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Race #6 - Dust Bunny Raceway

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  • Race #6 - Dust Bunny Raceway

    Yep, a new oval for the Davols Cup this year.
    The Dust Bunny oval is a 4 lane track, about 14' in overall length, so a bit on the short side
    Sorry, no pics at the moment, but I'll post one up in the results

    Most likely, there will be no qualifying. The cars will be put in the program, then we will do a random lineup, and run the cars as the appear in the program. I know it's not normal to not have qualifying, but it's the best we can do in the time we have tomorrow night (8/21)

    Also, I have a busy weekend ahead, so the results may not be posted until Monday evening. If something changes and I get a chance, I'll post ASAP
    Dickie Pearson
    Canterbury, NH

    HOST - Home Operated Slot Tracks
    MSR - Main Street Racing

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    thanks for hosting Da Vols Forums Cup and a new venue. I think the precedent has been set by another sanctioning body to forgo qualifying... it will be fine!
    DaVols Forums Cup Proxy Series


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      I support your plan. Run those puppies.. Let's get that #43 WC Car to the front and the #2 COT car as well.
      Arrold Martin
      Nashville TN


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        Thanks Dickie for hosting, Where is the track, need photos. I need track time LOL
        Merrimack, NH


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          Go Driver Start your Engines


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            Thanks Dickie for hosting this race, You and your crew have fun and Be Safe.
            Robert- Shoreline Model Raceways Club
            Connecticut, U.S.A.


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              Well, you guys are lucky. Getting rain here which puts a damper on my weekend plans, so I'm posting the results.
              But wait....I promised a pic of the track....
              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200821_185524[1].jpg
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Size:	269.2 KB
ID:	50768
              Ok, so, I stated previously this was a 4 lane track. If you're one to notice small details, you counted 5 lanes. Still, it's a 4 laner because the most inside lane is not used. The track was painted to have a dirt track appearance. Over time, in true dirt track atmosphere, it now has it share of irregularities that will throw many cars off. Another's not smooth, and some cars will (and some of these cars did) have difficulty staying in the slot.
              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200821_193440[1].jpg
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Size:	261.7 KB
ID:	50769
              From left to right is Paul (FC47). Paul was the turn 1-2 marshall for the evening. Jungle (owner of Dust Bunny Raceway), Bob (of SCC), Jonathan (Bob's son, and tire bagger extraordinaire), and Josh (manchvegasracer), were the drivers for the evening. So if you have any issues about where your car finished, take it up with these guys...
              That said, I must say they drove in most excellent fashion. I was expecting a lot more chaos then what actually occurred. Well done drivers!!

              We started off with the Winston Cup cars. As mentioned, some cars had challenges getting around...
              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200821_194910[1].jpg
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Size:	244.1 KB
ID:	50770
              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200821_195508[1].jpg
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ID:	50771
              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200821_195203[1].jpg
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Size:	237.9 KB
ID:	50772
              And here were the results of the Cup cars. As you can see, there were cars that have the same # of laps. The finishing order was determined by which car finished further ahead than the other on said lap.
              1 - #8 - 140
              2 - #6 - 140
              3 - #9 - 139
              4 - #69 - 138
              5 - #90 - 138
              6 - #66 - 138
              7 - #51 - 136
              8 - #42 - 136
              9 - #13 - 136
              10 - #43 - 134
              11 - #7 - 134
              12 - #47 - 133
              13 - #85 - 133
              14 - #46 - 131
              15 - #11 - 130
              16 - #15 - 126

              An example of how cars on the same lap were determined...
              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200821_203326[1].jpg
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Size:	275.6 KB
ID:	50774
              Car #'s 51, 42 and 13 all finished with 136 laps. As you can see in the pic, #51 finished just slightly ahead of #42. Yes, it was THAT close! Car #13 finished behind these 2.
              Here's the final pic of the Cup cars and where they finished
              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200821_203254[1].jpg
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Size:	288.9 KB
ID:	50775
              And the top 3
              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200821_203546[1].jpg
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Size:	271.7 KB
ID:	50773

              The COT cars were next up. Sorry, not many pics...
              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200821_210844[1].jpg
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Size:	293.2 KB
ID:	50776
              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200821_211631[1].jpg
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Size:	265.1 KB
ID:	50777

              And the results... This one was easy as no cars finished on the same lap..
              1 - #5 - 148
              2 - #4 - 146
              3 - #88 - 144
              4 - #83 - 143
              5 - #21 - 142
              6 - #18 - 141
              7 - #12 - 140
              8 - #2 - 138
              9 - #81 - 135

              Where all the cars finished
              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200821_212310[1].jpg
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Size:	275.2 KB
ID:	50778

              And the top 3...
              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200821_212342[1].jpg
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Size:	264.5 KB
ID:	50779

              We had a great time running your cars. Thanks to all who entered.

              Dickie Pearson
              Canterbury, NH

              HOST - Home Operated Slot Tracks
              MSR - Main Street Racing


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                Thanks guys for running this race. The new track looks good.
                Robert- Shoreline Model Raceways Club
                Connecticut, U.S.A.


                • Aloha
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                  Ditto ditto 😀

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                Wow all my cars went to the bottom of the finishing order. Thanks to all who participated in making this happen. Congratulations to those on the other end of the leader board. That's why its call a leader board. I haven't been leading much in the COT class. #43 saw a major set back. Hopefully it doesn't drop to far in the points standing. The #2 took another hard hit on points. Some new faces up front in WC.
                Arrold Martin
                Nashville TN


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                  What a surprise, My #5 COT car in front! Thanks so much for driving it to victory. Thanks for the picture and congratulations to the other top finishers.


                  • arroldn
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                    Congratulations Gary. First time Scott wasn't in the top position. Congrats also to Bopalou. UM 3rd 8th place in a row after a strong start. I don't think that is a Turkey

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                  16 - #15 - 126, Last by 4 laps

                  Thanks Jungle (owner of Dust Bunny Raceway) and Dickie for hosting this race.
                  Merrimack, NH


                  • dungeonracer
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                    Yeah, your car has a bad hop every time a driver gives it gas coming off a corner. If the driver doesn't lift, it'll hop the whole straight. You might want to consider repairing it while it's still in NH.

                  • slothead
                    slothead commented
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                    I'm curious what racers think could be the cause of this car's handling problems? Reminds me of oval track cars I built that had loose rear axle housings. They were built from styrene plastic and the tubing I used for the rear axle tube was slightly larger than the axles. Could also be a bent axle or out of round wheel or tire. But the fact it occurs on acceleration makes me suspect the axle tube or bearings.

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                  Thanks for hosting Jungle and Dickie! Looks like there were close finishes throughout the fields.

                  Congrats to all the podium finishers! Nice to see some new cars up there.
                  DaVols Forums Cup Proxy Series


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                    Just barely holding on to 1st Place in WC. Dropped in COT Got to do better.
                    Arrold Martin
                    Nashville TN