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Ford vs Ferrari Proxy - Round 1 - The River Run

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  • Ford vs Ferrari Proxy - Round 1 - The River Run

    A full box of 27 Ford vs. Ferrari Proxy cars showed up today, so we're heading towards the start of Round #1 again - finally!

    It's been awhile, so let me remind you how we got to where we are now. The Ford vs Ferrari cars were due to me at just about the same time that I received the GT3 Proxy cars. The GT3's arrived first, so we run that Round and to save time, Mike (smokeio) offered to run Round #1 for us on one of the Shoreliner tracks in CT. So, to save time, I shipped them off to him. Enter COVID-19 and what has turned out to be a 2-month shut-down. Now that things are starting to open-up just a little, it's time to get this show back on the road, so Mike has shipped the cars back to me and as you'll see from the pic below - the box it here!

    I'll take a look at the cars tomorrow and try to get some pics (unless I've already posted pics - I'll check on that, too - this COVID-19 hiatus makes the past two months somewhat of a blur).

    As of now, the qualy will be next Tuesday. Bob Bianchi from Slot Car Corner, the event sponsor, will come down to do the honors and to put in his voting for the concourse prize. We'll finish up the concourse judging before the race; when the other drivers will be available. So, those results will come at the same time as the race results.

    The target to run the race is the weekend of May 23rd/24th, but it may get pushed to May 30/31 because of the Memorial Day Holiday.

    I'll be streaming both the qualy and the race itself on Facebook Live and will post the links to the events before they take place.

    Here's the box - step one!

    So, we're back on track - sort of - just two months later than we had planned...…...

    Stay tuned - I'll keep you posted. Ford vs. Ferrari was always a good match-up and this proxy will, I'm sure, not be an exception to that!

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    Very Cool Allan looking forward to tuning in.
    The Jester

    Soxside (Chicago)


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      On the eve of the qualy, I took a quick video of the paddock. It's been awhile - almost 2 1/2 month, but tomorrow it starts up again - Ford vs. Ferrari. It should be fun!

      The cars have been stored in the original box that I sent to Mike (smokeio) back in early March. When I looked them over today, all looked to be in very good condition; no changes since I last saw them. I know that putting a proxy on hold is difficult on everyone, because the excitement and the charge is lost over time as we get involved in other things. But, it's all coming back tomorrow, so stay tuned for the results, which I'll post up tomorrow afternoon/evening. Remember, this qualy carries a point, so this is not just show - it's go this time, too.

      I'll be streaming the qualy on Facebook, starting around 10:00AM EDT. It should run for about 60-90 minutes and I'll save it on Facebook so that you can look at it after the fact, too. To catch the live stream, go to Facebook, then search for "The River Run" - it's the only one on Facebook, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding it. Here's the link:

      Good luck to everyone, as that first competition point it up for grabs tomorrow!

      And a big thanks to our sponsor, Slot Car Corner. Bob Bianchi from SCC will be doing the honors tomorrow; thanks Bob!


      PS - disregard the worn tire pic at the bottom of this post, I had to upload a photo or the site wouldn't let me post the video - #gofigure If an Admin would like to remove it, that would be greatly appreciated; thanks.
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        The Round #1 qualy is in the books with some seriously fast lap times!

        Here's the link to the live stream (now an archived video) on Facebook:

        Bob Bianchi from Slot Car Corner came down to do the qualy honors this morning; thanks Bob!

        The cars were entered onto the track in numerical order; starting for lowest (#2) and moving up to highest (#116). Each car was run for 10 laps to allow the driver to get used to it and get the controller dialed in. Then another 10 laps was run for fastest time and 10-lap average. Tires on all cars were stiped on a sticky pad before the start of their qualy session and again just before their 10-lap qualy run. The track was run at 10V and the track temperature was about 68 degrees. All cars also had their braids adjusted during the 10-lap warm-up session.

