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2020 F1 Championship Results!

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  • 2020 F1 Championship Results!

    Well the last two races have been updated on points.

    We do have a tie for 3rd place after Audi1's strong finish at the Koolau Oval. I decided who won the tie breaker NASCAR style based off of first place finishes first, of which both cars had 1 each. I then moved to second placed finishes, with Audi 1 winning out with 3 over Chris's single second place finish followed by a whole host of 3rd's.

    I admit I was not prepared for this to happen, so if there is any argument against how it was decided then I will hear it.
    Participant Car # Points Overall pos.
    Aloha 6 110 1
    Modernslots 44 101 2
    Audi1 19 93 3
    ChrisguyW 17 93 4
    ZackM 18 77 5
    Midagekid 15 61 6
    CJ74 14 60 7
    CourtneyS 2 56 8
    Lance 7 55 9
    MOV41T 8 43 10
    ArroldN 57 38 11
    MItch58 21 20 12
    BARC1 20 14 13

    Lets not forget I have some cool prizes for the Podium in this proxy. Bruce from Cincyslot providing some Scalextric F1 cars to the lucky few!

    Thanks guys for participating, I know it didn't go perfectly. I am thankful we were able to get 9 rounds in though all things considered. I have learned a lot in my first proxy, and will try to be better prepared for some of the problems going into next season.

    Congrats to Dale, who was so dominate for a while. Modernslot crept right up on his bumper with an awesome oval finish!

    Chrisguyw's would be my pick of the litter, so smooth and fast for a short wheelbase car!


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    As we say down here - Goodonyer Dale ! - must have been that test drive I had of it 18 months ago....

    Cheers, Tony.
    All the way from Sydney, Australia.......

    Cheers, Tony.


    • Aloha
      Aloha commented
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      Tony, Hope all is well with you the family and the great people of the really big island. Dale

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    Thanks Zack for being the administrator for this proxy and to all the race hosts. Very pleased with a 2nd place finish as I thought all the cars were prepped well, and these cars aren't the easiest. Congrats to Dale the Dominator, and to Alan for their podium placements, and Chris as well. Hope we can do it again next year.


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      Zack I too wait to thank you for being the moderator of this proxy. Congratulations to Dale our championModernslots in 2nd and Allan in 3rd. I too look forward to next season if there is one.
      Arrold Martin
      Nashville TN


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        Dale great run! And Zack with the crazy world you made the right decisions along the way , thanks for doing this for us.
        Courtney Smith
        Chattanooga TN


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          Zack, the comments shared are spot on. It was an interesting proxy in a very interesting time. Thank you and the rest of the participants, hosts and drivers for putting aside the time to allow this proxy to happen. Be safe everyone and my mantra is "Everyday is a Gift"" Aloha Dale


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            Thanks for posting the results, Zack.

            Congrats to Dale on a horizon job first place win, to Rob (modernslots) on his second place finish and to Chris (chrisguyw) for his 3rd place tie!

            This is a fun series with very different cars and, now, two years of demonstrating that they don't break apart with the first crash. Perhaps it's time to go to a slightly hotter motor..........?



            • Aloha
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              Interesting idea with a little more wight. Fun!

            • JTK
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              Do we know who's hosting next one?

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            I was just checking have the cars been returned yet?
            Courtney Smith
            Chattanooga TN


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              I don't think that they have been; at least I have not received mine back yet.



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                Fun series! Congratulations to Dale, Rob and Allan. I'm especially proud of my fellow SCANC for finishing 2nd in the series. I got to drive your cars when they were in North Carolina at Rob's Bent Tree Raceway, and I can say it was an impressive field of fine-running cars. I might persuaded to submit an entry for the 2021 season.
                Team SCANC
                Woodland Trace Raceway - SlotZuka - Bent Tree Raceway
                OFI - Buena Vista Motorsports Park - Slotkins Glen
                Leadfinger Raceway