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Aloha Races 8&9 2020 F1 Proxy.

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  • Aloha Races 8&9 2020 F1 Proxy.

    Alright guys. Dale just shot me a PM and said that the cars are now in his possession and look to be ready to go. The shipping time was a little brutal, but it sounds like we will get 9 of our 10 rounds after a lengthy wait.

    I will let Dale take over here, he and Lance will be running the cars.


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    Hello to all...
    The cars have arrived in Hawaii for what i believe will be rounds 9 and 10. Our plans are to run the two lane road course on the Koolalu Motorsports track - Two lane course 60 and 62 feet respectively and than remove the road course insert, replace with a straight and have an oval. More details and pics on that to follow.

    First the cars arrived secured in Zack's box. The challenge is that over half of the field's braids did not like the two week journey from Alberta. A few cars had tape on the guide which protected the braids from rubbing against the foam inserts. After the rounds run so far this is a critical part to the cars overall performance and a few of the cars braids are in a frail condition. Otherwise tires appear all to be in good condition with no no noticeable graining or wear.

    Ran qualification in the evening with an outside ambiant temperature of 84 degrees and high humidity at 86% . I am sure a little different then what was seen in Calgary at their last stop.

    Ran Race in the afternoon with outside ambiant temperature of 91 degrees and humidity at 82%.
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	Qualification Road Course.PNG
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	Race Reuslts Road Course.PNG
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        road course finishing order Road course podium

        Click image for larger version  Name:	20200621_114902.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.43 MB ID:	42457Click image for larger version

Name:	20200621_115610.jpg
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        Lance Sofa racer, SA TX by way of Hawaii


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          Converted road course to oval for next race.
          Click image for larger version

Name:	20200621_120949.jpg
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Name:	20200621_121311.jpg
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Name:	20200621_122023.jpg
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          Lance Sofa racer, SA TX by way of Hawaii


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            Got any photos of the rest of that track?

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          Oval pict
          Click image for larger version

Name:	20200621_142156.jpg
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          Click image for larger version

Name:	20200621_142826.jpg
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          Lance Sofa racer, SA TX by way of Hawaii


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            Dale and Lance, thanks for running these two Rounds for us! High heat and high humidity is, I'm sure, a change for these cars, but a good change to have in this series.

            Very nice on the conversion of the road track for oval racing! Josh (manchvegasracer) has the same set-up on his track in Manchester, NH.

            Congrats to Dale (aloha) on round #8 and to Rob (modernslots) on Round #9

            Hang loose Hawaii! Way to go, guys!



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              Thank you Dale and Lance for running 8 and 9 so quickly after the long shipping break. And thanks to Zack for a great job managing this proxy under very unusual circumstances!
              After having braid issues in round 8 I was just hoping to finish round 9 and hopefully hang on to a podium placement. Surprised and pleased to finish up with a win for sure! My driver is from North Carolina, so I guess his oval track racing background came in handy.
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                Good Day Everyone,

                Will there was no Indianapolis 500 yet this year so we thought that we would go back seven decades and create a Grand Prix race on an oval. Lance thank you for the photos on how we change the track configuration from road course to an oval where each corner is slightly different. Red lane that was used for qualifying runs about three feet shorter in length.
                So comments again from running yesterday was warm again with a little less humidity. Braids were all reset and tires cleaned. And we were off. Interestingly Lance commented this will be a little boring just going in circles but because of the corners all being slightly different it became interesting of how deep some cars could go into turns and how quickly power could be applied. Obviously it helped also to have raced on the course the day before with plenty of rubber down. The second through sixth places were very close. ModernSlots low center of gravity really helped going into turns deep and applying power quickly were the recipe for success.
                Here are the results....
                Click image for larger version

Name:	Oval Results.PNG
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Size:	16.1 KB
ID:	42524
                We hope that an event like this can be done again in the future with maybe the new NSR F1 versus the F1 that is to be released later this year with maybe a Baby King motor...hmm interesting!!!!
                We enjoyed the action and seeing the uniqueness of each car...thanks for the opportunity and the cars will be returned to Zack M shortly
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                  Thanks for the run gentlemen.

                  Congrats to the podiumites!

                  I appreciate the comments on the car and hope to turn them into being a better runner next year. I went for handling with this one and somewhere along the way missed some speed and reliability.

                  Thanks again!


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                    Thanks Dale and Lance. Congratulations to the podium finishers in both races. If this class is run again I'll have to build a better car.
                    Arrold Martin
                    Nashville TN


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                      I hope this one runs again. I've been lurking all season and hoping to join the next one. I even have a car already.


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                        Wow the podium is fast! Good work gentlemen Dale/Lance thanks for the drive. The blue Duce needs some work.
                        Courtney Smith
                        Chattanooga TN


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                          Courtney, your #2 is one of the fastest cars of the field. The challenge we had is the car has rear wheel hop under hard acceleration on this track out of the turns and chicanes. If when driving you can keep good momentum going through the turns and did not have to fully accelerate at one time fast laps were capable. Not sure if it is more weight is needed and/or if motor and bushings are seated and glued in. Please let me know if i can help further. Aloha Dale

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                          Thanks Dale
                          The bearings should be glued in but the car had some gear issues at the beginning of the season. I think this is the last round so if you want to pull it apart and have a look and adjust as you see fit that would be great, but only if Zach approves.

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                        Dale, thanks for getting these rounds in!

                        Life has been a challenge for me this month as I have lost a couple family member (not COVID related), so this is nice to see. I will get the points updated and we will call the championship for this year.

                        Thanks to everyone who participated.



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                          So sorry to hear of your personal losses my friend. be safe dale