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World Championship Proxy - Round 3_Pebblestone

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  • World Championship Proxy - Round 3_Pebblestone

    Place holder for Gascarnut's round 1 of 2

    Here is something to get you into the mood!

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    Ok, hopefully you have all had your fill of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and are ready for some red hot racing in SoCal.

    The cars are here, I have checked them visually and apart from those that has identified issues, all look fine.

    I intend to have a go at repairing Bov's car tomorrow morning, I have an idea for how to do that. I did check the wiring connection on Zack's car and it looks fine to continue.

    I intend to handle the qualifying tomorrow and then will try to schedule the actual race as soon as I can. This may end up being on a weekday or a week night, depending on how many people I can muster.

    Check back tomorrow this time for results and perhaps a bit more news.

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    Dennis Samson

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      Update time:

      I managed to repair Bov's car, just a small amount of blood involved! I cut my finger while removing some of the JB Weld.

      The final result looks OK and the car should now be able to complete the series. I will communicate with Tony privately about what I did, unless our Dear Leader and Benevolent Dictator wants full disclosure here.

      I will start the qualifying around 2:00pm PDT today and I will try to stream this on my Pebblestone Model Car Circuit YouTube channel. I will confirm just before I start up.
      Dennis Samson

      Scratchbuilding is life
      Life is scratchbuilt


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        Streaming will not be on Youtube, but on at I will alert you to the starting time, it has taken me a bit longer than I expected to set this up.

        EDIT: Stream will commence at 3:00pm PDT.

        Qualifying will be in reverse order of current standings after two rounds. Each car has been tested for 5 laps or so to ensure they will all run successfully, and they do. Tires will be cleaned on a sticky pad before each run. Cars will be run for 1 minute each with fastest lap counting for position. If a car deslots during the run, I will pause the timer as fast as I can , re-slot the car and continue.

        Should be fun, see you soon!
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        Dennis Samson

        Scratchbuilding is life
        Life is scratchbuilt


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          Anyone else have trouble with the sound?
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            I had all kinds of trouble, my apologies! I have not used the streaming software in a few years and I got it all wrong.

            The second half of the video has no audio at all, which at least is better than the horrible background noise in the first half.

            I will be posting the results momentarily.
            Dennis Samson

            Scratchbuilding is life
            Life is scratchbuilt


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              OK, all, here are the qualifying results from this afternoon:

              Click image for larger version

Name:	Qualifying.png
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Size:	10.3 KB
ID:	101253

              Once again, my apologies for the lack of sound - I did provide a full running commentary, but that does not help when the wrong microphone is active on the broadcast software!

              The cars were all very nice, congratulations to all entrants. One or two were surprising, especially the #35 - I did not give that long can a chance on my track, but it proved me wrong!

              Click image for larger version

Name:	Q podium.jpg
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Size:	102.5 KB
ID:	101254

              Click image for larger version

Name:	q field.jpg
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Size:	89.9 KB
ID:	101255
              Dennis Samson

              Scratchbuilding is life
              Life is scratchbuilt


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                Hi Dennis,

                Thanks for very successful resuscitation of my #34 ! Please feel free to share with all and sundry what the surgical procedure was...

                If nothing else, it would show what I thought was a good idea - really probably wasn't... So don't try this at home....

                Congrats to the top qualifiers, and thanks again to Dennis for all that he has done so far !
                All the way from Sydney, Australia.......

                Cheers, Tony.


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                  Congrats to SRHawaii on his TQ in Round #3, and to Steve and Leon on their podium finishes!

                  Looking forward to the race.



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                    Thanks for the Qually Dennis,not worried about the sound problem,just soo good to see the cars in action on a really nice track,back ground noise sounded like one of my first slot car gear meshes.
                    Congrats to the podium,very happy with my 7th in a car that I thought was going to be a dud this Proxy,you've given me renewed interest in the MOMO.
                    Good luck in the race everyone.
                    Cheers Jimmy


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                      Congratulations SRHawaii, SteeveeW and Heli_ca on your TQ and podium qualifying. SirGascarnut, thank you for the video and the use of Pebblestone for this incredible proxy.
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                      The Jester

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                        Thank you Dennis for the Qualification video! I could almost hear you cursing when my #88 ran off the course on the first corner lol! Seriously though, thanks for adjusting to the poor choice of gearing in the car!

                        Congratulations to the guys ahead of me!


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                          Thanks Dennis, it looked like you had a great commentary.....darn technology! Congratulations to SR HAwaii that car looks very strong this season! Steeveew with the second fastest...awesome!! Heli_ca third...nice! So many great cars this year I love it!


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                            Thank you Dennis, having suffered the pain and frustration with video recording events myself, I can fully relate to the time and effort it takes, just for it to mostly come to nothing.

                            A huge congratulations to SR Hawaii with his TQ, a great car with a slightly different approach, I think this entry have sold at least one or two of the ScaleAuto Zero Magnet motors! Equally big shout out to Steve for his 2nd spot, nothing like being home in California (or is that Indiana?) for showing how fast that blue Jagermeister car is.

                            Looking forward to the race, fantastic to see a few more names towards the pointy end, but we qualify for show and we race for the dough!

                            Good luck to most of you

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                            "I don't make mistakes. I make prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong "
                            "And that just shows you how important the car is in Formula One Racing"

                            Murray Walker


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                              Dennis thank you for the quali ... hey you may have had some audio problems but the video looked good as well as the host looked even better . As for me the #4, I am "...just slip sidin away" oh those evils "EVOS". Good luck to everyone!!!!! Aloha Dale