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Race #7 - North East Motor Sports Museum

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  • Race #7 - North East Motor Sports Museum

    Sorry for the long delay since the last race, but as I haven't heard anything about moving the cars along, I've held onto them.
    Things have finally worked out so we can host the next race at the museum in Loudon, NH.
    This track is an oval built by the SCC fellas, Bob and Steve. It is a small track designed to fit on a ping pong table (I'll post a pic later)
    As the track is small, straight line speed is not as much of a factor as cornering speed.
    Good luck to all entries

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    Sounds great! We have a shorter schedule this season anyhow, so I didn’t see an issue with the break to get another race in.

    Thanks for all you guys are doing!
    DaVols Forums Cup Proxy Series


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      Thanks for hosting this race, Good luck to all the builders. You and your crew have fun and be safe doing it.
      Robert- Connecticut, USA. Shoreline Raceways Club.


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        Let me know if we are still slated to run in Hawaii?


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          Let's get those motors revving.


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            Race # 7 is in the books..
            As promised, here's a pic of the track....
            Click image for larger version

Name:	20201024_174041[1].jpg
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            Yes, it's small. 9' by 5' on a ping pong table. Think Martinsville....or your local quarter mile bull ring...
            Click image for larger version

Name:	20201024_174142[1].jpg
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            Joey's car in the background is the car he won at Martinsville with when he tangled with Martin Truex coming to the line. The battle scars are still on the car.

            OK, I'm guessing you want to know the results of the racing...
            We scored them by how many laps they did, and any ties were broken by the quicker fast lap times. We did this because the track had not been divided up into sections.

            1-83 – 187 – 1.776
            2-4 – 185 – 1.744
            3-5 – 180 – 1.802
            4-12 – 180 – 1.805
            5-88 – 180 – 1.830
            6-2 – 180 – 1.838
            7-21 – 176 – 1.925
            8-18 – 175 – 1.923
            9-81 – 174 – 1.903
            Click image for larger version

Name:	20201024_203157[1].jpg
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ID:	60175

            1-6 – 180 – 1.887

            2-47 – 179 – 1.849
            3-8 – 179 - 1.852
            4-13 – 178 – 1.860
            5-9 – 178 – 1.892
            6-43 – 175 – 1.892
            7-85 – 175 – 1.907
            8-90 – 175 – 1.915
            9-69 – 174 – 1.915
            10-46 – 173 – 1.913
            11-51 – 173 – 1.926
            12-66 – 171 -1.934
            13-11 – 170 – 1.902
            14-42 – 167 – 1.932
            15-7 – 165 – 1.951
            16-15 – 164 – 1.983

            We messed up the podium pic. The 47 should have been 2nd, and the 8 car 3rd.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	20201024_215856[1].jpg
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Size:	232.3 KB
ID:	60177

            Thanks to all who had cars in this race. We've really enjoyed having them.
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              Thank you and your crew for hosting the race.
              Robert- Connecticut, USA. Shoreline Raceways Club.


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                Thanks for running the race and getting my car to the winners circle in the shadows of that beautiful #22 Pennzoil Fusion. Congrats to all the podium finishers and Go Joey !!!


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                  Congratulations to the podium finishers in both classes. Also hats off to our host and all who made this event a success. Wow just missed the podium in COT by 3/1000s. 4 cars on the same lap. I see my Winston Cup cars didn't fair to well. On to the next round.
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                  • arroldn
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                    I am surely out of first place in the Winston Cup Class now.

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                  Thanks for running our cars in this great vicinity! Congratulations to the winners. Looking forward to the next races as these are the only ones in this weird time.


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                    Thanks for the run Dickie and team! Congrats to the podiumites! What an awesome venue!


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                      It’s so cool to have these cars race at the museum! Thanks to Dickie and everyone else involved.

                      Congratulations to my fellow podium racers in both classes. My COT is still dialed in, the 66 WC car on the other hand... not my best work.

                      stay tuned for where race 8 will be. Messaging the hosts nowarroldn and Aloha I sent you guys a Facebook message about who’s up next.
                      DaVols Forums Cup Proxy Series


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                        I thought I had already had you as a friend. So I sent a friend request today.

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                      I will try to update the points tonight
                      DaVols Forums Cup Proxy Series


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                        I be waiting. Hope I'm still in the top 5 in Winston Cup.

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                      Send them over. Aloha Dale


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                        I think they are coming to me first Dale, then I'll send them to you.

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                      Thanks to the Hosts and your crew Congratulations to the Podium winners. Well the81 is my worst Build . New car next year in testing learned a lot this year