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GT3_2020_Proxy_Round 9 Edmonton II

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  • GT3_2020_Proxy_Round 9 Edmonton II

    We are racing in Edmonton once again for round 9, albeit on a different track, Little Madonie.

    Dariusz and his boys will stop by to update us on the event, good luck to all!

    "I don't make mistakes. I make prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong "
    "And that just shows you how important the car is in Formula One Racing"

    Murray Walker

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    Good luck to all of us! Well maybe not F1Fan.....imagine that rooster crowing if he wins another race!!



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      Hello everyone...

      we started early today. Was on the track for 7am. Quick dusting off, then off to some laps on the middle lane to put some rubber down. After 100 laps I had enough grip to to start qualification. Cars were run in random order... 5 laps, clean the tires and another 5 laps were done. Here are the results from qualification:

      #91/ 7.499
      #9/ 7.248
      #5/ 7.224
      #13/ 7.183
      #24/ 7.143
      #44/ 7.114
      #8/ 7.103
      #3/ 7.102
      #36/ 7.067
      #46/ 7.030
      #84/ 7.020
      #55/ 7.012
      #2/ 6.916
      #912/ 6.904
      #93/ 6.827
      #54/ 6.817
      #17/ 6.795
      #79/ 6.782
      #4/ 6.769
      #18/ 6.755
      #200/ 6.749
      #10/ 6.698
      #30/ 6.678
      #70/ 6.663
      #33/ 6.652
      #7/ 6.624... my bad... there is no tie for pole position.

      When I was doing my math and programming the race Tom, Bill and Leon showed up. Guys started to rubberized other two lanes. Race results to come soon. Congrats to Chris for another pole position...
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        thanks Edmonton guys, look forward to seeing the race results, not a lot between the top guys once again


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          Wow!! Oh man that is close times! That rooster is crowing now!! This track is a challenge with all the uphill and downhill. Need some good horsepower for that hill!

          Click image for larger version

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          • radarek
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            That's old picture from Tourist proxy...

          • radarek
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            Overall there is a 4 feet climb...

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            Actually this is from the touring car proxy. i see my BMW M3

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          Chris Great Run and TONY where did that come from? Thanks Drivers for an early start!
          Courtney Smith
          Chattanooga TN


          • radarek
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            Sorry guys... results corrected. No tie for pole...

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          Again??! WOWOWOWOWOW!

          Just had a call from CGYRacer (people might not know this, but we are actually good friends) and he is stressing like crazy and I am absolutely loving it!

          Thanks Edmonton, that's a fantastic result on a very different looking track! (Cheque is in the mail Dariusz!!😀😁!)

          "I don't make mistakes. I make prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong "
          "And that just shows you how important the car is in Formula One Racing"

          Murray Walker


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            I hear a rooster crowing off to the distance.

            Huge congratulations to F1Fan ......Brumos fantastic close second and Smokeio so close in qualifying behind Brumos. Chrisguyw In the same 6.6xxx range too. Everybody is very close.

            I’m worried about my car looking at that hill. Back in the day Snowmobiling there were hills we called 100 horsepower hill (don’t go up unless!) and in this case I’m not sure if my motor and gearing are suited for a 4 foot uphill! Could be interesting....hoping I get lucky!!



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              Congrats to Chris S., Tony and Mike on their podium qualy finishes. A big shout-out to BrumosRSR for breaking into the top tier in a big way with this qualy result!

              Good luck to everyone in a race that's already been run...……???

              Dariusz, you guys are fast - in more ways than one!



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                Holy smokes congratulations F1 Fan and Smokieo on your qualifying. Nothing like a 1 two Porsche lockout on the front row. Thank you Dariuz and your team for the qualifying run. Good luck to all the racers on race day
                The Jester

                Soxside (Chicago)


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                  Ok... I won’t hold you guys any longer.... all I can say... great race it was. So much of close fight... fight for the second place went down to average lap... real thriller... ok no spoilers.
                  Bill, Leon and me took the driving into our hands, Tom was in charge of the computer and getting the cars to and from the track, so everything went smoothly.


                  #91. 66.70 laps
                  #9. 70.70 laps
                  #24. 71.70 laps
                  #36. 71.30 laps
                  #13. 71.40 laps
                  #3. 71.50 laps. 7.610 average
                  #5. 71.50 laps. 7.546 average
                  #46. 71.70 laps
                  #8. 72.60 laps. 7.487 average
                  #44. 72.60 laps. 7.470 average
                  #55. 73.10 laps
                  #4. 73.30 laps
                  #79. 73.60 laps
                  #84. 73.80 laps
                  #2. 74.40 laps
                  #54. 74.50 laps. 7.289 average
                  #17. 74.50 laps 7.270 average
                  #912. 74.80 laps
                  #200. 74.90 laps
                  #33. 75.20 laps. 7.215 average
                  #93. 75.20 laps. 7.196 average
                  #10. 75.60 laps. 7.171 average
                  #18. 75.60 laps. 7.147 average
                  #70. 75.70 laps. 7.179 average
                  #7. 75.70 laps. 7.149 average
                  #30. 76.70 laps

                  Congrats to Chris and Chris and Mike.

                  onto the next race.


                  Darius aka radarek


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                    Pictures of the podium...
                    Attached Files


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                        Congratulations Sir ChrisGuyW, Sir F1 Fan and Sir Smokieo on your win and podiums. Yep Zack you're the new bridesmaid, great run. I'm HAPPY with my finish thank you for getting the most out of the 33 which suffers on long runs with drivability issues as it was built to make it in the show on short stints. Also it was great to see the Porsches all in the top 10, Alan looks like 912 is starting to find its stride.
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                        The Jester

                        Soxside (Chicago)


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                          Congratulations to the podium cast. Chris, Chris and Sir Smokieo. Good to see Smokieo back on the podium. Zack comes in as a rookie and is kicking massive butt. Looking to join you guys for 2020/2021.
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                          Arrold Martin
                          Nashville TN