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  • It's happening!

    Yep, the 2nd round of the HRW Nationals will be held tomorrow morning (Saturday).
    I most likely won't post the results until Sunday, so bear with me on that.
    Dickie Pearson
    Canterbury, NH

    HOST - Home Operated Slot Tracks
    MSR - Main Street Racing

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    Looking forward to seeing lots of photos!


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      Thank you for your time and effort for all of us


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        Looking forward to pictures also


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          The 2nd round of the HRW Nationals is in the books!

          1st, gotta say thanks to those who sent in cars. It was pretty cool to not only see that cars, but also run them
          Also gonna state right off, the most popular entry by those in attendance was Historiceng's simple little dragster
          You can learn more about it here..
          Click image for larger version  Name:	slingshot.jpg Views:	0 Size:	66.8 KB ID:	9039

          As was done in the Ohio race, we set up a controller to run both lanes. This takes away any individual driver affecting the results (sleeping at the light, etc.).
          Rick, the owner of the Sick Puppy Raceway, ran all the cars.
          We ran qualifying runs 1st, all cars were run in both lanes. The better ET time would be used to set the ladder.
          And also as what was done in Ohio, lane choice was done by a flip of a coin for the car with the quicker ET time
          And last, the mph figures you see are at 10 times the actual speed, so just move the decimal point over one to the left to get the actual speed

          1st up were the 1/32 Hot Rods.
          There were 2 entries - KY Slot Racer's Charger vs Strangebrew's Duster
          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0484.JPG
Views:	196
Size:	40.5 KB
ID:	11993
          In the 1st qualifying run, Strangebrew in the left lane ran a [email protected] to KY's [email protected]
          Switching the cars for the 2nd run, KY picked the pace a little ([email protected]) while Strangebrew slowed a bit ([email protected])

          So was the left lane the place to be? The coin flip put Strangebrew's Duster in the right lane, giving hope to KY's Charger.
          KY's Charger ran it's best run ([email protected]), but unfortunately for KY, the Strangebrew Duster found a good line in the right lane and pulled away for the win ([email protected]).

          Next were the 1/32 Gassers. There were 4 entries, 3 belonging to Dungeonracer ('29 Ford, Bug, and a Willys), and one to Glasshorsevh (Plymouth). So the odds were certainly in the favor for the home team. Could the lone entry from afar fare well against these odds?

          The 1st qualifying run had the Plymouth in the left lane against the Bug in the right lane.
          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0486.JPG
Views:	195
Size:	34.8 KB
ID:	11994
          The Plymouth ran a [email protected], but the Bug was not waiting around with a [email protected]
          The 2nd run, with the cars switching lanes, saw the Plymouth improving it's time with a [email protected] to the Bug's slower [email protected]

          Next up were the Willys and the 29 Ford
          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0485.JPG
Views:	192
Size:	35.3 KB
ID:	11995
          In the left lane, the Willys ran a [email protected] to the 29 Ford's right lane time of [email protected]
          Switching the lanes saw the Willys improve ([email protected]), but so did the 29 Ford's ([email protected])

          So the qualfying results had the ladder set up as such...
          29 Ford vs Willys
          Bug vs Plymouth

          1st race - 29 Ford vs Willys - coin flip put the 29 Ford in the right lane (yes, it's the same pic as above )
          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0485.JPG
Views:	183
Size:	35.3 KB
ID:	11997
          The Willys proved no match for the 29 Ford, as it's run of [email protected] wasn't even close to the [email protected] run of the Ford

          Next was the Bug vs Plymouth - coin flip put the Bug in the right lane (yes-same pic as above
          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0486.JPG
Views:	188
Size:	34.8 KB
ID:	11998
          The Bug ran it's slowest time of the meet ([email protected]), but so did the Plymouth ([email protected]), giving the win to the Bug

          So it came down to the Bug vs the 29 Ford - coin flip put the Ford in the left lane
          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0487.JPG
Views:	184
Size:	36.9 KB
ID:	11999
          The Bug, despite having a competitive qualifying time, was no match for the Ford in the final round. The Ford simply ran away ([email protected]) from the Bug ([email protected])

          The final class of the 1/32's was the Expo class, which had Dungeonracer's Mooneyes Duster going up against Historiceng's cool looking dragster
          As cool as the Dragster looks, it had it's problems here at the Sick Puppy Raceway. During some practice runs, the rear tires would not grip the track well at first. After cleaning them a few times, they started to hook up, but then the front end would lift and the braids would lose contact with the track, losing power. We tried a few things to help it, but we couldn't get it to run as good as it looks
          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0488.JPG
Views:	197
Size:	36.0 KB
ID:	12000
          The 1st qualifying run had the Dragster in the left lane, and Mooneyes in the right. The Mooneyes ran a [email protected] to the Dragster's [email protected]
          Switching lanes, the Dragster improved ([email protected]). The Mooneyes ran slower ([email protected])

          The elimination round had the Mooneyes Duster in the right lane (as in the pic)
          The Mooneyes ran a [email protected] to claim the win against the Dragsters time of [email protected]

          The 1/24 races will be up in the next post

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          Dickie Pearson
          Canterbury, NH

          HOST - Home Operated Slot Tracks
          MSR - Main Street Racing


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            We had a great time with our first ever drag car events, both Ohio and NH. Thanks to all!



