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World Championship Proxy - Round 2_Tacoma

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  • World Championship Proxy - Round 2_Tacoma

    As you know Covid is messing a bit with our schedule and track availability, but I am very happy to announce that the cars will be on the road to our good proxy friend, The Professor soon. Although John is not a regular HRW visitor he is a very experienced host and has supported many, many events at his track.

    Once round 2 completes, the timing should be good for our friend Dennis (Gascarnut) to host two races (one at his track and one at a new venue) at the end of May, beginning June.

    The Professor's track is a rubber friendly venue and I believe the lane length is about 50ft (TBC)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image0 (1).jpeg Views:	1 Size:	124.2 KB ID:	97254
    "I don't make mistakes. I make prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong "
    "And that just shows you how important the car is in Formula One Racing"

    Murray Walker

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    • F1Fan
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      Yup, to be world champ you need to be fast at Monaco and Monza!

    • Audi1
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      .......and right now - both the GT3 and WC Proxies are headed into "Monaco" races...............

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    Nice! That track is always very well rubbered in. Looks about the same size as F1Fan's Niki Laudaring track about 8 x 16?



    • the Professor
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      Rob, the track is 8 x 12 and 50' equal lane lengths with about a .2 second spread. The two turns after start/finish are flat, both 180 degree corners at the top of the picture are 5 degrees and can be taken with speed and the rest are 3 deg. Exiting the left 180 that heads in to the infield is where a good handling car can briefly hit full throttle before the righthand corner at victory lane. It is a rewarding section but a mistake is costly as it's the toughest corner to marshal. Quick cars like yours turn 4.0 laps.

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    Yup, another of the more technical tracks. Looking forward to the next Round in Tacoma!



    • the Professor
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      Allan, your car felt right at home here, good luck in the remaining races.

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      Fingers crossed......



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        Hi Guys,

        The cars arrived safe last weekend and I was able to assemble the usual suspects to run your cars. We held the race first and then I did a quasi-qualifying run for a minute and wrote down some notes to give my humble opinion on their performance.

        The race results.

        (1) #10 CGYRacer------------177.75
        (2) #5 Audi1-------------------177.60
        (3) #35 Slotracer HI----------176.96
        (4) #33 BRUMOS RSR-------176.31
        (5) #11 COURTNEYS--------175.02
        (6) #68 Heli_ca ---------------174.42
        (7)#8 DRW21-----------------174.18
        (8) #81 SuperSlab------------174.09
        (9) #3 RobNC------------------173.46
        (10) #86 Leadfoot46---------173.07
        (11) #7 F1FAN----------------171.73
        (12) #117 Big Duhg----------171.66
        (13) #30 Jimmyslots---------171.48
        (14) #1 Modern-slots--------171.15
        (15) #9 Steeveew-------------170.46
        (16) #70 SMOKIEO----------168.06
        (17) #63 ArnoldN-------------166.89
        (18) #17 Redlynr--------------165.51
        (19) #4 Aloha------------------164.88
        (20) #61 Mseitz---------------164.76
        (21) #19 ChrisguyW----------164.28
        (22) #85 Lance-----------------163.08
        (23) #18 ZACHM--------------149.68 (broken lead wire missing more than 2 minutes of the last heat)
        (24) #34 Bov---------------------91.74 (broken independent axle support about half way in)

        I have some photos of some of the close finishes and there were several.


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          Click image for larger version

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Name:	#34 BOV chassis failure.jpg
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            Congrats to podiumites


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              Driving impressions.
              Car # Time Comments
              68 3.922 Great power & brakes- nice balance- maybe too much car for a tight track
              35 3.968 Great punch-very smooth
              3 3.984 Smooth power-90 deg. inside edge of tire could use rounding and be more predictable
              5 3.985 GREAT grip- good power-smooth
              10 4.016 Progressive power- great balance
              11 4.062 Good balance-smooth
              86 4.07 Soft power- easy to drive-feels heavy
              9 4.079 Soft power-easy to drive-good balance
              81 4.093 Nice acceleration and grip
              33 4.11 Smooth-good balance-drives heavy
              117 4.11 VERY easy to drive-great grip
              61 4.125 Too much power-chatters-nervous
              1 4.141 A touch loose- anglewinder that feels like a sidewinder??
              8 4.156 Good balance-smooth power
              30 4.156 Changes directions well for a heavier car-smooth
              63 4.158 Smooth power-good grip
              4 4.172 More power than grip-will do better on longer tracks
              18 4.172 Good power-nice brakes
              19 4.187 Smooth power- easy to drive
              7 4.203 Lots of power-touch loose- needs a larger track to stretch its legs
              85 4.21 Chatters in 180 deg. Corners-nice power
              17 4.218 Soft power-light chatter
              70 4.281 A bit nervous- needs a longer track to show its potential
              34 N/A N/A
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                Thanks for the quick running of the round John and congrats to the leaders. I think that the mix of fast vs. technical tracks in this proxy will continue to keep things interesting. Still VERY close and competitive. I am personally very happy with my own results in this exalted company.


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                  Too good to be true. Thanks for the run and congrats to those up front.



                  • docdoom
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                    bad break there Zack.hopefully you can have a good rebound next round,,,

                  • the Professor
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                    I'm concerned the larger gauge lead wire used may work harden as opposed to a finer strand wires. Dennis will affect repairs for you.

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                  Thanks to all involved in putting on the round - congrats to the Podiumites !

                  Well, I guess that's #34 out for rest of the proxy....

                  I knew it was going to be a huge risk to try something so radical - but with the caliber of builders I was going up against, my attitude was "you can either go for mediocre, or swing for the fences..." I swung for the fence and struck out - but at least I had a go...

                  So - Chris it's up to you how you want to handle this. I'm in no hurry to get it back - just leave it in the bottom of the box, for the duration of the proxy and delete me from the scoresheets ( ongoing embarrassment I can do without...)
                  All the way from Sydney, Australia.......

                  Cheers, Tony.


                  • the Professor
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                    Sorry to see your upright fail, it didn't take a hit. The cross brace fell out and then the JB Weld holding the upright let go and the car became a not so Robin Reliant.

                  • bov
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                    You have these 'good ideas', and well - turn out 'not so good'... I doubt it can be rescued, but if anyone can - that'd be impressive..

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                  Thank you Professor for running the round. Congratulations SirCgyRacer, SirAudi1 and Slotracing Hawaii. And a big thank you Professor and your team for getting the more out of the #33 than I thought was possible in this proxy.
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                  The Jester

                  Soxside (Chicago)


                  • Cgyracer
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                    You are so close hey! Nice car!

                  • the Professor
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                    I didn't weight the car but it drove like it has some ballast weight in it. It is one of a few cars that can be given brief full throttle in the very short straight in front of victory lane in the infield. It really helps the lap times if the car is trustworthy in that little area on the track.

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                  Thanks for running the Round for us, Professor!

                  Congrats to Rob and Takashi on their podium finishes!

                  On to Round #3.



                  • the Professor
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                    The cars at the pointy end of the field were lucky to make it out of here. Several of the racers thought they might have gotten lost in customs...