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2020 Ford vs. Ferrari Proxy - Rules and Registration

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  • 2020 Ford vs. Ferrari Proxy - Rules and Registration

    On the afternoon before the release of the new Ford vs. Ferrari movie, it's time to officially announce this Proxy. Gentlemen - we are racing!

    Here is the information that you need to get started on building your entry.


    This Proxy is a tribute to the epic battle waged by Ford and Ferrari back in the early-mid '60's; focused on the first year that Ford was capable of de-throning Enzo's Maranello team as the winning car at the most notable world endurance championship event - the Circuit de la Sarthe at LeMans. There were certainly other battles that took place in that race, but this Proxy will focus only on the Blue Oval vs. the Prancing Horse.


    1. Cars: Any Ford or Ferrari that ran in the 1966 Le Mans race in the large engine division (2.5-7.0 liters). Both authentic and fantasy liveries allowed. A list of the eligible Fords and Ferraris that ran in the race, in the large engine division, is below:

    Ford GT-40, Mk2
    Ford GT-40, Mk1

    Ferrari 330 P3
    Ferrari 365 P2
    Ferrari 275 GTB
    Ferrari 250 LM

    2. Body: any plastic or resin body; no vac-formed

    3. Interior: lightweight interiors allowed - must have 3D driver's head, shoulders, arms and hands and show part of steering wheel and dash top

    4. Glass: lightweight glass allowed

    5. Chassis - Open - plastic, metal or other; RTR or scratch-built / podded or non-podded

    6. Motor: - 23,000 rpm or lower manufacturer's spec rating. [Note: all FC (short can), FK (long can) and FF (slimcan) motors are allowed, but, as has been noted by dungeonracer, going with an FK motor may lead to lower total laps, simply because of the time needed for each driver to adjust to this type of motor.]

    8. Gearing : Open

    9 . Wheels: Open - can be no wider than tires on a nominal basis (see below) - suggest nominal 15mm height max. / must have period inserts or look period in stock form

    10. Tires: any rubber - max. width (shoulder to shoulder) - rears = 10.0mm / fronts = 8.0mm - tires may be trued and cleaned, but no dedicated tire treatments; such as oil soaking, allowed.

    11. Proportions: Tires and guide must not be visible from above

    12. Clearance: 1.0mm between the bottom of the chassis and the set-up block / gears may be lower but should not pose a damage threat to any of the tracks

    13. Weight: Open - must be securely mounted inside the chassis/body

    14. Numbers: unique numbers only - first come / first served once Registration opens up

    15. Designation: Forum name and body screw adjustment information on the bottom of the chassis


    1. Number: 10

    2. Tracks: Routed wood, located either in the US or Canada {Note: a list of tracks will be published in a separate thread.]

    3. Voltage: 10-12V; as determined by the track host

    4. Racing time: Each car will be raced on a minimum of 3 lanes; with heat times of 3 minutes or more, for a total minimum racing time per Round of 9 minutes

    5. Qualification to be held prior to each Round

    6. Qualification and Race results to be posted to this forum by each track host or a member of their team within 24 hours


    1. A maximum of 32 cars for this event

    2. Not more than one car per entrant

    3. Registration Fee - $25.00; payable by PayPal to: [email protected]

    4. Registration fee due date: January 15, 2020

    5. Cars due to the organizer on March 1, 2020

    6. Address to send cars:

    Allan Jarvis
    46 River Road
    Merrimac, MA 01860


    There will be prizes! These will be published in a separate thread.


    [Forum name / Car Type / Car #]

    1. Audi1 / Ferrari 330 P3 / #21 PAID In the House
    2. BrumosRSR / Ford GT-40 Mk1 / #33 PAID In the House
    3. Dogsbody / Ferrari 330 P3 / #20 PAID In the House
    4. Aloha / Car TBD / #6 PAID In the House
    5. Gascarnut / Ferrari / # 4 PAID In the House
    6. Barc-1 / Ferrari / #23 PAID - In the House
    7. Cj74 / Ford GT-40 / #2 PAID In the House
    8. Smokeio / Ford GT-40 / #70 PAID In the House
    9. Steeveew / Ford GT-40 / #8 PAID In the House
    10. Dodgefarmer / Ford GT-40 / #3 PAID In the House
    11. 53BN1 / Ferrari / #9 PAID In the House
    12. MOV41T / Ferrari 330P / #11 PAID In the House
    13. GT6 / Ferrari 330P / #10 PAID In the House
    14. ALS / Ford GT-40 MkII / #13 PAID In the House
    15. Pepsi / Ford GT-40 Mk2 / #62 PAID In the House
    16. Rel13 / Ford GT-40 Mk2 / #98 PAID In the House
    17. Doubl-B / Ferrari / #5 PAID In the House
    18. Mitch58 / Ferrari 330 P3 / #14 PAID In the House
    19. Radarek / Ferrari 330P / #61 PAID In the House
    20. Midagekid1 / Ford GT-40 / #15 PAID In the House
    21. Dungeonracer / Ford GT-40 Mk2 / #38 PAID In the House
    22. Slotracer35 / Ford Gt-40 Mk1 / #24 PAID - In the House
    23. Redlynr / Ford GT-40 Mk2 / #58 PAID In the House
    24. Arroldn / Ferrari 330P / #53 PAID In the House
    25. Drw21 / Ford GT-40 / #7 PAID - In the House
    26. Lance / Ford GT-40 / #116 PAID In the House
    27. BigDuhg / Ford GT-40 / #16 PAID In the House

    Many of the names/cars/numbers in the registration list above are transfers from the planning thread. Be sure to check them and let me know if they are correct.

    Movie time tonight!!

