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  • Winston Gearing?

    Well... It looks like I'll get no track time with my entry before it goes out. Being a newbie to this series any rules of thumb for gear ration on Winston Cup cars. I planning on 10/28 currently, just waiting for pinion to arrive so I can test it on the roller. Not much in the history books regarding builds with the 18k motors

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    I usually like 9/27 or 10/25 for 18k motors.
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      I would not deviate too much from 3:1..........not the lightest cars, and not the smallest tires..........10/28 is likely OK, but, I would personally feel more comfortable with 9/27 or 9/ 10/28 the roller will likely indicate a higher top end, but, not give you a good read on acceleration or braking, where your car will make up more time.

      Chris Walker


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        Does anyone have pictures of the tracks ?


        • k0z0oo1
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          Many of the tracks are the same from years past. Those pictures a
          Would be found on the old forum... I’ll see what I can find, and will post them in the schedule thread when possible.

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        Thanks for the feedback folks. I'll do some playing around on the roller and see where I land.


        • chrisguyw
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          No disrespect, but, the roller will not give you the important info..!!

        • cj74
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          As stated in my original post... I will get no track time. So while I appreciate the comment and realize it isn't an ideal method, it is all I have.