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  • 2020 Forums Cup Build Thread

    OK almost done with my COT entries. #2 is entering for this season. It had a 3rd place finish in 2018. A tweak here and there and it was about 5 secs faster than its 2018 qualifying time.
    #2 SCX Pro Chassis
    Motor: SCX RX48
    Guide: SCX Stock with Slot Car Corner Soft Tinned Braid. Guides order this week may change it.
    Wheels: CBD Nascar all 4 corners
    Tires: Yellow Dogs Zero Grips on the front 1404 on the rear scuffs. May try some new ones.
    Gearing: 10/25 2.50:1
    Weight: 105 grams

    The #12 is a completely new build. The old #12 was on a SCX COT frame. T
    # 12 SCX Pro Chassis
    Motor: NSR 28K
    Guide: SlotingPlus with stock SCX Pro Braid
    Wheels: stock all 4 corners
    Tires: Front stock trued and profiled, Rear YD 1601 scuffs from 2018 season. Would it be faster with 1404 or 1405 on the rear? May test that tomorrow. A .3mm difference in width.
    Gearing:11/28 2.55:1 At the time I only had 11 tooth inline pinions.
    Weight 112 grams. May remove some weight and see if it gains any speed without rolling over.

    The #12 is .64secs quicker than the #2 at this time

    Do they need the antennas????
    May have to put the Dodge grill decal on the #12 so it doesn't look like a Ford/Chevy/Toyota
    Click image for larger version  Name:	2020 COT 12 & 2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	316.5 KB ID:	38160Click image for larger version  Name:	2020 COT 12 & 2 Front View.jpg Views:	0 Size:	414.9 KB ID:	38161
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    The #12 looks good! I didn't get a chance to re-build... but I'm hoping my #83 COT can perform well again.
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      Both cars look great. Can’t wait til they all hit the track !!!


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        Orange Red what a Joke. So I sprayed the #42 Blue first. Bad idea. The Tamiya Florescent Red did a poor job of covering over the blue and as it would be, ran out. So while in the auto parts store I got a can of Duplicolor Orange-Red. Bad idea. I don't see any red in this. So tomorrow I'll get some real red and shoot over it. Debating if I try to sand the orange crap down some. I have some red but the cans have been used so I will not risk running out again. There was no Tamiya paint at the Hobby Lobby I went to. Click image for larger version  Name:	Orange Red what a Joke.jpg Views:	0 Size:	233.4 KB ID:	38435


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          Originally posted by arroldn View Post
          Polished. Watching the 600. May get the decals on during the race. Went with Duplicolor Cardinal Red.
          Click image for larger version Name:	petty polished.jpg Views:	0 Size:	256.9 KB ID:	38559
          Missed my tape line on the King's car by a hair. Should I retape? Naw
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            Decals on now to the chassis and motor shop. Click image for larger version

Name:	petty polished & Decaled.jpg
Views:	441
Size:	475.1 KB
ID:	38642


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              Nice job. They are looking good.
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                Nice good luck


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                  Kyle and Richard STP cars ready for battle. Click image for larger version

Name:	Kyle and Richard Winston Cup 2020.jpg
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Size:	347.4 KB
ID:	39079