

    Now on to the qualifying!

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    First in the staging lanes were the three entries in the 1/32 Pre-'90 Hot Rod class

    The first two machines were SMOOTH runners! Strangebrew's Duster was a bit slower off the line - but was a charger on the big end where KY Slot Racer's Charger was a rocket right out of the gate!

    Coming to the line next for a solo run was SADCO racing's '63 Corvette! From light to light, it pulled fast and straight!


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      Next up for qualifying were the Pre-'70 Conventional Gassers!

      (Yes - the Expo Duster snuck into the action as well - but will be covered in the next posting)

      A couple notes...
      - the '56 Plymouth was close to qualifying for wheels up gasser class - sending the nose notably up on launch!
      - the '30 Ford had a strong top end - but was a fuzz unstable up there, wagging its tail a bit once it reached top end
      - the Bug was smooth, quiet and quick!
      - the Willys wanted to pull the front end on launch and then would settle down and make a smooth clean pass.


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        The final 1/32 class to hit the staging lanes was "EXPO"!

        Fast, smooth and quiet!


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          Next to the staging lanes - 1/24 scale Pre-'90 Hot Rod!

          (the Nomad ran with the Thunderbolt to give it a running mate)

          Side by side running was the name of the game for both the Camaro and the Thunderbird!
          The Thunderbolt wasn't as consistent - but was quick!


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            Next up - 1/24 scale Pre-'70 Conventional Gasser!

            Both the the El Camino and the Nomad acted like they were veteran strip builds, knocking down run after run with steady, consistent performance.


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              1/24 scale Wheels Up Gassers up next!

              The Camaro tended to be fairly variable in its front end lift - but it didn't seem to have too much of an impact on its qualifying numbers
              The Willys was a front wheel carrying machine - typically not settling the front end until 1/4 way down the track!


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                Final class up for qualify was 1/24 EXPO!

                This funny car really turned up the heat to close out qualifying - Fast & Smooth!


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                  Competition time!!!

                  Lane choice was awarded via coin flip. The quick qualifier of the round received lane assignment based on heads being the far lane (wall side) , tails being the near lane (control side).
                  Both lanes remained controlled by a single controller for launch / run down the strip.

                  First in the staging lanes were the three cars 1/32 Pre-'90 Hot Rod class!
                  The elimination ladder placed Strangebrew's Duster against KY Slot Racer's Charger!

                  Coin flip placed the Duster in the far lane, with the Charger in the near lane.
                  Off the line, in this all MOPAR battle, the Charger had the jump, leaving the line like a rocket! By half track though the Duster was coming up fast and shortly after that, was showing the Charger its tail lights. On an 1/8 mile track, the Charger would have been the winner, but with the longer run - it was the Duster blowing through the lights first to take the win!

                  Next it was the '63 Corvette with a BYE run. After the coin flip placed them in the far lane, the SADCO Racing team wasn't going to rest on it's qualifying run - instead they dropped the hammer off the line and ran it all the way out through the big end!

                  For the finals, the Duster still having low ET of the eliminations, took the coin flip landing in the far lane with the Corvette in the near lane.
                  The Corvette got the jump out of the hole - but apparently the crew for the Duster made some tweaks between rounds as it caught the Corvette by quarter track and laid down not only it's quickest run, but that also made for the quickest time of the class in the process - taking home the win!


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                    Next up - Pre-'70 Conventional Gassers!

                    Round 1

                    Coin flip placed the Bug in the near lane, with the Willys in the far lane.
                    Off the line, the Willys jumped out first - but the injected bug was quick to catch it and buzz past and carry that momentum all the way through the big end!


                    Coin flip placed the '30 Ford in the near lane with the '56 Plymouth in the far lane.
                    The blown pickup took the hole shot and carried it all the way through the lights, but did get pretty loose up on the big end, swinging its tail back and forth a number of times before getting out of it in the braking zone!


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                      Pre-'70 Conventional Gassers Finals!

                      Welcome to the finals!
                      The bug still retained best pass honors - with the coin flip placing it the near lane and the Ford in the far lane.
                      The torque from the blown mill in the Ford gave it an edge off the line, which it held until about half track where the injected bug got along side and then crawled ahead on the big end of the track to take the win!
                      (made for a great race!)


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                        Finishing up the 1/32 classes - it was EXPO to the line!

                        Even though it was a BYE run - the driver of the Duster Funny Car wasn't going to let an opportunity to lay down a hot pass go to waste! With a hard hook out of the hole - it was off like a shot not only making a quicker pass than it did qualifying in either lane - but also taking the "King of Speed" and "King of the Strip" honors for the 1/32 scale cars in the process!


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                          1/24 Action!

                          The first class to pull into the staging lanes were the two entries for Wheels Up Gasser!

                          Our camera man went kind of brain dead on this - snapping pics of each car separate - verses staged together after realizing the Willys was in the wrong lane after the coin flip.

                          For the run, it was the Willys in the far lane, Camaro in the near lane. Both of these cars proved to be SMOOTH runners and off the line it was the Camaro with the jump - but by the "60 foot" mark, the Willys had caught and was passing the Camaro while still carrying front wheels in the air!


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                            Next to the staging lanes - Conventional Gasser!

                            The coin flip put the Nomad in the near lane and the Minion ElCamino in the far lane (they are an energetic crew let me tell ya!) Off the line, the El Camino was a bit quicker - but was quickly overtaken by the Nomad - but then from about 2/3 track on - the Minions must have found a little something more - as they were charging back! There wasn't enough distance left before the lights for them to take the win, but it made for a great race!


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                              Next to the staging lanes - Pre-'90 Hot Rod

                              Round 1

                              In this old school verses new school match up - it was the Thunderbolt with lane choice - getting the near lane on the coin flip and the Thunderbird getting the far lane. The Thunderbird was quicker off the line - but the Thunderbolt came on strong and ran it out all the way through the lights to advance to the next round!


                              The Camaro had a BYE run for this round, with the coin flip placing it in the near lane. The Camaro team leaned on it hard, running a time slightly quicker than their qualifying time in prep for the next round!


                              Pre-'90 Hot Rod FINALS!

                              The Thunderbolt, still having low ET took the coin flip landing in the far lane with the Camaro in the near lane.
                              The Camaro got the jump out of the hole - but in a near replay of the run with the Thunderbird the T-bolt powered past the Camaro and held the lead all the way out through the lights to claim top honors!