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F1 proxy round Edmonton The TRIFECTA...MORE TO COME

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  • F1 proxy round Edmonton The TRIFECTA...MORE TO COME

    Hello everyone

    We are all facing really challenging times and trying to adopt to new normal if that possible, but with little effort we have done the first of two rounds we are hosting here in Edmonton. Tom, James and me got together and with some prep to the track we run a quick 10 lap qualification followed shortly with the race itself. We run 3 heats of 3 minutes. Voltage was set to 10.5volts, drivers hold they lines all the time, so all the cars got the same treatment. Our track was build last year, 5 lanes, track mate, CNC - routed, monster power supply of 40A, copper braid and flat latex paint(spray), lane length 113’4”, difference between all 5 lanes are within 3/4”. We have used masking tape to clean the tires - that’s the only allowed method on our tracks.
    Let me tell you..... very close racing. We have 10 cars finishing within 5 laps with some tie... and differences of 0.001 to get the winner... very nice...

    Qualifications results:

    #21. 11.445
    #20. 11.115
    #57. 10.895
    #2. 10.712
    #7. 10.646
    #15. 10.559
    #14. 10.502
    #8. 10.495
    #18. 10.221
    #19. 10.163
    #17. 10.121
    #6. 10.059
    #44. 9.898

    race results tomorrow....

    best regards
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      Some pictures...


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        Warning... spoiler alert...


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          Eh... why not... results ...


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            Next Saturday we will race on The Little Madonnie track...


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              Wow! I was about to post that I hoped my driver could handle the pressure from qualifying first when the results popped up. Thanks for a great run! My car was built for my 90' track so I guess it liked 113' ! Congrats to Dale and Chris for another podium finish for them.


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                Another level ... hard to catch. Great car

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              Thank you! My car is consistent if nothing else!



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                You welcome. Great car

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              Thank you all for the run under these challenging times. Congrats to the field for another round completed. Mr Radarek your groups efforts are appreciated to give us some diversion.


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                Thx. Lots of fun we had today driving those around

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              Thank you Thank you Thank you
              Even though #2 is struggling great run for the fast guys and getting these results and photos is like a breath of fresh air!
              Courtney Smith
              Chattanooga TN


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                My #21 was never the fastest, but it wasn't the slowest either, that little motor must be tired.


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                  Thanks to all and congratulations to the podium finishers. 4 laps down looks like my best finish to date.
                  Arrold Martin
                  Nashville TN


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                    Congrats to Rob, Dale and Chris on their podium finishes!



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                      Hello guys

                      round 2 of our Trifecta....

                      first is the little explanation...

                      Trifecta ... was created a year ago for our weekly races... simply we have different classes which we race on all our tracks same night. We been lucky enough to find location were we were able to set up all our tracks ( Getcars, Little Maddonie and The Dominator) so we can enjoy them all the time we wish to... now we are constructing 1/32 dragstrip 1/4 mile, but about that later....
                      so we decided that since we have your cars here why not to run them across all 3 tracks as they are all different. Last - Getcars has different paint surface ...

                      Last Thursday we had a chance to run Little Maddonie...

                      Tom, Bill and James ( for James it was the first proxy ever) were out drivers and I took care about everything else.

                      Track is 90 feet long, was rebuild over a year ago, copper braid, flat latex paint. Track has a elevation change of 4 feet so there is some climbing... longest straight is 4(four) feet rest is curved and twisted and banked and you name it... pictures will show some of this...


                      One driver, 12 volts, single lane 10 to 15 laps depends if car was still improving.

                      #21 9.042
                      #20 8.722
                      #15 8.099
                      #14 8.052
                      #57 8.049
                      #7 8.002
                      #8 7.909
                      #17 7.854
                      #18 7.851
                      #2 7.828
                      #19 7.789
                      #6 7.645
                      #44 7.413

                      race results soon...


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                        More pictures