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    Alright guys, I have received a lot of messages and posts recently about getting this one going finally. It looks like others are able to get rounds in reasonably well at this time, so I am hoping I can manage to do the same.

    I have been resistant to getting it going because none of our local tracks are currently up and running. The main reason for this is that I would like to provide a qualification round for this proxy, since interest was very high. That said, I have spend a good 12hrs in the last week cleaning, sanding, and re-taping my home track. While small, I am confident I could provide the needed feedback to make this worthwhile if it is all I have to go on.

    I will be actively looking for tracks to run starting today, and trying to compile a list of those willing to run proxies at this time.
    If you have a track and are willing to host, please contact me if I haven't gotten in touch with you before.

    If you are no longer interested in this proxy or want to be added to the list, please let me know.

    That said, I am going to payment due by March 1st, and the cars due April 1st! Hopefully with the delay getting it going this is sufficient notice for most of you, and I hope I will have the ability to use some other tracks by then to make this go more smoothly!

    Ship cars to:
    Zachary Morgan
    13339 Ne Airport way
    Suite #500
    Portland, Or

    Entry fee is $25, and can be made via paypal to wanabgts at (


    Fly Classics Proxy

    The goal of this proxy championship is to provide close and competitive racing for the Fly Classic line of slot cars. There are some inherent problems with getting reliable performance out of these cars, which I hope to address in the rules while not making the cars “too open” as to increase costs and complexity too much. These are fantastic cars to run, and look great. Please build with the intent of keeping the cars as scale as possible.


    The plan will be to run a standard Proxy racing format.

    10 rounds on routed wood track, either braid or tape.

    A minimum of 3 lanes, and 3 minutes per lane should be run, with the drivers remaining the same for each lane throughout the race.

    Voltage used should be between 10 and 12v, and this is to be decided and disclosed by the host. It does not need to be disclosed until after the race finish.

    Cars should have the tires cleaned by sticky pad or tape between heats and before racing, no other tire cleaning is allowed unless specifically authorized.

    All repairs must be approved ahead of time, other than straightening of braid etc.

    ***New for my proxies in 2021****

    1-There will be 1 pt awarded for tq qualifier in this series.

    2-I am also including 1 drop race. Your worst result will be discarded, your best 9 finished count toward to the championship total. If you happen to tq a race and have a poor finish, then your race with the lowest total POINTS will be discarded.

    The cars:

    Ferrari 512s


    Lola T70

    Porsche 908 and 906

    Porsche 917 (all Fly classic versions of this car are legal, 10, long tail, spyder etc.)

    Chevron B21

    There are many variants of these cars, if there is one that is not on the list that you would like to add please post it here for review. I am aware that these cars did not all race together in a series, however they all run very closely to eachother in my opinion when tuned well. They represent a “period of racing” as opposed to an actual championship.


    All cars must use the stock plastic chassis that came with the car you intend to run. No 3d or other chassis will be allowed.

    You may add a front axle tube to any of the cars, but this rule is specifically to allow the fixing of the independent fronts many of these cars came with.

    You may trim up to 1/16” inch off the perimeter of the chassis to achieve the desired amount of body float.

    Chassis be modified to accommodate more guide rotation. See thread in here for tutorial/questions.

    Any type of reinforcement is allowed, so long as it is only glued in place and not visible from the outside or underside of the car.

    No ballast may be added to underside of the chassis. This includes lead or brass of any kind.

    No aftermarket front axle carriers are allowed (like those that allow a style axle height adjustment)

    Any guide may be used, including anything needed to adapt it to your car. Guide depth should not be longer than 6.5mm under the braids.

    No ball bearings.

    No magnets


    Any axles and gear ratio is allowed.

    Sidewinder gears must have .5mm minimum clearance to allow for tire wear until touching. This will be tech’d.

    Independent front ends are allowed, factory independent cars can be converted to solid axle.

    Wheels and tires:

    This will be a rubber tire only proxy.

    All wheels must have a scale appearing insert. No aluminum finish wheels will be allowed, unless they are painted and look scale for the car. Front and rear wheels must match, please keep it as scale as possible.

    The maximum rear wheel size allowed will be 15x12mm. Many of these cars can fit this size. Tire width can be 13mm.

    Front wheel size shall be not narrower than 7mm, tires can be coned and coated to reduce friction. Must have at least 5mm of flat tire on the track.

    Rear wheel diameter may not be smaller than the front. Minimum front wheel diameter is 16.5mm and the rear is 18mm. Make sure you have sufficient gear clearance!


    Stock Fly motors or SCC Gator.

    ADDED 4/8, AFTER SOME RESEARCH. The SCC Gator motor will be the only allowed motor aside from the Fly. Blackstripe must be present (I will only inspect if you car is noticeably faster than others)

    No opening the cans.

    Bodies and interior:

    Bodies should be stock. Light trimming if needed for float is ok. NO trimming to diameter of wheel well allowed to fit larger wheel and tire combinations.

    Interiors are to be stock. I am aware that many of these models have problems with the interiors rubbing. Modification to the floor of the interior is allowed as long as it does not exceed ⅛” of material removal. Most of these cars can be made to run good by just sanding or filing the bottom of the interior.

