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Ford vs Ferrari Proxy - Round 1 - The River Run

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    Thanks guys. Looking forward to the race.


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      I want the Robot driving my car. No wait, I don't want him either. Oh boy I'm in trouble. Never mind.
      Dunno who the other 2 drivers are, but you're stuck with Bob in the blue lane....


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        Originally posted by Smokeio View Post
        And I forgot to mention you need a new driver. Too many offs.
        I volunteer you Sir Smokeio to drive, boy would that be interesting....Bob you can drive Blue Lane ... but please just because i am from Hawaii i do not want to be on my top , just listened to the video commentary and could not stop laughing at the banter between Allan and Bob.


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          Yes, we tend to keep it moving......

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        Just a quick reminder, Round #1 of this Proxy will take place tomorrow morning (Saturday), starting around 10:00AM EDT.

        Here's a link to the Facebook site for The River Run. We'll be streaming the event on Facebook Live. Here's the link:

        The video will also be posted to The River Run page, so that you can view it anytime after we finish up; which should be around noontime.

        "See" you tomorrow!

        Good luck to everyone!



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          Round #1 is in the books.

          We had a great day today, temperature-wise and a great group of drivers. We started streaming the race on Facebook Live at about 10:30 AM, right after finishing up the concourse judging. We may have reached our 3 hour time limit on streaming; we received a stream interrupted signal, so the last few heats may be missing. If they are, apologies, but Facebook limits streaming time on non-business accounts to 3 hours.

          Our drivers were: Matt (changing.gearz), Jeff (dge467) and Bob (Bob Bianchi from Slot Car Corner). We ran 3 minute heats with the drivers staying in their lanes throughout the race. Matt raced the inside red lane, Jeff the middle white lane and Bob the outside blue lane. All cars had their tires swiped on a sticky pad before entering into the heats and again between heats. Each heat was 3 minutes long and was run at 10V. We used track calls to marshal the cars, since my track is 80% lanes and can not be marshalled the way that it's laid out.

          The stream has been saved and it's now available for viewing as a saved video at this link:

          The concourse was fun; there are some really nice cars here; particularly when you look at both the body detail and the chassis build. After the judging, which was done by the three drivers and me, the results were as follows:

          3rd place - car #23

          2nd place - car #7

          1st place - car #4

          Here's you concourse podium:

          Click image for larger version  Name:	411D561A-B883-47AF-9B81-B49BC083D087.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	245.3 KB ID:	38397

          And here's the winner with the concourse prize. Interesting that it should be won by the same car as the prize!

          Click image for larger version  Name:	6F407F8A-68F8-434B-99C4-314ADAF45352.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	2.51 MB ID:	38400

          Now, on to the results.

          Ford vs Ferrari Proxy – Round #1 Results

          Position / Car / Total Laps / Fastest Lap Tie-Breaker (if needed)

          27 / #13 / 72.3

          26 / #23 / 73.7

          25 / #20 / 78.7 / 6.446 sec

          24 / #98 / 78.7 / 6.251 sec

          23 / #9 / 81.1

          22 / #14 / 81.5 / 6.421 sec

          21 / #10 / 81.5 / 6.302 sec

          20 / #15 / 81.9

          19 / #3 / 83.1

          18 / #8 / 84.2

          17 / #62 / 84.3

          16 / #5 / 84.5

          15 / #116 / 85.3

          14 / #61 / 85.7

          13 / #2 / 86.3

          12 / #53 / 86.7

          11 / #16 / 87.1

          10 / #4 / 87.2

          9 / #38 / 88.5

          8 / #11 / 88.9

          7 / #58 / 89.6

          6 / #6 / 89.9

          5 / #24 / 90.1

          4 / #70 / 91.3

          3 / #33 / 92.0

          2 / # 7 / 92.5

          1 / #21 / 92.7

          We had a couple of breakdowns today and had to open two cars; one to re-attach both wires to the guide (car #9) - yes, they failed one at a time. The second car had a bad rear tire hop and, when inspected, had a motor pod that had been modified in such a way that it allowed for too much motor movement (car #98). The guide leads were repaired as part of routine race maintenance, but the motor pod issue needs to be repaired by the builder.