    Last edited by Audi1; March 8, 2020, 08:55 PM.

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    Thanks for getting me down Allan, I will just stick with my normal number 18.....



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      Car may change, possibly a Ferrari, still silver, still #33
      Last edited by Brumos RSR; January 6, 2020, 12:03 AM.


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        Allen, Can you add me to the list. GT-40 MKII number 98 . REL13
        Robert- Connecticut, USA. Shoreline Raceways Club.


        • #5
          How about excluding tracks that have magnabraid?

          include me. Number 48. Car determined later.
          Bob G. ..... Boston, North Shore


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            That's a good idea re: magnabraid tracks with the FK motors; thanks.



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              I just saw the movie: Ford vs. Ferrari - holy cow - what a great story! Christian Bale's portrayal of Ken Miles was superb!

              …..and no one wants the #1 yet...………..??

              See the movie - sign up for the Proxy!



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                Saw the movie with the Boy also today. I may need to switch to a blue oval as its been sitting here and already painted silver for over a year
                Last edited by Brumos RSR; November 16, 2019, 11:11 PM.


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                  Can you add me to the list with #5 - prolly a Ferrari...


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                    Put me down for a Ferrari P3.. Even the Ford was the "Good " guy in the film, those Ferraris looked fantastic. I'll put up with Enzo's arrogance for one race.


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                      If you need more tracks we can host a round here in Portland at Allenbrook, three lanes 70'
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	67542708_10217959341349718_3146404302730297344_o.jpg Views:	0 Size:	381.5 KB ID:	7084


                      • HWPSlotCars
                        HWPSlotCars commented
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                        Great looking track. Mitch! I really like the pleated track apron... I bet the pleats give easier access to stuff stored underneath. How are they attached to the track? I just bought material to do the same, and was thinking of using velcro. But any suggestions would be appreciated!

                      • Mitch58
                        Mitch58 commented
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                        With Velcro

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                      Thanks for the offer Mitch, we'll be happy to take you up on that!



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                        Originally posted by Mitch58 View Post
                        Put me down for a Ferrari P3.. Even the Ford was the "Good " guy in the film, those Ferraris looked fantastic. I'll put up with Enzo's arrogance for one race.
                        Hi Mitch,

                        There really wasn't much arrogance in Enzo. His is sort of a rags to riches story, whereas Henry II's story is more riches to riches. His father started a small workshop in their home that fabricated metal parts. At age10 he decided that he wanted to be a race car driver. The family business collapsed and he went looking for a job in the automobile industry. He landed one with an obscure company; CMN, which rebuilt used truck bodies into small passenger cars. He did, eventually, race one of the CMN cars, but not with much success.

                        in 1920 he joined Alfa Romeo as a driver and won his first Grand Prix 3 years later. Ascari's death in 1925 hit him pretty hard and, in his own words, he raced half-heartedly after that. In 1932, he retired from racing and focused on management and development of the Alfa's race cars. He eventually built up his own race team, which he called Scuderia Ferrari; they acted as a racing division for Alfa. With Nuvolari on his team, it soon became very successful.

                        The prancing horse, the symbol of Ferrari, came from an emblem developed by an Italian fighter pilot in WW1. He gave Ferrari a necklace with the prancing horse on it prior to taking off one day. He was shot down and never returned, but in his memory, Ferrari made the prancing horse a part of his Scuderia. The first prancing horse emblems appeared on the Alfas that they raced.

                        Alfa withdrew their support of Scuderia Ferrari for financial reasons in 1933, but Pirelli bailed them out and the team was eventually able to compete with the dominant Auto Union and Mercedes Benz teams with Nuvolari winning in the German Grand Prix.

                        In 1937 Scuderia Ferrari was dissolved and Enzo returned to Alfa's racing team, where he became their Sporting Director. But, an arguement put an end to that relationship and in 1939 Ferrari found himself setting up a new company, which supplied racing parts to other teams. In 1940, Ferrari managed to manufacture 2 cars of his own; with Ascari being one of his drivers.

                        During the war, his business made war part for Mussolini's forces. But at the end of that conflict, Ferrari decided to start building his own cars, under his own name and founded Ferrari SpA in 1947.

                        His first successful racer, the 166 MM won Le Mans in 1949. His teams would win Le Mans a total of 9 times; including 6 straight from 1960-65 (the first year of the Ford GT-40) and from there the story grows to the point where he passes away in 1988.

                        Ferrari needed money for his racing program and, as a result, offered to sell his company to Ford for $18MM in 1963; after first having been approached by Ford. But that fell apart late in negotiations when Enzo realized that his racing program would be controlled by Ford's Board. Instead, Ferrari rejected the Ford offer and became a joint-stock company, eventually selling a small share to Fiat in 1965 and later 50% of the company to them in 1969. In 1988, the year of Enzo's death, Fiat's share in Ferrari rose to 90%.

                        So, the movie has some things right and some thing a little changed; but it's a movie, not a documentary.

                        And, as far as Enzo is concerned, yes, he had a tough management style, but the Il Commendatore image that was portrayed in the movie was not the image of the man who built the company. The movie does give you one glimpse of Ferrari in a good light though, when he tips his hat to Ken Miles, after Miles's victory in the 1966 Le Mans race - even though on distance he did not win. Ferrari acknowledged Miles' achievement and knew that it was team orders that had taken his victory away.

                        A different light on Ferrari - not one of arrogance, but one of strong-minded persistence.



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                          Please put me on the list. This sounds like fun!!!!! Dont know the xar but will take #15 as my number.



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                            I would like #4 please, probably a Ferrari, probably not a P3 though.
                            Dennis Samson

                            Scratchbuilding is life
                            Life is scratchbuilt