    All body accessories should be used. This includes rear gear boxes, wings, and other major details. The only exception to this rule is mirrors because of their fragility.

    No lowering of the bodies will be allowed, no SLAMMED cars.

    Fantasy liveries are allowed, but should include a sponsor and number decals. No hand written numbers please.

    Qualification round and allowed entrants:

    As with F1Fans events. Everyone will be allowed a shot at competing in this proxy. I feel this is a great motivator and way for new builders to get some experience, while producing the most competitive field.

    26 cars will be allowed in the 10 race series.

    Unless another track becomes available, the qualification will consist of a fast-lap shootout at my home track. Using 1.5 minutes as the timer to get this done. The top 26 cars will go straight in!

    All others will be returned, with your entry fee minus the shipping costs back to you!

    Current entries:

    1. Stumbley- drop

    2. midagekid1- car TBD #15

    3. Docdoom- 908 - #12 paid

    4. ZackM- Chevron - #18 paid ON GRID

    5.BigDuhg- 917 - #TBD paid

    6. ChrisguyW- car? - #8

    7. ArroldN- 906 - #9 -paid

    8. Mitch58-DROPOUT

    9. Redlynr- Chevron- #1 paid ON GRID

    10. Zcarfan-512s #61

    11. Double-B TBD - #20 paid

    12. ALS - 917 spyder #16 - paid ON GRID

    13. CJ74 - Chevron - #6 - paid

    14. CGYracer -Dropout

    15. Reek455- 512s - #22

    16. Dungeonracer- Lola t70- 38 -paid. ON GRID

    17. MOV41T - lola t70 - tbd

    18. Modelersc- 917lh- #60- paid ON GRID

    19.leadfinger- Chevron - #64 -paid ON GRID

    20. Sadco Racing- 908 - #24 - Paid

    21. 101corvettes - tbd - tbd

    22. Modernslots - #25-porsche 908- paid

    23. Mseitz - 908 - #2 -paid

    24. Old Reb -917 spyder #11 - paid ON GRID

    25. REL13 - 917 - #4 - paid ON GRID

    26. RobNC - 908 - tbd

    27. Pepsi62 - tbd - tbd

    28. Eshorer- Chevron #5 - Paid ON GRID- PENDING TECH APPROVAL

    29. Brumosrsr- drop

    30. Radarek #27

    31. Audi1-DROPOUT

    32. CourtneyS #13 -paid

    33. Apexbomber tbd

    34. Aloha TBD

    35. Steeveew #28 908- PAID -ON GRID

    36. Charley-Lola t70-#17
    Last edited by ZackM; March 22, 2021, 09:48 PM.

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    Aloha added to the list!



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      Thanks Zack. Glad to see this one getting off the ground. Looking forward to it!


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        Does anyone have the capability to 3D print some winglets for a 908 Flunder? Mine are long gone.


        • ZackM
          ZackM commented
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          Some styrene should do the trick!

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        16. Dungeonracer- Lola t70- TBD
        #38 please
        Dickie Pearson
        Canterbury, NH

        HOST - Home Operated Slot Tracks
        MSR - Main Street Racing


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          Zack, I think I missed what the payment is.
          Robert- Shoreline Model Raceways Club
          Connecticut, U.S.A.


          • ZackM
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            No I forgot it! Thanks.

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          Can I please get on the list ?



          • ZackM
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          • steeveew
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            Thank you.

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          Rules look great Zack. Only thing I would add is to have the body screws holes covered....and checked before each race.... nothing sucks more than have a guild break on some ones missing body screw...
          THE other Vancouver aka Vancouver Washington across the river from keep Portland weird....
          Member NASTE (Northwest Association of Slot Track Enthusiasts)


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            ZackM. My entry will be a Ferrari 512S it is got #6 on it ( the yellow 512) but I see a Chevron that will have number 6 as well. Is that OK, or should I add a digit on one side or the other to keep numbers unique?
            if a problem, I’ll take #61
            Mike - Galena Ohio

            "When you're back there with the squirrels, you're bound to get your nuts cracked." - Graham Rahal



            • ZackM
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              I would prefer to keep number unique as it helps scoring a lot. 61 will work!

            • Zcarfan
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              Put me down for #61 then please, thanks

            • ZackM
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            Hey Zack is there a hold on my number


            • ZackM
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              Looks like we had some conflict there, what do you want?


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            Zack need payment information.
            Arrold Martin
            Nashville TN


            • ZackM
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              Yes you do. I will update now!

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            Hey Zack # 16 Thanks Great


            • #13
              Info update... Chevron for me...

              Thanks Zack!
              Steve G
              Detroit Suburbia


              • ZackM
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              Man almost have enough cars to run b main proxy for those that do not make the 26 car grid..
              THE other Vancouver aka Vancouver Washington across the river from keep Portland weird....
              Member NASTE (Northwest Association of Slot Track Enthusiasts)


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                Hi Zack, if you can please take me off the entry list. I will not have time to build a car, too much on the go.



                • ZackM
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                  I understand. No problem.