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  • Ford vs Ferrari - Car Specs

    There's been some interest expressed in having the specs for the cars listed, so that we can see what everyone is running and with all the cars no In-house, I don't see any downside to it; although I understand and respect that some may view their car specs as being part of their competitive strategy and, therefore, not comfortably shared. For those who are comfortable, here's the place to share your racing specs.

    1. #21 - Audi 1 - Policar Ferrari 330P body / TS Lola chassis (stock black chassis, hard pod) / spring suspension / TS Mach 1 21,500 rpm motor / gearing 11:32 / Slot.It airsystem rears 15x10 / fronts 15x8 / NSR Ultragrip rear / Slot.It rubber fronts - IC2000 over-coated
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    Audi that was a brilliant move I’m working on my 2020 Can-Am car and I’ve done the same thing with the thunder slot chassis just a Can-Am body
    Courtney Smith
    Chattanooga TN


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      I might as well share. There are no big mysteries here.
      #53 Policar 330P4
      Wheels CB Design Insert Front 15 x 8 Rear 15 x 10
      Tires Front NSR Zero 18 x 8.5 reduced to 18 x 8 Rear NSR5253Evo SuperGrip 20 x 10
      Guide SlotingPlus 1004 trimmed
      Gears 34/11 3.09
      Sidewinder Pod
      Motor: 23K
      Weight 77.3 grams Tungsten weight on pod plus stick on weight toward the front behind guide and front axle.
      Front Screws -1 -1½
      Rear Screw - ¼
      20 Laps 47.37 secs Fast Lap 2.13 secs New Track Record
      Average 48.43 secs
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      Arrold Martin
      Nashville TN


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        #16 NSR Ford GT40 MkII/ soft chassis with hard pod/ NSR 21.5k motor 11/31 gearing/ NSR wheels front and rear with NSR Ultragrips in the rear and coated fronts in nail polish/ slotting plus guide


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          Thanks for the info guys. If anyone opts to keep things private that's okay too, but the more transparent the proxy is the more confidence people may have stepping up. Perhaps, in future years there will be classes within the overall proxy where there are multiple levels of competition. I'm curious to see how the scratch built brass chassis will do relative to the Thunderslot and NSR chassis.


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            NSR GT40 mk1 #33
            NSR medium chassis
            NSR hard pod,
            Rear Ultras
            NSR 0grips,
            12/31 NSR gears
            Slot it guide
            Shark 22
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            The Jester

            Soxside (Chicago)


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              Car #4: Ferrari 250LM, the only one in the field!

              Chassis is a Samson Classics brass and piano wire frame, with power from an NSR Shark, geared 11:32. Guide is ScaleAuto, wheels, tires and inserts all Thunderslot. The body was an Airfix kit, with a lightweight interior.
              Dennis Samson

              Scratchbuilding is life
              Life is scratchbuilt


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       stock pod
       stock motor
                Sloting Plus Guide
                SCC braid
       15x8 fronts w/SuperTires ZG
       15x8 rears w/ NSR UG
                Steve G
                Detroit Suburbia


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                  #62 Sot it Ford GT 40
                  3DP SW pod, ( now changed to Slot it due to damage in transit), many thanks once again
                  NSR Shark 20K motor
                  11T NSR pinion/36T Sot it Spur
                  Rear: NSR rims /Supergrip 20 x10, 3DP inserts
                  Front: Scaleauto/ Slotting Plus Z0, 3DP inserts
                  Slot it axles
                  think its a PM guide, not sure cant remember


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                    Policar body + chassis
                    nsr motor in sidewinder slotit 0.5 pod
                    11-36 gearing with nsr pinion & slotit 18spur
                    slotit air rims on rear with nsr tyre on rear
                    standard guide


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                      #10 Ecurie Francorchamps Montlhery entry (sort of)

                      Policar Ferrari 330 P4 body (none of that whimpy P 412 carburetted customer car stuff here )
                      Policar P4 chassis
                      CG Slotcars .5mm offset sidewinder pod with Thunderslot foam suspension at rear mounts
                      Thunderslot Mach 21 motor
             11/32 gears
                      CBD wheels - 15x10 rear, 15x8 front
                      NSR tires - 20x10 Supergrip rear, 19x10 Zero grip front (oops! Cut down to 8mm width - who ever heard of a MAX front tire width rule )
                      Slotting Plus guide with SCC copper braids
                      15 gm cast in place bismuth pod weight (probably too much ), 5 gm tungsten putty behind guide post

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                        Slot.It GT40
                        Stock chassis with Scaleauto motor pod
                        Gearing 12/32
                        Scaleauto 20k motor
                        NSR Supergrip Classic tires all around
                        SCC copper braid on stock guide
                        Dickie Pearson
                        Canterbury, NH

                        HOST - Home Operated Slot Tracks
                        MSR - Main Street Racing


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                          GT40 #24
                 body with vac interior
                          H&R Racing 18k "Rabbit" motor
                 anglewinder gears
                 N22 rubber tires on rear
                 screw guide
                          Hand-built Brass/wire chassis
                          This car was built for one of our club's 18k race classes so when the proxy race was announced it took very little to be ready. It has the slowest motor in the proxy field so.... we'll see.

                          Chambersburg Pa.


                          • Audi1
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                            The Jack Rabbit is the 14,000 rpm motor, the Hawk is the 18,000 rpm motor. Hey, look at the GT3 Proxy right now; a 25,000 rpm motor us holding off a slew of 30,000 rpm motors. It’s all about handling.

                          • slotracer35
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                            Right you are- "Hawk" motor it is.

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                          Hi All

                          Nothing special here

                          #6 Aloha GT 40 Mk II

                          Shark 21.5 motor with 32/11 gearing
                          Sloting Plus guide with SCC braids
                 wheels all around NSR rubber on rear, NSR ZG on front
                 .05 Pod

                          Interesting field and the scratch builts and Audi1's Thunderslot "Mutation" are the most interesting.

                          I hope to bring up the rear for the entries

                          Be safe and wash your hands!!!


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                            NSR GT 40 #8
                            Stock wheels/tires
                            New style hard motor pod
                            Piranha 21.5 geared 12/34