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2020 DaVols Forums Cup Proxy Series Schedule

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  • 2020 DaVols Forums Cup Proxy Series Schedule

    I feel we may have been a little too optimistic with the schedule last season, and part of that is my fault as well. I believe what we ended up at, 12 races, would be good.... so moving forward that will be the target. We may be into a little scheduling shift as we are starting a month later than in the past.

    Tentative Schedule
    Date Track Surface Voltage
    5/31/20 6/13/20 SCCOTTT Carrera 12V
    6/14/20 Amoskeag_North_Race_Park_Oval MDF
    7/11/20 Amoskeag_North_Race_Park_Roval MDF
    7/12/20 Koolau_Motorsports_Road
    8/8/20 Koolau Motorsports Oval
    8/9/20 Streets of Oakhurst
    9/5/20 Oakhurst Oval
    9/6/20 9/19/20 Nashville Scalextric
    9/20/20 10/3/20 IRB Speedway MDF
    10/4/20 10/17/20 Ivoryton Raceway Carrera
    10/18/20 10/31/20 Manuer Pile MDF
    11/1/20 11/14/20 No-Way... Speedway Melamine_MDF 10V
    DaVols Forums Cup Proxy Series