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The schedule, we need a 3rd track to run ASAP!

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  • The schedule, we need a 3rd track to run ASAP!

    Hey guys, I have to apologize for the delay taking place right now. Unfortunately the third track on the schedule it out of commission at the moment, and I only found out once the cars were shipped to round 2.

    I moved on the our round 3 location, only to find that they have overbooked themselves on proxies, and even though the cars are still here in Portland GT3 has leapfrogged us for that track......

    So we need another track to run ASAP. The next event listed would have the cars sent in to Canada, where it would be great if they could complete their races on schedule so they don't have to cross the border many times.

    Anyone up for taking their turn early or adding themselves to a round?

    It is only 12 cars, our club was done with the race in under 1 hour once started!


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    I can do here in Hawaii if you need


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      I think we found a stateside track. Thanks to Audi1 and DoubleB we should be able to get a round in within the next week or two! Hopefully then we can hit one more stop on the east before venturing into Canada.



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        Great to hear


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          Yes, I've been corresponding with Allan and we'll be running a round in Northern Conn. Allan is mailing the cars and I'll post once the cars are in hand.


          • ZackM
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            Thank you for taking up the slack sir! It is very much appreciated by the participants!


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          The cars were mailed to Bob this afternoon - he should have them Monday/Tuesday.



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            Silly me. Can not find a schedule of tracks anywhere. Can you please post so the Autodrome can be ready?
            Thank you.


            • ZackM
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              1. Allenbrook raceway- Mitch58- Portland, OR (Confirmed) First round late november (23rd?)
              2. The River Run - Audi1 - Merrimac, MA - (Confirmed) Mid December (holiday dependant)
              3. Amoskeag North Racing Park - manchvegasracer - Manchester, NH (Confirmed) Early Jan (after new year)
              4. OFIR - Modernslots - somewhere - NC (Confirmed) Mid/LATE JANUARY
              5.The Dominator-Radarek, Edmonton, Alberta, CN (Confirmed) March
              6. Little Madonie - Radarek - Edmonton, Alberta, CN - (Confirmed for two rounds! March
              7. Autodrome - Ferrari1950 - Cornwall, Ontario, CN (Confirmed) Early April
              8.Chris' Track - chrisguyw - Toronto, CN Confirmed early march Late April/First week of may?
              9. Pebblestone Model Car Circuit - Gascarnut - Irvine, CA (Confirmed) Late May
              10. FINAL- Al's Rippin Riddin Raceway- NASTE.ORG, portland OR confirmed Final race early June!

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            Thank you.😁