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GT3_2020_Proxy_ Round #6_ Changing.Gearz_at The River Run - "The Corona 90"

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  • GT3_2020_Proxy_ Round #6_ Changing.Gearz_at The River Run - "The Corona 90"

    Good news! The GT3 cars arrived today at The River Run.

    I haven't checked them over yet, but the box arrived intact so that's a good start.

    We're trying to get this Round run and in the books as quickly as we can and are now looking at this coming Sunday as a possible race day, with qualy on Saturday. If that doesn't work for the drivers, then it will get pushed out a week; hopefully not longer than that.

    Stay tuned for updates towards the end of this week, as I Ieave for London tomorrow through Friday - Wuhan Coronavirus dodging...……..!

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    Looking forward to the round. Hopefully will continue my improved performance at your track, which has not treated me well in many a proxy!

    Thanks for taking on the round!



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      Excellent news Allan and safe travels....congratulations also on the longest event name in proxy racing history....!!

      Looking forward on round 6, at a track that has hosted too many proxy events to count, the final USA round.

      "I don't make mistakes. I make prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong "
      "And that just shows you how important the car is in Formula One Racing"

      Murray Walker


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        Thanks Allan for running this round quick.

        This Proxy is so big we have sponsored tracks now just like sponsored arenas. I better find a sponsor for Round 9!



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          Update: it’s looking like this Sunday will not work for Round #6, so it will be either Saturday, the 14th or Sunday, the 15th.

          We’ll try to get the qualy done as early next week as possible, so that there’s time to enjoy those results ahead of the race.



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            Hello Allan

            Are you perhaps able to confirm the qualifying and race date?

            "I don't make mistakes. I make prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong "
            "And that just shows you how important the car is in Formula One Racing"

            Murray Walker


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              Good news - the Proxy Round with the longest name in proxy history ran its qualy last night. A lot of close times and 22 of 27 cars with fastest lap times of under 6.0 sec.

              Here's a look at the field; running from lower left to upper right. We ran the cars in reverse order based on the current series standings after 5 Rounds.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	DSCN4169.jpg Views:	0 Size:	155.8 KB ID:	26309

              Click image for larger version  Name:	DSCN4170.jpg Views:	0 Size:	170.0 KB ID:	26310

              The track had been well rubbered-in, based on having just run the rubber tired SCCA Proxy cars two weeks ago; 24 cars at approx. 30 laps per car is a lot of rubber down on the track! So, the conditions were good.

              Each car was run for 5-10 laps to get the driver used to it and get the controller set up, then each was run for another 10 laps to get the fastest lap. Tires on all cars were swiped before the pre-qualy laps and again before the qualy laps with XXXX labels, which do not leave any deposits on the tires.

              Matt from Changing.Gearz did the driving honors for us:

              Click image for larger version  Name:	DSCN4172.jpg Views:	0 Size:	166.1 KB ID:	26311

              And when the smoke cleared (Freudian?), here is your qualy finishing order:

