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  • GT3_2020_Proxy_Round_5_Shoreliners

    Cars will be heading to Mike's this coming week, and I am sure he will be by soon to provide more details on the planned schedule.

    Thanks to all the host's for keeping the series on schedule and moving along, I am heading to Toronto for a week, but you are in very capable hands.

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    Murray Walker

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    DEFINITELY "the world's fastest proxy"! If not the cars (although that is still distinctly possible!), then absolutely in terms of how rapidly the series is progressing! Not a moment to take a breath, non-stop action, the fast and the furious is 1/32 scale!

    Just to remind you that the first round was run on December 13. Here we are a month and a half later and round 4 is already completed. Don't blink folks or you will miss it all!



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      Ladies and gentlemen, the cars have arrived. Waiting on the club for dates but we should be run soon. Wayne’s basement has water damage so we are going to have to move the event to REL13s track.


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        This track

        Dont like the look of the squeeze section!!!!!


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          That’s it. Thank you.

          We already have a proxy scheduled for this week but I’m going to attempt to get the qualifying done.


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            I'm glad the cars finally arrived ok Mike. Seven days for a 2-Day Priority Mail shipment! That's our postal service.

            I think my car's going to be holding up the faster cars in that squeeze! I'll be dropping further down the standings after this one.

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              Don't worry about the squeeze. Most of the time in a proxy event the drivers play nice. All bets are off when it's my turn to drive the number 7.


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                My buddy Don West, built a 3 lane track with Laguna's Cork Screw. It had a squeeze patterned after the real racing line. It was a ton of fun. Alternating between fits of belly splitting laughter..... that generally degenerated into ( good natured ) cursing that would shame a Sailor. Unfortunately he had to move and no longer has space for Track.


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                  Sir Smokeio
                  what are the table dimensions....just curious


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                    REL13 may chime in with the table dimensions. We did qualify the cars after the F1 Proxy race last night. Smokeio will post the results when he gets a chance. We would like to run the race next week, but we need to work that out.


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                      The table is 15' X 7'
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                      • Aloha
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                        Thank you for the update. That’s well laid out to get the maximum track length and seems to have a good flow to it. Aloha Dale

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                      We did qualify last night but I don't have the write ups finished. Here's a teaser:

                      Click image for larger version

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                      Thanks to our most experienced driver, Bob Bradley who qualified the cars for us. Special thanks to The General and Sandy for their help organizing the evening. We've got scheduling conflicts so I don't expect the race to happen for a few weeks. More to follow.


                      • ZackM
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                        That Vette is unstoppable!

                        Congrats fellas, Hopefully I am not straggling too far back.


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                      I noticed last year smokies car won both rounds he ran ..
                      so it’s a giggle to see it on the podium after finishing 15th last round....


                      • Smokeio
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                        It's a big giggle when your braid doesn't make contact with the track, that's for sure. I was hoping for the pole once that was fixed but the vette ain't got it in her this year.

                      • F1Fan
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                        Take a look at car #7's, #2 or #13 results to get an idea of how results can change...the tracks out East are different and results may vary. Just want to make sure there is no underlying message in this I have 150 000% confidence is Mike and his boys in running a fair and legit race.....kapish?

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                      Never count out Sir Smokeio. Interesting representation there of the podium representing the world. Congrats to you all


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                        Maybe the car did better because Bob Bradley was driving it. If I recall correctly Bob was a factory driver for Slotworks when they took a swing at commercial raceway 1/24th cars.