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NOTICE: COVID-19 - The Ford vs. Ferrari Proxy

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  • NOTICE: COVID-19 - The Ford vs. Ferrari Proxy


    This is a message for all of the Ford vs Ferrari Proxy hosts, their club members and the builders competing in this series.

    We're now in a period of unprescedented global uncertainty regarding both the risks and effects of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But, we do know that it's serious, that it's with us now, that it's not going away tomorrow and that it has the potential to make certain groups of people either very ill or worse.

    So, in view of that, I would ask every host to think carefully about whether they consider it safe to run a Round of this Proxy at this time.

    If you do, then that's fine with me. But if not, then since this Proxy is just kicking off and is not, like others, at mid-stream, it would be just as easy to return the cars to me and I'll mothball the series until life comes back to a more normal mode, information is more readily available and the implications of COVID-19 infection are clearer. I don't wan to say "stop", but I do want to say "think carefully", because as much fun as these races are, they are, after all, only playing with our toys.

    So, if it were me, I would mothball the series for the next 2-4 weeks, then take a look and proceed with the right amount of caution. Right now, no one knows what that right amount is and what form it should take.

    Let me hear from the host and builders as to how you view running the upcoming Rounds at this time.


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    Unless the host objects is that Smokieo? Let the cars stay where they are for 2-4 weeks. I see no need to pay shipping just to have to re-ship them 2-4 weeks later. Now he may have to much stuff around and the better half might be questioning why is that box still here

    Gov. Bill Lee has mandated Tennessee restaurants and bars limit operations to delivery, take-out and drive-thru through an executive order issued Sunday. He has called for gyms to close and for residents to limit gatherings to 10 or fewer people through April 6.

    Mayor here just put Nashville on Safe At Home for 2 weeks starting today. Only essential workers are to leave the house. Grocery stores, drug stores, gas stations, auto repair shops and doctors are allowed to open. Delivery companies, police, fire, public works, utility works. Schools are closed. State government employees have been ask to work from home and limit travel.

    I am sure these same things are being applied in other states as governors declare a state of emergency.
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    Arrold Martin
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      Here in Oregon we are pretty much locked down, and as most of our racers are past 60 and several well past that we had better wait too.


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        No issues with what ever is decided. Us old guys may have to live with this new risk. The world cannot shut down indefinitely, but long enough to curb the infection rate and give hospitals time to staff up and get the necessary equipment in place to deal with this.

        I pray for relief, and hope medical science comes up with a treatment and vaccine soon.

        On the bright side, this is a good test for the world. Bad enough to get our attention, but still the vast majority fight through this virus.

        All countries should take head and realize a domestic supply of equipment and manufactures are required for these scenarios. From equipment to medicines ,countries have to be prepared to make war like efforts against things like this. WWII was the last example of how continental manufacturing capacity can turn the tide and provide a winning effort.

        Anxiety causes me the most issues so I am thankful this message was clearly identified as a covid 19 concern. Allows me to decide if I want to go down that road or not. Probably most of us escape to HRW. So thanks for that Allan.



        G.P Alberta


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          As aaroldn said, TN seems to be taking good precautions to help get a grip on the virus. As part of the younger generation, it is frustrating seeing my peers not respect the warnings that are put out there. While we aren't the "high risk" group i have family members who are. Although I am not to worried, I respect the decisions of the track hosts and have no problem holding off on the proxy if it is deemed necessary.


          • arroldn
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            From all the reports I see, heard or read it is the 20-55 group that seems to have contracted the disease at almost 50%. I am in that so called high risk group as well and have been told by my nurse daughter stay at home almost every day since last Friday. I take benevolence calls at the church. I guess I could put on the voice mail the office is closed until further notice.

          • BigDuhg
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            At some point it seems most of us will get it and just have to let it ride its course. Only the older generation could it be much more sever. Then again you cant believe everything on the internet... lol

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          We are pretty much locked down in CT as well. The mayor of Vernon (my town) has told us that non-essential public gatherings of individuals of any size, for any reason, shall be cancelled. But as Arroldn suggested, we should just park the cars wherever they are for whatever time is necessary until racing can resume. We have the SCCA cars here in CT and I don't think Glenn has any problem with letting them sit until we are given the go ahead to socialize in groups again.
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            I am OK with going on hold. Even out here on the remote Canadian prairies we have put our little group's slot car gathering on standby until the situation improves; would encourage others to do the same.

            One thing that might be nice and cut the sting of withdrawal a bit, is for whoever ends up holding the cars (be it Audi1 or Smokio) is to run the qualifying (solo of course) for the first round so the entrants can bask in the anticipation of glory or spend the intervening weeks in fervent prayer for a miraculous jump up the charts.


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              I agree we should wisely place these events on hold for at least the next month and review later in April. It is best to be safe during this time.


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                As a host, I would not be able to pout on a race until much later in the year I think. California is pretty much closed right now and I thin k it is going to get worse before it gets better. I'm OK with the cars staying with Allan for now, but I'm leaning towards having them returned. I can't see us doing much racing this year right now.
                Dennis Samson

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                • arroldn
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                  You may be right Dennis. Some are saying this is going to be an 18 month ordeal.

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                happy for everything to go on hold for the time being until we have some clarity as to when the world can resume some normality


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                  I'm ok with the cars sitting for a few weeks if needed.
                  Dickie Pearson
                  Canterbury, NH

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                    The Covid 19 virus is a very serious issue, I think the Ford vs Ferrari proxy should be put on told until September. The exception would be the one that Scott (GT6) described although I'm sure with a nearly stock car I'll be bathing with a few at the blunt end of the group
                    Ed (53BN1)
                    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


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                      Ooops "told" = "hold"


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                        We are officially on hold now with the kick-off of Round #1 for the Ford vs. Ferrari Proxy.

                        The cars will be held in CT with the Shoreliiners Club until we can get this show back on the road.

                        I'll post all further updates here. In the meantime, everyone stay safe and we'll get to re-live the glory days of the 1966 LeMans race after this COVID-19 pandemic comes under control and life as we knew it gets back to normal.

                        Sorry for this postponement, but it's the only reasonable decision that we can make at this time.



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                          My suggestion, if only to give us something to talk about, would be to run the cars where they are right now, one at a time. You've got conservatively 2 months to do this?


                          • arroldn
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                            Well depending on how long this last I agree with you. I run my round of the Forums Cup Proxy alone. Have been doing it this way for over 10 years with 30+ cars. So if you have a 4 lane or 3 lane track pick the best lane and qualify and run that one lane. I do a 20 lap qualifying and a 60 lap race. Now if you want to run the cars in multiple lanes you could easily do 10 laps Q in lane 1 and 10 laps Q in lane 2. Then do 30-40 laps race in lanes 1 and 2. It can be done. Now my track is a small oval and it takes about 90 mins for qualifying and about 150 mins racing. This is taking 2 mins to remove the car from the track, clean the tires, put the new car on the track and set the lap counter. So for some this may take 3-4 mins. Again you are looking at 2 and half to 3 hours. Bigger tracks may take 4 hours. The slowest race time here is 3 mins with qualifying times around a minute.

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                            See the below message.