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    The boys have been working hard on the WC cars so far. I think I'm finally pleased with the #42. All COT cars will get a new chassis layout. Moving from inline to sidewinder.
    Arrold Martin
    Nashville TN

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    The Cars are on their journey back to Arrold's,
    New COT setup gone back to the Amato 3D chassis with slotit s/w pod and Predator 22.5K, 11/34 gearing. Afflac Fusion #99 body. Not a lot of testing time but it all seemed OK
    Winston cup car is the same as last seasons with a gearing change to a 26T spur
    Will see how they match up


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      Click image for larger version

Name:	99DCDE72-DEC2-4DE4-8564-FA9FA4A31018.jpg
Views:	97
Size:	2.40 MB
ID:	162334 Click image for larger version

Name:	1B8905B2-FD6A-4A09-9546-6C803405AB54.jpg
Views:	105
Size:	2.41 MB
ID:	162333 Finally finished!!! Not my best, but I’m good with it. Had paint and decal issues….pesky but likely my fault…..Leaving on the transport tomorrow. Click image for larger version

Name:	4E38EA0E-88AD-47C9-B12D-63698F911FE9.jpg
Views:	101
Size:	2.37 MB
ID:	162332
      Brian Mc
      Minnecrapulous, Mn

      Come for the weirdness…stay cause your car got stolen


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        Looks good to me.
        Arrold Martin
        Nashville TN


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          Thanks Arrold. Glad I could be in this proxy.
          Brian Mc
          Minnecrapulous, Mn

          Come for the weirdness…stay cause your car got stolen


          • arroldn
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            Glad to have your car in the field.

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          To all car builders I just got back home today from a trip to Chicago. Attempted to run all the cars today on my Scaley Sport track. 3 cars had guide issues. 2 cars the guide is too wide at 2.2mm. Most guides are around 1.4mm wide. On 1 car the guide is to deep at 7mm. Max depth should be no more than 6.5mm. Please be aware that you will be running on all types of tracks in this proxy. I will make sure to make mention of that in the rules for 2023.

          Another issue I have seen is tires being trued below 20mm. The rule calls for the 21x10x5 Paul Gauge Tire. When you true the tire down to an overall diameter of 18mm, when mounted, I think you have gone beyond the spirit of the rule.

          "Tires: Rear, Paul Gage Urethane original FIRM compound only, sized for the stock wheel or for 15x8 CB Design." (Scalextric Monet Carlo and Thunderbird as well as the 15x8 wheels can use PGT-21105)
          Paul Gauge fitment from SlotCarCorner

          Going back to 2020/2021 there didn't seem to be an issue with the tire diameter. I know we all want to build the fastest car and I have seen some great creativity with the COT bodies, that have been modified to look like up to date Cup Cars. I am encouraged by your modeling skills.
          There are a few WC cars with independent front wheels. This is not addressed in the rules but will be addressed in 2023 rules. The WC cars when introduced was basically a stock car with minimal upgrades.

          I ask for your patience as this if my first attempt at moderating a proxy.

          Hopefully everyone's car will arrive tomorrow.
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          Arrold Martin
          Nashville TN