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F1 Proxy - COVID-19 updates......

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  • F1 Proxy - COVID-19 updates......

    Good morning guys, I want to take a minute to talk about the potential impact this virus is going to have on our plans. Right now Modernslots (Rob) has shipped the cars to Radarek in Canada, I will be PM'ing them and seeing what their current state is and what kind of delays we may be looking at. If the delays push us way out toward next year, returning the cars and starting up again in 2021 might be a viable option.

    Proxy hosts, please feel that you are in no way obligated to take on the responsibility of completing these rounds, unless you feel absolutely safe in doing so. While for many of us this is a fun release, it is still racing toy cars after all. My state is likely to go into a 2-4 week shutdown today, I am sure many more are to follow.

    Thanks for your understanding and the amazing efforts thus far!

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    And I have resolved to stand six feet away from the computer when on a forum. Thank you.


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      SCANCs have suspended racing for now. Not sure what we would do if hosting instead of shipping.


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        Hello everyone

        we have received cars this week. Box is under quarantine right now... will try to run both rounds next saturday. Will send quick info thursday...




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          Radarek, thanks for the update. Glad the cars made it ok!



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            Hey guys, life has been pretty wild for me the last few weeks but it is finally calming down a bit.

            The cars are heading to Hawaii. Dale should have them pretty soon, and we can wrap this thing up!



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              If the cars are travelling by boat I hope my driver doesn't get sea sick!