        Here are the results from today's qualy session:

        Ford vs Ferrari Proxy – Round #1 Qualification Results

        Position / Racer / Car # / Fast Lap / 10-Lap Av / Comments

        27 / #13 / ALS / 6.906/ 7.06 / very loose, tires not trued(?), lots of tire chatter

        26 / #23 / Barc1 / 6.891 / 6.98 / tire chatter, tails-out, needs softer compound tires

        25 / #20 / dogsbody / 6.485 / 6.57 / some chatter, can bicycle, good brakes

        24 / #14 / mitch54 / 6.373 / 644 / some tire chatter, good brakes

        23 / #10 / GT6 / 6.334 / 6.48 / no grip, lots of chatter, needs softer compound tires

        22 / #98 / rel13 / 6.275 / 6.65 / a little loose, chatter at the limit, loose motor(?)

        21 / #9 / 53BN1 / 6257 / 6.36 / loose, tire chatter, tails-out, needs softer compound tires

        20 / #62 / pepsi62 / 6.069 / 6.15 / feels loose, some chatter, need more motor, low top end

        19 / #5 / doubl-b / 6.049 / 6.15 / loose, tire chatter, good motor, well balanced

        18 / #16 / bigduhg / 6.04 /3 6.15 / a little loose, good brakes, hard to push

        17 / #3 / dtracing / 6.032 / 6.15 / a little loose, some chatter, needs more brakes, feels heavy

        16 / #61 / radarek / 5.943 / 6.06 / smooth, quiet, brakes good, hard to push

        15 / #116 / lance / 5.918 / 6.06 / smooth, quiet, some chatter, good brakes

        14 / #15 / midagekid1 / 5.901 / 6.14 / smooth, some chatter, good brakes, good balance

        13 / #4 / gascarnut / 5.846 / 5.88 / very smooth, a little loose, stays in the slot, can be pushed

        12 / #8 / steeveew / 5.829 / 5.89 / needs brakes, some chatter, well balanced

        11 / #11 / gas41t / 5.827 / 5.88 / smooth, quiet, lots of low-end but not much top end

        10 / #2 / CJ74 /5.818 / 5.88 / smooth, good brakes, easy to drive

        9 / #24 / slotracer35 / 5.707/ 5.76 / smooth, quiet, good brakes, well balanced, easy driver

        8 / #58 / redlynr / 5.676 / 5.76 / smooth, some chatter and a little tail-out, good brakes, good motor

        7 / #53 / arroldn / 5.670 / 5.76 / smooth, quiet, just a little tail-out, good car

        6 / #38 / dungeonracer / 5.656 / 5.75 / smooth, slight tire chatter, good brakes, handles well

        5 / #6 / aloha / 5.633 / 5.67 / smooth, light, quick, nice balance, easy driver

        4 / #7 / DRW21 / 5.531 / 5.55 / smooth, well-balanced, predictable car, easy driver

        3 / #33 / brumosRSR / 5.457 / 5.55 / smooth, slight chatter, stays in the slot, wants to run

        2 / #70 / smokeio / 5.440 / 5.53 / smooth, quiet, well-balanced, easy to drive, fast

        1 / #21 / audi1 / 5.392 / 5.46 / built for this track

        Here's your qualy podium for Round #1

        Click image for larger version  Name:	4E3BBAB2-DE32-4C73-8507-82B2A5C03B37.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	2.33 MB ID:	37843

        Congrats to smokeio and brumosRSR on their qualy podium finishes!

        When you start to go sub-5.6 seconds/lap on this track it starts to become a little of a luck of the draw situation, where one car can out-perform another on any given day. Anything sub 5.7 seconds/lap is seriously fast on this track, so most of your top 10 cars are in that category. It should be a very interesting Round #1 this coming Saturday morning.

        We'll be live streaming the race again on Facebook; so easy to do now with your phone, and it will be archived after the race for those of you who want to catch the action at a later time.

        Good luck to everyone in Round #1! Ford or Ferrari - which will it be 54 years later?

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          Got to watch the replay of the qualifications with my morning coffee before work. Nice treat. Ok one word WOW boy did the cars run well. Those cars are really fast. Must be the driver, Bob great job. Tip of the hat must go to the host Mr Audi1...that is an incredibly fast car and it humbled the Blue Oval Boys! I looked at my QT and it was the same as my GT3 car from earlier this year. Very impressive guys.


