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  • GT3_Proxy_Exciting Announcement!

    Hello fellow Proxy Racers!

    Trust you are all well and working hard on your GT3 entry, will this be the best and fastest proxy car you have ever build? It just might have to be!

    I have some exciting news to share with you.

    After 5?? (please let me know as I am not sure) years of being the Race Director for this series, it's time to pass on the leadership reigns to someone else. I feel that the series is currently in good standing with a new format and a record number of cars trying to make it into the series for 2020 and that this is a great time to step aside and get someone with renewed enthusiasm and fresh ideas to take over.

    With your support and much help from others behind the scenes, I think we raised the "proxy bar" and presented a premium event for you to partake in. Maybe we did not always get it 100% right, but I am proud to say we got it right more times than not. (at least I hope you will agree).

    There really is only one person to take over the reigns and I am delighted to say that starting in 2021 Rob (CGYRacer) will be our new Race Director. I will be here for this season and will see it through to the end. You can expect similar coverage and support as you have had in the past, but sometime during next year, most likely towards May/June, Rob will start soliciting interest in the series for next year. Entry fees will then be made payable to him and cars will be shipped to Kelowna for the start of the series next year.

    As I have mentioned in the past, Rob has been the person behind the scenes that has helped with this event for many years and I am more than confident that he will provide you with an exceptional event. He has the facility and the support from his fellow Kelowna club members, so no doubt it will be a great series!

    I am looking forward to being your Race Director this year and supporting, hosting and entering the event next year.

    Thanks as always for your very kind support!

    "I don't make mistakes. I make prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong "
    "And that just shows you how important the car is in Formula One Racing"

    Murray Walker

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    Thanks for your time and efforts to keep this Proxy going,looking forward to the New Race Director.


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      Rob, congrats on rising to the exulted position (in waiting) of GT3 proxy el supremo benevolent dictator and herder of cats - or perhaps it should be commiserations? Regardless, very glad to have you taking over the helm.

      Chris, thanks for all your work in growing the Group 5/GT3 proxy to its current very high standing, much appreciated.



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        You did a great job with the Group5/GT3 Proxy, Chris!

        As you know, firsthand, it takes not only a good plan, good organization, supportive cooperation and a fair share of luck to pull these series off successfully, it also take a lot of constant promotion and different approaches to promotion with different racers. You have always done those things well and to high standards while the series has been under your stewardship. Remember the year that we had 6 cars total...……?! Anyway, sit back and enjoy the building, I'm sure that you'll find yourself fully engaged again when Rob rolls the 2021 series out! He, too, will do a super job for this series!



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          Sir F1 Fan, thank you for making the G5 proxy and now the GT3 Proxies incredible. I consider it the start of the race season and progress has already started on the 2021 #33 if this years is a go home car. Rob, I look forward to your Stewardship and like Chris, may you also be come a Sir for your carrying on the great tradition of this proxy.
          The Jester

          Soxside (Chicago)


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            Thanks F1Fan for all you have done to make this Proxy series a success. You have gone above and beyond to make sure all entrants are confident that their car’s will be run in a successful Proxy series. Well done and Bravo!!

            Now I need to meet or attempt to exceed what you have accomplished as the Race Director ......huge boots to fill !

            Brumos not sure if I could ever become a Sir but thanks for the nice compliment!


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              I am sure Rob will do an excellent job next season! Can we move this years qually round to Robs beautiful new track, my Lambo can really stretch its legs on the long straight and sweeper.