          Congrats to Dave (DRW21) and Tony (brumosRSR) on their podium finishes!

          Here's a pic of the top cars from this Round:

          Click image for larger version  Name:	AC508FB9-7EFD-41D2-895D-90527D68D469.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	2.42 MB ID:	38401

          Next stop - Round #2 in Northern Connecticut with Doubl-B; local COVID-19 recommendations permitting.

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            Thanks Audi1 and crew for running the race! Looked like a good time. Congrats to the podiums in both concourse and the racing! Seemed like the #16 raced much better than it qualified. Hopefully it continues to get better. Looking forward to round 2.


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              Excellent Racing! Fun to watch. Thanks Allan and crew .
              Congrats to the podiumites - great to see a Cavallino Rampante out front (but you gotta take that sticker off the shield Allan). Really close racing all the way down the field. I'm happy with 21st as the car was such a last minute scramble to put together after the primary build failed. Not sure why the tires are so slippery as those are the same make & type (NSR Supergrips) and prepped the same way as the CanAm entry that won a round last year*? I knew it would be tight at our end with Mitch's #14 and Ed's #9 - watch out Tom, the Ferrari's are comin' for you .
              And very well deserved concours front runners - although I'm not sure how Dave's fast Ford snuck into the Ferrari beauty contest (if you don't recognize the reference, rewatch the movie)


              *Hmmm... now that I go back and look at last year's CanAm results I see I was 21st out of 24 at the River Run so maybe either (a) this track doesn't like Supergrips or (b) the tires might come in as the series transpires (faint hope rekindled ).
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                Wow, that's better than I had expected.
                Must have been some real close racing going by the laps done, I bet the drivers had a ball with these cars.
                Well done to all competitors.
                Great to be able to see the action too.


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                  Allan, Thank you for running the first round and congrats to all of the podiumites. Here we go again!


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                    Allan thanks to you Matt, Bob and Jeff for getting the first round in the books. 12th place not bad. Congratulations to our podium finishers. On to the next round. Hope the #53 improves as the series progresses.


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                      Wow, a prize for Concours, thanks for that! It's probably the only thing I'm going to win in this series, unless someone figures out a handicap based on the width of the cars! Congrats to the podiumites and thanks to Allan and the drivers for their efforts.
                      Dennis Samson

                      Scratchbuilding is life
                      Life is scratchbuilt


                      • Audi1
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                        The #4 is a very smooth running car. The battle is with the narrower track and higher CoG. It’s just harder to push than the lower, wider cars. Another great build though - for sure!

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                      Not sure I will ever get this speed thing figured out, but am having fun all the same. Thanks for the nod for 3rd in the concourse to the judges.

                      A big thanks for everyone for getting together and pulling this off during a difficult time


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                        Great looking cars for the Concours and there are a few others in the herd that I'm sure made picking the top 3 pretty tough. Congratulations Gascarnut on your best of show and I know that 250LM will come on strong as we progress. Thank you Allan, Bob Matt and Jeff for taking the time away from your Families to run on the great week end. Allan the streaming was great as I always love seeing Smokieo's car fly down the straights. Congrats also on your win and DRW21 congrats on your podium also. I'm pleased I beat my best number of laps, and time out performing my Can Am car from 2019.
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                          thanks for the run guys, great video, those top cars are quick! Congrats to you top 3, certainly got a way to go to get up the pointy end. Happy with how my car went, just lacking a bit of top end also seemed a little loose, but only saw 1 off in 3 heats so not too bad, round 2 should be fun


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                            Picking the top 3 concourse cars was tough. There are some very interesting brass/piano wire chassis in this group, including Gascarnut, DRW21, slotracer35 and Barc 1. Both DRW21 and slotracer35 are running brass chassis that provide an independent front suspension effect, engineered via the combination of how the wire rods and the brass pans interact - very interesting and effective.