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Ford vs Ferrari - Cars are starting to arrive!

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  • Ford vs Ferrari - Cars are starting to arrive!

    Just a quick update for you all. These are the car that we have in-house as of today's mail:

    1. DRW21 - Ford GT40 - #7
    2. Slotracer35 - Ford GT40 - #24
    3. Audi1 - Ferrari 330P3 - #21
    4. BARC-1 - Ferrari 330P3 - #23
    5. Dogsbody - Ferrari 330P3 - #20
    6. Redlyner - Ford GT40 - #58
    7. Steeveew - Ford GT40 - #8
    8. Mitch58 - Ferrari 330P - #14
    9. Pepsi62 - Ford GT40 - #62
    10. GAS41T - Ferrari 330P - #11
    11. Rel13 - Ford GT40 - #98
    12. Aloha - Ford GT40 - #6
    13. Lance - Ford GT40 - #116
    14. Gascarnut - Ferrari 250 LM - #4
    15 Smokeio - Ford GT40 - #70
    16. Doubl-B - Ferrari 330P - #5
    17. cj74 - Ford GT40 - #2
    18,. 53BN1 - Ferrari 330P - #9
    19. GT6 - Ferrari 330P - #10
    20. BigDuhg - Ford GT40 - #16
    21. BrumosRSR - Ford GT40 - #33
    22. Dodgefarmer - Ford GT40 - #3
    23. ALS - Ford GT40 - #13
    24. ArroldN - Ferrari 330P - #53
    25. Radarek - Ford GT40 - #19
    26. Midagekid1 - Ford GT40 - #15
    27. Dungeonracer - Ford GT40 - #38

    Only 5 more to go and it's clear that its going to be Ford vs. Ferrari and not just Ford vs. Ford!

    Let me know how the rest of you are coming along with your builds. The target due date is March 1st.

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    I'll get mine into the mail on Monday


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      I'll start building mine this weekend (hopefully)
      Dickie Pearson
      Canterbury, NH

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      MSR - Main Street Racing


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        Found I had a bent rear wheel, the axle is fine. Unfortunately the ready to go set of new tires are shorter than the pair I removed. Testing Thursday evening, minor tweaks to follow and mailing off. We will see as I'm living on a prayer with this one
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        The Jester

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          My gorgeous Scalextric Ferrari 412P is nearly ready to go. Being a box stock entry there hasn't been a lot to do, though I do think I loosened the body mount screws a wee bit for time trials on my home track. I was going to make minor guide tweaks, but that would probably require separating body from chassis, so maybe not.

          I will sand the tires before doing another time trial session on the home track. If it posts a respectable qualification time it will be race ready.


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            My tires ended up in Washington, instead of California, testing delayed. Hopefully I will get it shipped off next weekend.



            • Audi1
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              OK, still two weeks left and CA is only a 2-day ship, so hopefully the tires get back to CA and your testing goes well!

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            I posted my car today Allan....
            should be there in 4/5days


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              Loaded mine on the hauler today. Should be there on time. Good thing it's a leap year, probably going to need the extra day.

              Randy C
              Grindrod B.C.


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                BARC-1's Ferrari is in the house!



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                  My P3 is on the way Click image for larger version

Name:	image_5666.jpg
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Size:	900.7 KB
ID:	23270


                  • Audi1
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                    I like the color!

                  • Mitch58
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                    I figured there would probably be plenty of red ones, so I decided on yellow only to find out that their next release was going tp be yellow. I then decided on Blue and White but liked the blue so much I left it.
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                  Shipped.... I have fresh rubber vs. the old and/or recycled stuff I have been using for the last few proxies, so hoping to get out of my slump.
                  Steve G
                  Detroit Suburbia


                  • Audi1
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                    I’ll be on the lookout for it!

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                  5 more cars in the house as of todays mail:

                  1. Redlyner
                  2. Steeveew
                  3. Mitch58
                  4. MOV41T
                  5. Pepsi62

                  So, we're at a dozen cars now and I'm expecting this to be a big mail week, because the target due date it March 1st.

                  I'll be opening the new arrival boxes today to see that all the cars are intake. The box from Pepsi62 is somewhat crunched on one side.

                  Helpful Hint: For those of you shipping cars, if you can have your local PO put a couple of "Fragile" stickers on the box, that would help a lot. I have yet to see a car box marked Fragile arrive in damaged condition, but I can't say that for all car boxes...…..



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                    My entry was mailed this morning by priority mail.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	S-801 01.jpg
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ID:	23810

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	S-801 04.jpg
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ID:	23809
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                    Dennis Samson

                    Scratchbuilding is life
                    Life is scratchbuilt


                    • Audi1
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                      Thanks Dennis. The 250LM; one of my all-time favorite racing Ferraris. Is that a Fly body? Looks fast already...……….
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                    • Gascarnut
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                      Allan, it's an Airfix body. The Fly versions were too expensive !

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                    NOTICE OF INTENDED REPAIRS:

                    I received a car today in a box that had been quite clearly crushed in the mail. It came from Pepsi62, located in Australia.

                    I opened the box to see if there was any damage and discovered that there was no gear mesh between the pinion and the spur in his SW 3DP pod. So, I took the body off and upon closer examination, found that the forward motor mount ear on the drive side of the pod had cracked and that had allowed the motor to move forward taking the pinion out of range to mesh with the spur.

                    If Pepsi62 was located in the US, then the car would be heading back to him tomorrow to repair the pod. But, he's not and to get the car to him could take 1-2 week - with another 1-2 weeks to get it back to me.

                    Therefore, I would propose, subject to approval by the racers in this proxy, that I replace the pod in Pepsi62's car with a stock Slot.It 0.5mm offset self-aligning bearings SW pod and reassemble the car. His car is a Slot.It Ford GT40, so that pod would have been stock with the chassis. No other changes, just the replacement of the pod. I would also propose that this be done with no penalty, since the postal damage was no ones fault and the box was sturdy and in good condition except where it had been crushed in transit and the padding around the car was at least a much as I would normally use, and probably more.

                    Let me know if you're all OK with this proposal. Thanks.

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                    • Doubl-B
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                      Yup, replace pod - no penalty.

                    • steeveew
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                      Fix it.

                    • Barc 1
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                      No issues from me to repair a damaged car.

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                    That sounds OK to me. As long there is NO Penalties. Now, My car went in the mail today, They say it will be there Wed. REL13
                    Robert- Shoreline Model Raceways Club
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