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******Race #1 Al's Rippin' Riddin' Raceway********

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  • ******Race #1 Al's Rippin' Riddin' Raceway********

    Because of my schedule going in to the holidays I decided starting at Al's would be a bit easier than at Mitch's place. They are both great tracks, and we will finish up the season at Allenbrook.

    I will be dropping the cars off with Al on Thursday, and he will qualify them. I am hoping to perform the race on blackfriday or that Sat.

    Lets get this show on the road!

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    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_7238.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.87 MB ID:	7456

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    Track looks really well built- looking forward to seeing how the cars stack up!


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      Nice looking track.

      G.P Alberta


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        It's a great track, about 64' and a lot of fun.


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          The cars have been dropped off with Al for qualifying in the next week, the plan is to run the race next Saturday!



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            Matt B
            So. In


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              Qualifying will be taking place tomorrow evening. I will be there to take some general notes for each car and get some pictures!



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                I'll be looking.
                Arrold Martin
                Nashville TN


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                  Alright guys results are in. We have some exceptionally fast cars for this power unit, and we also have some unfortunate failures to talk about. First up, here is the results!

                  Click image for larger version

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           apologies I forgot your pic last night. It was late.... It is now extra big to make up for it.
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                        Here is the recap of finishing order, along with notes taken during qualifying.

                        ALOHA #6-1ST 6.662
                        Quickest of the lot on the straights, can be pushed, fast in chicane, rolls very smooth

                        ZACKM #18-2ND 6.796S
                        Good top speed, smoothest cornering car in the bunch.

                        AUDI1 #19-3RD 6.832
                        Great brakes, Smooth, Easy to drive

                        CHRISGUYW #17-4TH 6.860
                        Very smooth, good straight speed, weak braking makes entries easy to blow.

                        COURTNEYS #2-5TH 6.889
                        Good speed, some chatter on tight corner exits, has to be driven smoothly on the throttle or it will induce chatter.

                        MODERNSLOTS #44-6TH 6.928
                        Good acceleration, a little loose, some chatter at the limit, bites back when pushed

                        MIDAGEKID #15-7TH 7.012
                        Easy to push, very quick in sweeping turns.

                        ARROLDN #57-8TH 7.077
                        Bicycles easily at the limit, hard to push but capable of quick laps.

                        LANCE #7-9TH 7.147
                        A little chatter in sweepers, great acceleration.

                        CJ74 #14-10TH 7.245
                        Not much brake, Developed gear noise at 15 laps, may need to be looked at.

                        MITCH58 #21-11TH 7.411
                        Chatters in tight corners, has good acceleration

                        BARC1 #20- 12TH 7.637
                        Car makes gear noise in left turns, may be rubbing slightly on body. Corners smoothly, Slow on the straights.

                        BRUMOSRSR #33-DSQ
                        On the tech block this car was just barely rolling on the front wheels, on the tape track unfortunately they spend most of the lap not touching the surface. Upon much closer inspection, the car is actually touching on the guid holder, even though the rest of the car meets the ride height requirements. Something must be off in the front end.

                        MOV41T #8-DNS
                        Unfortunately this car suffered a front end failure. It has a independent front axle, and it appears one of the ferrells was not glued well enough, and the wheel came off before it registered a lap.

                        This are some fairly large repairs on the #8 and the possibly the #14. Brumos's car will probably have to make the trip home, as the front tires are just too short for the current setup.

                        I will try and come up with a fair solution for these cars to continue in the series, albeit with a penalty......

                        Now the final pictures!

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	77124723_726103871233287_7344459256583684096_n.jpg
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Name:	77198745_2419278421527802_766173684015562752_n.jpg
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Name:	78936252_611321749606996_2999821797676810240_n.jpg
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                        We will be running the race this Saturday, with how close the qualifying time were on these cars I expect there will be some good battles and movement in the field!



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                          Send the 33 back. I didn't put in the time to fix flaws from the last series. Good luck to all the builders on race day. Congratulations Dale, Zack and Allan on your qualifying. And Zack you're off to a great start as a proxy host.
                          The Jester

                          Soxside (Chicago)


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                            Agree about the great start as a Proxy host! Nice pictorial presentation of the qualy results.

                            Congrats to Dale (aloha) and Zack (zackm) on their qualy positions.

                            Let's race!



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                              Thanks for the willing to and notes. Very surprised by the gear nose issue on my ride. Let me know what you think is best to resolve. Never got an indication of potential problems during testing. I do hope the motor shaft sleeve isn't the issue. 😔


                              • ZackM
                                ZackM commented
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                                We stopped as soon as the sound changed, so hopefully there is nothing damaged and it is a simple fix. I will be looking it over and making the repair if it is easy enough before the race on Saturday.


                              • cj74
                                cj74 commented
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                                Thank you sir. Let me know if it is something major and needs to be returned for more extensive repairs.