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HRW Holeshot Nats in NH, Nov 30th

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  • HRW Holeshot Nats in NH, Nov 30th

    Looks like the 2nd part of the HRW Holeshot Nationals will take place on Nov 30th (Sat after Turkey Day)

    So those who enetered in the 1st go round, uh, go straight in Ohio, be sure to have your entries in NH before Turkey Day.

    The address to send cars to is...
    Dickie Pearson
    13 Scales Road
    Canterbury, NH 03224

    For those who did not make the Ohio event and may be interested in joining for this event in NH, you're more than welcome to.

    The Sick Puppy track is a scale 1/8 mile (~26')
    The track is MDF, painted black and coat with a urethane finish. Urethane tires grip quite well here.
    Cars running the 21.5k motor usually run in the 1.1 second range. We haven't ran any using the 25k motor yet, so it will be interesting to see how much quicker they are.

    The guidelines we're running by...

    BTW-the Boss (aka-Harry) has sent along some cool goodies to be handed out to the participants.

    Following are the rules for this year's fun run - if you are interested in participating, please let me know, as it should be a lot of fun!

    - The classes will be broken into two scale groups.
    - 1/32
    - 1/25 & 1/24

    - Pre '90 Hot Rod
    - Pre '70 Gasser
    ---- "Wheels Up" class
    ---- Conventional
    - Expo

    Requirements for all cars/classes:
    No limit
    in the number of cars that can be entered by a builder! Interested in entering one in each class and scale? Or desire to enter 3 in one class and 2 in another? There is plenty of room in the staging lanes, so feel free to build them and roll them on in as it is definitely a case of the more cars entered the better the racing!
    And please remember - this fun run is just as much about the building and modeling as it is about the performance!

    - Must have clear / tinted windows (blacked out windows are not allowed)
    - Interior required to fill visible area - blocking the ability to see the chassis / running gear / track below
    - Minimum of half driver with steering wheel positioned so that the driver can "see out the windshield" required
    ---- Vacuum formed interiors / drivers allowed - however MUST be painted in at least 3 colors
    - Chassis may be scratch built or manufactured (material at owner's discretion)
    ---- "Factory" drag chassis's such as Parma Edge, JDS, ESR etc
    - Must utilize "inline" motor mounting orientation (no sidewinder or anglewinder)
    - .050" min chassis ground clearance
    - Guide flag blade can not exceed 1" in length - drop arm, spring loaded, etc designs are allowed to compensate for front end lift
    - Guide flag to be under the body (not visible when looking straight down on entry)
    - Each entry must have a minimum of four functional/rotating tires (not counting wheelie bar wheels)
    - All tires must sit on track and turn when the car is pushed from behind (not counting the wheelie bar tires)
    - Wheels and tires must be appropriately sized to scale of vehicle
    - Appropriate looking wheels / inserts
    - Independent front wheels allowed
    - Urethane tires only
    - Wheelie bars are allowed - however they must meet the following requirements:
    ------ Bars must be of the dual wheel design and have the wheels spaced wide enough that the wheels do not ride on the braid
    ------ Bar "wheels" can not be of the "fixed/skidder" type design (potential track damage) or be overly large/non-scale in appearance (modeling aspect)
    - Gears are to be 48 Pitch (exception made for 1/32 vehicles which may use Slot.It, NSR, Scaleauto style gears which are considered to be equivalent although not quite 48 Pitch)
    ----- Gear Ratio is builder's preference
    ----- Gear sleeves to adapt gears to smaller diameter axles allowed
    - Axle diameters / materials at builders discretion
    - Ball bearings
    allowed for Hot Rod or Gasser classes

    Class specifics

    Pre '90 Hot Rod
    - Motor: Piranha 21,500rpm motor only!
    - Body to be hard plastic or resin - no vacuum formed bodies allowed
    - Min weight:
    - 1/32 cars - 3.5 oz (99.2 grams)
    - 1/25 & 1/24 cars - 5.0 oz (141.7 grams)

    Pre '70 Gasser - Wheels Up class
    - Motor: Piranha 21,500rpm motor only!
    - Body to be hard plastic or resin - no vacuum formed bodies allowed
    - Front wheels are
    to rise a minimum of 1/2" on launch
    - Min weight:
    - 1/32 cars - 3.5 oz (99.2 grams)
    - 1/25 & 1/24 cars - 5.0 oz (141.7 grams)

    Pre '70 Gasser - Conventional class
    - Motor: Piranha 21,500rpm motor only!
    - Body to be hard plastic or resin - no vacuum formed bodies allowed
    - Front wheels are NOT required to rise up on launch (cars that do wheelie, but do not achieve the 1/2" minimum rise on launch will be run in this class)
    - Min weight:
    - 1/32 cars - 3.5 oz (99.2 grams)
    - 1/25 & 1/24 cars - 5.0 oz (141.7 grams)

    - Motor: Builder's choice Piranha 21,500rpm motor or new Piranha 25,000rpm ball bearing motors only!
    - Body can be hard plastic, resin or vacuum formed
    - No Min weight for this class!
    - NOTE: This class is kind of a "catch all" for things ranging from rails and funny cars to wilder builds like: Drag Semis, jet cars
    and wheelie cars like Hemi Under Glass, Little Red Wagon, Cool Bus, etc. Use your imagination!

