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2019 DaVols Forums Cup Rules

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  • 2019 DaVols Forums Cup Rules

    ****Cars Due April 30th 2019****

    Entry fee: $17.50 per car
    Entry limit: 2 cars per class (COY and COT)

    Pay Pal: 1 car -
    2 cars -
    3 cars -
    4 cars -
    Please pay Friends & Family. If you pay Goods & Services, it charges a fee of 2.9% + $0.30 so instead of the full amount of $17.50 the series only gets $16.69. This may not seem like a big deal... but every little bit is accounted for as postage to race hosts, trophies, and return postage to racers. Please keep this in mind.

    Ship to:
    DaVols Forums Cup
    c/o Scott Kozokas
    68 Diamond Ave
    Hanover Township, PA 18706

    Slot Car Corner is the Victory Lane sponsor for the 2019 DaVols Forums Cup Proxy Series. They will be supporting us by providing some prizes at the end of the season. Thanks to Steve for reaching out with this tremendous offer!

    Tentative Rules 2019
    This post will notate any changes and when they were made.
    The DaVols Forum Cup Proxy (DFCP) is a NASCAR themed 1/32 scale proxy series founded by the late Bruce Kraemer. The original intent Bruce offered was a simple inexpensive way to build NASCAR style slot cars for a proxy format. Since his passing, the tradition Bruce put into place has been continued by each dedicated series director with a few tweaks over time to keep the cars current and to maintain interest. DFCP is a NASCAR style series with oval tracks raced in counterclockwise direction, and road courses that may be raced in either clockwise or counter clockwise direction, on both wood and plastic track. The series is fun to prepare for and to participate in. I would encourage any interested slot car racer to learn about DFCP and make the decision to enter this long standing traditional proxy.

    Common Rules to both COT (Generation 5 and 6) and COY (Generation 4)

    Minimum weight: Rule to be enforced the same for both classes with different limits. To be checked by series director before season opening race and at any time during the season by track hosts. Official weight to be determined by series director, hosts checks are optional. Any car found to be under minimum weight after initial inspection and during the season will be allowed a 2 gram tolerance. Cars under tolerance should be reported to series director and the most convenient solution will be determined. There will be no penalty for a car under tolerance during the season as long the car is brought up to minimum when discovered. There is no tolerance allowed at initial inspection-104 grams is the official preseason minimum. Let's all play fair with this rule.

    Body: Only stock plastic bodies from the eligible manufacturers for each division are allowed. Modifications are allowed to the front valance/air dam/splitter and side skirts to allow for track clearance. Contact with the track surface by any part of the chassis and body is not allowed. Body posts may be trimmed. Body float is allowed. Wheel wells may be sanded to allow for tire clearance. Tires may NOT extend beyond the wheel well openings as viewed from above the car and measured at 90 degrees from a flat surface plate to the top center of the wheel well opening. Rear spoilers are required. Extreme body modifications are not allowed, the car must maintain a NASCAR style appearance in the judgement of the series director.

    Interior: Stock or light weight lexan or card stock allowed. Driver or a bust including the shoulders and head required. Driver must be painted and/or decaled. Window net, stock or custom required and must be secured. Interior must be secured to the body. Loose interior is not allowed.

    Glass: Stock windshield, side opera, and rear glass required. Glass must be clear front and rear. Glass must be secured to the body. Loose glass is not allowed.

    Appearance: NASCAR style numbers required on the roof and doors. Roof numbers should face the infield on a counter-clockwise oval. Sponsor and detail decals are optional but encouraged. Stock or builder livery's allowed. Builder livery's must maintain a NASCAR theme.

    Wheels: Front and rear, stock or CB Design 15x8 "Stock Car" CBD1410, CBD1400 or "F1/Modified" CBD0755 wheels only are allowed, any color.

    Tires: Rear, Super Tire Urethane, sized for the stock wheel or for 15x8 CB Design wheels use the 1400 series tires. Front, stock or aftermarket allowed. Zero grips allowed. Glued and trued tires allowed. Front tires must contact the track while car is in the slot and tires must roll when given a test push. Front tire coating with any substance is not allowed.

    Axles: Stock or aftermarket allowed. Must be proper length, must not protrude beyond normal appearance.

    Bushings: Stock or aftermarket allowed. may be glued in place. Ball bearing type bushings are not allowed.

    Gears: Stock or aftermarket allowed. Crown and pinion sizes/combinations are builder choice.

    Guide flag: Stock or aftermarket allowed. Aftermarket guide adapters are allowed. Deep wood guides are not allowed.

    Braids: Stock or aftermarket allowed.

    Weight: Must be secured-must be concealed. Weight may not be attached on the underside of chassis.

    Magnets: The DaVols proxy is a "no magnet" series. No magnets are allowed to be added anywhere on the car. Factory chassis magnets must be removed.

    COT Specific Rules:

    104 grams minimum weight (see common rules for details)

    COT Eligible models: Generation 5 and 6 (as described by NASCAR) Carrera, Scalextric, SCX (including Pro)

    COT Body: COT wing must be replaced with a spoiler. If you have a question about this, please ask. Modifications as described in the common rules section are allowed.

    COT Chassis: Stock or modified stock plastic chassis from eligible manufacturers allowed. Aftermarket plastic chassis allowed, including a 3d printed chassis or HRS style chassis. Slot Car Corner front axle adjusters allowed. Aftermarket motor pods allowed. Tape may be used on the underside of chassis to control pod float. Chassis may be attached to body using stock or aftermarket body screws or any secure, repeatable, non permanent method.

    COT Motor: COT is an open motor division. Any commercially available slot car motor is allowed. Builders be advised: Super high RPM motors (over 25k) are counter productive and will over match the tires and tracks and cause your car to be undriveable. If you can tame such a car, you have the option. Just keep in mind drivers of all skill levels will be racing your car. Motors may be secured using screws and/or glue or tape.

    COY Specific Rules:

    98 gram minimum weight (see common rules for details) This change is due to change in motor

    COY Eligible Models: Generation 4 (as described by NASCAR) Scalextric, SCX, Artin. Older black window Scalextric models are not allowed.

    COY Body: Stock plastic body from eligible manufacturers allowed. Body modifications described in the common rules are allowed. Body must match the chassis it was intended for. Body must attache to the stock body posts using stock or aftermarket screws.

    COY Chassis: Stock plastic chassis from eligible manufacturers required. Sanding for float is allowed. Only mods described in the common rules allowed.

    COY Motor: Only H&R Hawk 18K or SCC Gator 18k motors are allowed. No other motor is allowed in COY division. Motor modifications are not allowed. Motors may be secured with glue/tape/screws.
    DaVols Forums Cup Proxy Series