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              Now for the big boys...

              First up were the pre-90's Hot Rods. We had 2 entries from Teamwild (Iaconio Camaro and Glidden Thunderbird), and 1 from Dungeonracer (Tasca Thunderbolt)
              Qualifying results
              Iaconio Camaro - left lane [email protected] - right lane [email protected]
              Glidden Thunderbird - left lane [email protected] - right lane [email protected]
              Tasca Thunderbolt - left lane [email protected] - right lane [email protected]

              The Teamwild cars had to race each other to see which one would face off against Thunderbolt in the final
              Coin toss had the Iaconio Camaro in the right lane (sorry, no pic )
              The race was too close to call by watching. The Glidden Thunderbird ran a [email protected] to Iaconio's [email protected], but lost the race by .0088 of a second.

              So it was Iaconio's Camaro up against the Tasca Thunderbolt
              Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0450.JPG Views:	12 Size:	42.2 KB ID:	12026
              Iaconio gave it his best shot, but his [email protected] was not enough against Tasca's [email protected] run, giving the Thunderbolt the win.

              Next were the Conventional Gassers. There were 2 entries, Teamwild's El Caminion vs Dungeonracer's Glass Wag'n Nomad

              Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0451.JPG Views:	12 Size:	41.0 KB ID:	12028
              El Caminion - left lane [email protected] - right lane [email protected]
              Glass Wag'n - left lane [email protected] - right lane [email protected]

              Coin toss put the Glass Wag'n in the left lane
              The El Caminion couldn't control his minions, and the Glass Wag'n motored away to the win ([email protected] to [email protected])

              Next were the Wheels Up Gassers. 2 entries in this one, Teamwild's Stone, Woods and Cook Willys against FC47's Flamed Camaro
              Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0452.JPG Views:	12 Size:	39.4 KB ID:	12029
              Willys - left lane [email protected] - right lane [email protected]
              Camaro - left lane [email protected] - right lane [email protected]

              So looks like the Camaro liked the left lane better, but the Willys definately had the top end speed for it's advantage.
              The coin toss put the Camaro in the right lane. Not looking good for FC47. How will this race shape up?
              When the lights turned green, the Camaro had a slight advantage off the line. But at the other end, the Willys was gaining fast!
              FC47's Camaro ran a [email protected] Teamwild's Willys ran a [email protected]
              So, who won? Watch the video

              Yeah, FC47's Camaro took the .0005 of a second!!! Talk about close!!!

              Last but not least, the Expo cars came out to play. At the Ohio race, Teamwild's USA-1 Camaro funny car had no one to challenge him. This time however, vtecfour sent in a very cool Trouble Maker El Camino funny car to contest him.
              Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0456.JPG Views:	12 Size:	35.7 KB ID:	12030
              El Camino - left lane [email protected] - right lane [email protected]
              USA-1 Camaro left lane [email protected] - right lane DNF (came out of slot)

              Coin toss put the Camaro in the right lane. The same lane it had just deslotted during qualifying. Would it stay in this time, or would it deslot and hand the win to the Trouble Maker? Well, again, watch the video...

              Trouble Maker tried hard, but it's [email protected]3.70 wasn't enough against USA-1's [email protected]

              And that's a wrap for this year's HRW Holeshot Nationals.
              Again, thanks to those who sent in cars. Rick really enjoyed seeing your cars go down his track.
              Thanks to Todd for letting us get involved in this.
              And thanks to Harry for sponsoring this event. We really want to do this again next year.

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              Dickie Pearson
              Canterbury, NH

              HOST - Home Operated Slot Tracks
              MSR - Main Street Racing


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                That was cool to watch!

                Well done Dickie, Rick and all the support staff.

                Looking forward to the next event. As this was my first attempt with a drag racing car, I'm pleased that I'm, literally, on the right track.

                Next entry could be this recently picked up 57 Chevy glue bomb that would make a neat gasser.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG-7156.jpg
Views:	169
Size:	102.4 KB
ID:	12052

                Thanks all very much.



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                  That was great, I enjoyed this whole event, love the suspense of "watch the video" in the final races! Thank you all and for the use of the track.
                  Please let me Know what I owe for post back, no hurry happy to hang on into the new year... Do you guys think I can make this rear engine and simple car work? Longer car perhaps? Wider tyres [tires ]? Thank you and Happy christmas!!



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                    Great coverage!!!
                    Great cars!
                    Those Teamwild 1/24 hot rods are scary close in performance! LOT of fun to run!
                    look forward to the 2020 round!!!


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                      Thanks for the kind words, guys.
                      Again, we really enjoyed having the chance to run them. Thanks so much for giving us the pleasure.

                      Eric-you have a PM
                      Dan-build that 57 Gasser. Would love to run it for ya!!
                      Dickie Pearson
                      Canterbury, NH

                      HOST - Home Operated Slot Tracks
                      MSR - Main Street Racing