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2020 Race #1 - Kozo Raceway Park

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  • 2020 Race #1 - Kozo Raceway Park

    At some point in the history of the NASCAR Cup Series the season started at a road course, Riverside. The 2020 season will harken back to those times with race 1 taking place at Kozo Raceway Park. Though the 1987 season didn’t start at Riverside, we will make due.

    All cars have been checked in with the arrival the 9 and 15 Winston Cup, and 18 and 21 COT. Everyone has passed tech, and all cars have been road tested.

    I am hoping to hold the race tomorrow day/evening. It is likely going to be a solo run... possible only one lane.
    DaVols Forums Cup Proxy Series

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    That sounds great Scott. Good luck to all the racers. Let the season start.


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      That sounds great Scott. Best of luck running race #1 and thanks !!!


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        Best of Luck to all especially our fearless leader in his driving exploits


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          Here are some pictures of the full field

          DaVols Forums Cup Proxy Series


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            Nice pictures Scott. Did you get a chance to run any cars.


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              Clem (wrlw) and Bill (bwatkins37) came over to help out with marshaling throughout the day. We kept it simple for a weeknight race event and I drove 15 laps in the white lane for each car. As traditional with my hosted stock car races, we travel a fixed distance (15 laps) over time with the best (lowest) time the winner. The track was "rubbered in" in the white lane by running my old DaVols entries through the past week. A good groove was laid down and most of the cars responded well to the track. I did take notes for most of the cars... but lost/missed the #7 Winston Cup car...

              Driving Notes
              Winston Cup
              69 - Smooth, Consistent
              6 - Smooth, Consistent
              66 - Home Track, good grip, lacked outright speed
              11 - smooth, consistent
              90 - good start, got loose throughout the run... fall off from 9.6 to 11.3
              42 - handled well, lacked speed
              47 - solid entry, easy to drive
              15 - slower, very driv-able
              46 - consistent, forgiving
              43 - wow... about all I can say at this point
              7 - missed taking notes...
              85 - good handling
              51 - had an off, lost approx 1 sec
              13 - quick, smooth
              8 - also suffered from fall off
              9 - power off the corner, handled well

              21 - Smooth, maybe under-powered?
              12 - very quick, very loose
              4 - extremely loose, but drive-able.
              88 - fall off towards end of run
              81 - has some fall off, one off on last lap
              18 - noisy, 1 off
              83 - home track, quick, consistent
              5 - darty, drivable
              2 - bad fall off towards last 5 laps. Motor choice? RPM too high/not enough torque?

              And now for the actual results, which we have all been waiting for! Starting grid was set by random draw, and cars ran in order of notes above.


              Winston Cup

              Big CONGRATULATIONS to Arrold. The WC #43 was by far the best WC car in the field on this track, outstanding build! Congrats to the top 3 in both classes. There are some great cars in the field, and I think the slower easy handling cars will do much better overall with consistent finishes through the season. Cars are shipping to REL by the end of the week for the New England swing.

              Thanks to all of you for building/hosting/participating in the DaVols Forums Cup Proxy Series. I think the new Winston Cup class proved to be a big success so far!
              DaVols Forums Cup Proxy Series


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                Great job ... congrats to the podium finishers!!!

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              Thanks Scott, Great post. I will be looking for the cars next week. The Winston Cup cars are sharp looking.


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                Congrats to the other podium finishers, Arroldn #43, and k0z0oo1 #66.
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                  Ouch. Not looking good for the #90. Wonder if the shaft sleeve is slipping. Who knows. 🤷🏾‍♂️


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                    It was tire fall off... just got slippery throughout the run. Your car faired the worst, but it was not the only one to do it. May have been PG vs Yellowdog tires? I didn’t have time to build a second car, that would have had PG on it. My COT is they way it finished the 2019 season, just oiled... lots of racing left

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                  Huh... Haven't seen that much fall off over 15 laps. Just realized a motor shaft sleeve couldn't be the issue with this motor. Like you say, lots of racing left.


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                    Scott, looks like you starting this season where you left off in COT. Down 11 cars from last year for this series. I hope the interest isn't waning. 36 cars 2018 38 cars 2019. Congratulations to the podium finishers in both classes. Thanks to all the guys who helped run this round. Wow wasn't sure how my cars were going to run. They were all running 5 secs slower on my track when I shipped them. I found the problem. My jumper to the back straight had come undone. So I really had no idea how they would perform. Yeah the #12 was loose when I shipped it. Since it is a total new build I'll have to massage it when it gets back home. The #2 finishing 4th I guess did better than expected. Hopefully it can get a podium. Did the falloff come from the tires or the motor?

                    Now my WC cars what a big surprise with the #43. Glad to see it out front. The #42 was quicker on my track by 42/100ths. It is using stock running gear. Just a motor and gear change. Maybe fingers cross I can get back to a championship finish with the #43

                    Congratulations again to all the podium finishers. Can't wait to have your cars in Nashville. May have to much motor in the COT #12. Somebody warned the newbies about being over 25K. I should have listened
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                    • k0z0oo1
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                      Fall off seemed to have been tires. It was similar to what we used to see at No-Way... Speedway in the past that the tires would start to “glaze” through the run...

                      Best I can explain it, if the car was “above the track” this issue happened. There were some cars that just gripped the entire run and I would consider them as “in the track.”

                    • Pepsi 62
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                      congrats on topping the WC class Arroldn and a 4th in COT, well done. Unfortunately I missed out sending a car over this year, but I will be back for the next one for sure, have a couple of different cars I can continue to work on for 2021 and will be following this series

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                    Scott , thanks for starting our fine series in these difficult times. So we have a little slot racing at least. Congratulations to your win in COT and to Arrold to his great win in the 1st Winston Cup race. I for myself am very happy to have come back onto the podium. By the way this was race event #170 of Da Vols Cup!


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                      Did a little number crunching the other day. In WC Class the #42 was 42/100ths quicker per lap on my track. But in the race the #43 was 24/100ths quicker per lap. I would have thought from looking at the picture of the track that the #42 would have lapped quicker based on gearing. 2.45:1 vs 2.8:1. Hopefully I can get some feedback from our host on the handling. My guess is the #43 had better brakes making the braking zone easier and thus faster out of the turns. Just speculating. We'll have to see how they run on other tracks.


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                        Scott, Just wondering if the cars have been shipped yet?