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            I know, today's times sort of boggled my mind a little, too. The fastest GT3 qualy time this year at this track (Round #6) was 5.606, which was set by smokeio. This is a very technical track, so long legs (larger motor, taller gearing) don't really help a car here the way that they would on a longer or more flowing track. Handing is that wins on this track; every time. So, it's a bit of an anomaly. The track record still belongs to DRW21 and his Thunderslot CanAm McLaren from the 2018 race series (21,500 stock TS motor and plastic gears) at 5.282 seconds/lap. I think that one will be standing for a good long time! We'll see how all this hold up on race day. At least it's good to be back into this Proxy!
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            I think I'm going to go back and put the racer's names in - it' s been so long since the car due date that I think that kind of refresher would probably be welcomed by everyone. So, hold tight, names are coming.

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          thanks for the qualy run, nice to see things happening again. Congrats to the podium, well done


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            Thanks to Allan and Bob for the qualifying. After watching this morning with the bicycling I knew I would be at the bottom. But to see the results and see I am in the top 10 I'm as happy as a "duck on a June bug." Congratulations to the top 5. Not far behind at 7th. Hope it races well. What was that about the #21. "Built for this track" Yeah boy!!!!!!
            Arrold Martin
            Nashville TN


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              I'm glad the live stream worked out well for everyone. It's hard to fully appreciate the amount of technology that resides in our smart phones nowadays. I've got to see if editing is also available on Facebook Live; if it are, then all the better. I'm also not thrilled with the quality of the audio that comes from my iPhone microphone. But, it's a definite step ahead of taking stills or small videos on my camera.

              Racing on Saturday!



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                Allan, thank you and Bob for the qualifying run. The video was great to watch and Bob was super consistent with his driving and gave great feedback. I'm in shock with the #33 as it ran 2/10th faster than my CanAm Mclaren a year ago with the same driver. Boy do I love consistency. Also Congratulations on your qualifying podium, I expect big things from that Genius Build. Sir Smokieo, job well done on your podium qualifying as well. It's amazing how fast your cars accelerate and handle. Good Luck to you all on Race day.
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                The Jester

                Soxside (Chicago)


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                  Strange the #16 didn't seem like it had much in the brakes department. It sounded like bob said something about the braid at the end of the 10 qualifying laps but I didn't see anything in your notes about it. Allan, any way before the race you can confirm they are in good shape?


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                    The #38 Ford did much better than I expected seeing how it has a 20k motor and I missed the lighter fluid trick on the tires.
                    Thanks Bob!!!
                    Dickie Pearson
                    Canterbury, NH

                    HOST - Home Operated Slot Tracks
                    MSR - Main Street Racing


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                      Thanks Bob and Allan for the qualifying. Well presented as always. Looking forward to the first race! Let's hope what seems like consistent handling will translate to a good race!

                      Good luck all!


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                        Hi Doug, Your braids are fine, we adjust all braids before we run the qualy; well ahead of the race.

                        What Bob and I were commenting on is that the long Slotting Plus guides don’t really confer any advantages on this track. But, I don’t think they hurt either.

                        Good luck on Saturday!

                        Click image for larger version  Name:	0777C347-3D1F-4D47-A48C-192429F446F1.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	88.9 KB ID:	38037Click image for larger version  Name:	AF46BCF7-F5A1-491A-916D-D46C417B2D0F.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	72.5 KB ID:	38038


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                          heard the comments on the guide just wasn't sure what was said about the braid! Thanks for confirming and the pictures! Hopefully it will race a little better!

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                        As long as I’m in front of Dungeonracerisaslowpoke, life is good. Congrats on your pole Allan but as part of the Ford team I gotta protest!


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                          No problem, Mike - I’ll “dig up” Enzo and the boys and we’ll get this protest handled in short order.......

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                        And I forgot to mention you need a new driver. Too many offs.


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                          Better make amends quick....... he’ll be driving the blue lane on Saturday.......

                        • Smokeio
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                          I want the Robot driving my car. No wait, I don't want him either. Oh boy I'm in trouble. Never mind.