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F1 2020 Scorekeeping.

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  • F1 2020 Scorekeeping.

    I will try and get this updated faster from now on guys. I am no Spreadsheet wizard like some of those on here. But you should be able to access and see where you are at with the one provided!


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    Rounds 3 and 4 have been updated on this spreadsheet guys. There are some shakeups going on! Mainly ChrisguyW has now clawed his way back to tie for the last podium position. If he keep this momentum it may be a long ride!



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      Alright guys all points are updated. I am not sure why I didn't notice it before. But we just complete RACE NUMBER 5 in the series, and the cars are now headed into Canada territory.

      Here is a copy and paste of the current points. Audi1 taking a big hit this round. There is still lots of time for things to shake up! Follow the link up top for round results!
      Participant Car # Points Overall pos.
      Aloha 6 63 1
      Modernslots 44 53 3
      ChrisguyW 17 52 4
      Audi1 19 50 2
      ZackM 18 45 5
      CJ74 14 39 7
      Midagekid 15 36 6
      CourtneyS 2 27 8
      Lance 7 27 9
      ArroldN 57 22 10
      MOV41T 8 21 11
      MItch58 21 14 12
      BARC1 20 8 13


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        Alright guys sorry for the small delay. I got all the point updated for the last two races in Canada.

        Even though the results were quite the shakeup not much changed in the overall order....
        Participant Car # Points Overall pos.
        Aloha 6 87 1
        Modernslots 44 79 2
        ChrisguyW 17 72 3
        Audi1 19 70 4
        ZackM 18 60 5
        CJ74 14 52 6
        Midagekid 15 50 7
        CourtneyS 2 44 8
        Lance 7 35 9
        MOV41T 8 33 10
        ArroldN 57 29 11
        MItch58 21 17 12
        BARC1 20 11 13
        Last edited by ZackM; April 20, 2020, 01:47 PM.


        • JTK
          JTK commented
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          Should 10th and 11th positions be switched? I'm confused.

        • Courtney s
          Courtney s commented
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          Thanks Zack!

        • ZackM
          ZackM commented
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          Guys I am sorry I forgot to sort it after I was done inputting the date. It should be good here and on the main chart located at the link.


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        Hi Zack, the overall points do not match the overall positions....... did you not update the position column , or are we missing penalties etc. ??

        Chris Walker


        • ZackM
          ZackM commented
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          Hey Chris thank you! I will get that fixed right now.


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        Sorry guys I forgot to update the column, the totals should be correct now. The link also shows individual race results.