              Position / Car# / Fast Lap / 10-Lap Average / Comments

              27 / #12 / 6.361 / 6.20 / needs brakes, tails out in the turns, tire chatter
              26 / #91 / 6.205 / 6.27 / lots of chatter, quite loose in the turns
              25 / #912 / 6.078 / 6.10 / too much motor, skinny rear tires
              24 / #17 / 6.071 / 6.10 / tire chatter, tails out some in turns
              23 / #3 / 6.056 / 6.14 / smooth, down on power
              22 / #55 / 5.996 / 6.02 / smooth, weight balance off, can deslot suddenly,
              21 / #44 / 5.964 / 5.99 / smooth, a little loose, some tire chatter
              20 / #24 / 5.940 / 6.12 / lots of motor, needs more brakes
              19 / #5 / 5.914 / 9.95 / smooth, well balanced, some chatter
              18 / #46 / 5.893 / 6.03 / smooth, a little loose, weight balance off
              17 / #84 / 5.887 / 5.93 / tire chatter, a little loose in the turns
              16 / #8 / 5.829 / 5.96 / smooth, light in rear, some chatter
              15 / #13 / 5.821 / 5.96 / smooth, light, some tire chatter
              14 / #30 / 5.814 / 5.84 / very smooth, quiet, easy racer
              13 / #54 / 5.812 / 5.85 / smooth, quiet, some chatter at the limit
              12 / #93 / 5.805 / 5.88 / smooth, slight chatter
              11 / #79 / 5.794 / 5.89 / smooth, good balance, easy driver
              10 / #33 / 5.789 / 5.82 / a little loose, weight balance seems off
              9 / #9 / 5.780 / 5.90 / some chatter, a little loose
              8 / #18 / 5.760 / 5.85 / smooth, some rear axle movement in all directions
              7 / #36 / 5.745 / 5.83 / smooth, a little loose, can get sideways
              5 / #2 / 5.712 / 5.74 / a little chatter, fast [Tie]
              5 / #7 / 5.712 / 5.80 / smooth, good car [Tie]
              4 / #200 / 5.705 / 5.79 / smooth, fast, easy driver
              3 / #10 / 5.672 / 5.78 / smooth, planted, lacks a little acceleration
              2 / #4 / 5.663 / 5.77 / smooth, light, fast, easy driver
              1 / #70 / 5.602 / 5.70 / smooth, planted, easy driver

              Congrats to Mike (Smokeio), Dale (aloha) and Rob (cgyracer) on their qualy podium finishes!

              Here's a pic of your qualy podium cars:

              Click image for larger version  Name:	DSCN4178.jpg Views:	0 Size:	157.8 KB ID:	26317

              The race is scheduled for Sunday and, Coronoavirus-permitting, that's when we'll run it.

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              • Courtney s
                Courtney s commented
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                Did you hear the joke about the Coronavirus ........... You wont get it!
                Mike ,Dale & Rob congratulations! You guys are FAST

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              Thanks for the qualy and congrats to the fast guys at the pointy end! Looks like I am locked into around my usual position, hopefully she picks back up when it heads across the border! 🤞



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                Thank you Allan and Matt, appreciate you running qualifying.....congratulations to Smokeio!

                As you have seen from the above post, racing this weekend is pending. Massachusetts is under a State of Emergency as they are trying to cope with Covid-19. It goes without saying that the health and safety of our drivers come first and the host must be 110% comfortable in hosting the round and bringing people together at his track for the event to proceed.

                Allan is reviewing the situation and a decision will be made soon (tomorrow latest) - on a go or no-go. If we are unable to say with some certainty that the round will happen within the next week (max) then the cars will be shipped to the next round without delay. The qualifying results will then have to be deleted - sorry Smoke!

                As we are in uncharted territory I cannot say with certainty how the series will be impacted going forward, but what I can confirm is that our hobby of playing and racing toy cars will be come a distant 2nd to other more pressing matters.

                Trust you all understand, I will keep you posted.

                "I don't make mistakes. I make prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong "
                "And that just shows you how important the car is in Formula One Racing"

                Murray Walker


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                  Thanks Chris.

                  I just polled the regular Changing.Gearz drivers and although I could never publish the text thread that just went down......….and is still continuing...………. suffice it to say that as of now it looks like we will definitely be racing at The River Run on Sunday.

                  Good luck to all!



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                    good news, bring on raceday, thanks also for qualy and many congrats to the Q podium.


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                      Just to get you ready for race day, here's a short clip of the current series leader's qualy run; car #10 cgyrager.

                      It's all about the chicane, the decreasing radius turn and the disguised hairpin - if your car handles them well, then you'll turn in good lap times on this track.

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                        Congrats to Mike, Dale and Rob for there Podium finish.
                        Robert- Shoreline Model Raceways Club
                        Connecticut, U.S.A.


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                          Congratulations to the podium group. Rob that car flies around there as if it is on rails. Good luck to all in the race. Hoping to be a part next year. Go get them Dale I wonder what Mr Smokeio's run would have looked like
                          Arrold Martin
                          Nashville TN


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                            Allan, Thank you. My cars always seem well run on your track. I can only cross my fingers and hope my good luck carries over to the race but that’s too close a field to count on anything. Congrats Dale and Rob.

                            So with the current state of affairs, can you even have a group of people standing next to each other and handling the same items? I would think holding an event like this is not recommended.