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2020 Da Vols Koolau Motorsports COT Road Course

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  • 2020 Da Vols Koolau Motorsports COT Road Course

    We had the chance to get the COT cars out to stretch their legs after getting some sun to warm them up.
    Click image for larger version

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    The Road Course is a combination of a 13 foot straight with both sweeping and tight technical chicane and esses. Qualifying lane is Red which is heavily rubbered in from many laps of rubber tires being run on the 60+ foot circuit.
    For reference times on this track would be GT3 5.7 sec. Group 5 5.6 sec. (albeit with 30K motors).

    Ran qualifying in 82 degree temp and 74% humidity ... I bring this up only because we have seen the track handle differently more under humidity changes.

    One key problem was that Car#5 suffered a broken guide flag slot broke. It was epoxied back in place but did not hold. After further review the car will be retired. Final repair will need to have the holder removed and suggested that a 3D guide flag adapter be used for future repair.
    General comments is that this wooden track is high traction and some cars were seen to display significant chatter.


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    Race was held and the final results showed close groupings at the finish. One key issue came when Car #4 stopped running. Upon inspection motor was running but we found that the pinion was stripped.
    This was repaired afterwards by applying Red Loctitie. Car #12 had the braid readjusted to insure good connectivity on track.
    Red Lane - Aloha
    White Lane - Lance
    More results and pictures to come over the next few days

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    Thanks Dale. How do you have 0 offs and lose the raceWell at least a podium finish. I may need to change that SCX motor for a little more horse power. Congratulations to you both. Dale and Scott 1st and 2nd. 2 offs with the #12 I need to work on that. I think it may be over powering the tires. I think it has first generation SuperTires on it. Yeap 1601 Yellow Dogs. May need to go to the 1400 series.
    Arrold Martin
    Nashville TN


    • Aloha
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      Arroldn. Your cars felt a little top heavy. Our track here has quite a bit of grip and when driven at limit can bite you very quickly. Your other was down on power to the top two. Overall good calls ... would suggest you lower your center of gravity. 😀

    • arroldn
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      Yes sir. Plan to lower the CG of both when they get back home.

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    plac holder for pictures
    Lance Sofa racer, SA TX by way of Hawaii


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      Congratulation to the Podium Winners Thanks Dale for hosting. Be safe mask up