    Intended format:
    - Cars due in Ohio by July 6 for the Summer Nationals. Cars will be returned to builders after the run for tuning, gear changes, etc. Cars will then be due in new Hampshire by November 23 for the Winter Nationals.
    - Preliminary shakedowns will be performed to insure each car can make clean passes, after which qualifying will be performed on each lane and the average of the two used to set placement in the bracket for each class.
    - Cars will be launched utilizing a common control to eliminate driver to driver variance.
    - Quickest car advances to next round.
    - Lane "choice" awarded via coin flip for each round
    - Tires to be cleaned prior to each round.

    Please note:
    - There is
    NO entry fee
    for this fun run other than the cost of shipping your car.
    - Photos and reviews of the cars will be shared for everyone's enjoyment!

    In addition to the classes noted above, there are pair of bragging rights honors that will be awarded at each track
    King of the Strip
    - title will be awarded to the car with the fastest ET, regardless of class.
    King of Speed
    - title will be awarded to the car with the fastest MPH, regardless of class.
    Show Stopper
    - title will be awarded to the car with the highest votes in pre-race car show.

    Hosting location 2:
    27.5' track at Sick Puppy Raceway, New Hampshire
    - voltage: 12.4 volt - twin power supplies - 17amp each
    - construction: routed wood
    - surface: urethane coat finish
    - power transmission via standard braid set flush with surface
    Due date:
    November 23rd!

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	20191007_193320.jpg
Views:	309
Size:	43.0 KB
ID:	965The 1st entry has arrived!! It's the El Camino entry by vtecfour, and it's going to challenge the USA Camaro Funny Car of Teamwild's in the Expo class
    Last edited by dungeonracer; October 7, 2019, 07:36 PM.


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      Hi Dickie,

      Good to see my entry has arrived safe and sound. Curious to see how it runs.

      Tried to repond to your PM but can't seem to find a reply button.




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        This is my first time using these motors. What gear ratio is best for these with this much weight on the 1/8 mile track?
        Last edited by Charley; October 20, 2019, 10:04 PM.


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          Be glad to try and help Charly. But need some info from you

          Which scale and class are you entering, and how tall are your rear tires?


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            Most likely will be the Pre 90 Hot Rod 1/24 class. Tires will be 1 1/16 tallx.400 wide and most likely 3/32 axel.


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              Sorry for the delay replying Charley....had to find my notes....

              My Tasca Thunderbolt I sent in to Ohio is a good running car here on the Sick Puppy 1/8 mile scale track, so I use this one as an guide.
              This car has tires that are 1.2" tall, and running a gear ratio of 9/31. This gives me a roll out of 1.09"

              With your car having 1-1/16" tires (or 1.0625"), a gear ratio of 9/28 gives you a roll out of 1.07". That gets you pretty close.


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                In case anyone's wondering how I get a roll out #, here's the formula...

                pinion divided by crown gives you "xx" for a result
                tire diameter (tall) multiplied by 3.1416 (pi) gives you "oo" for a result
                multiply "xx" and "oo" to get distance car travels per revolution of motor


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                  ...................Is this track longer or shorter than Ohio? tks: Brew.............................


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                    Shorter... it's a scale 1/8 mile (26')


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                      This event is now less than 3 weeks away!


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                        Will be shipping my old school weekend warrior slingshot this week, hope that is enough time from UK thank you for putting this event on!


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                          Less than 2 weeks away!!!!

                          Had 2 more entries show up.
                          This one's from KY Slot racer
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0432.JPG
Views:	214
Size:	22.8 KB
ID:	7891

                          And this one from Strangebrew
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0433.JPG
Views:	190
Size:	31.0 KB
ID:	7893

                          Still waiting for Historiceng and hopefully Sadco Racing
                          Attached Files


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                            Guys I am really sorry, my car is on it's way but late leaving. I know it will be too late but please can you keep it and run when you can on your track, just so I can see how it compares and to say it went to USA! No hurry and all at your convenience.
                            I had left it home for a few finishing touches then work kept me away for 10 days!


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                              Bummer on that Historiceng, but will let you know when it arrives.