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World Championship Proxy **Important Rule Update** new Predator BB Motor

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  • World Championship Proxy **Important Rule Update** new Predator BB Motor

    It is Monday morning here on the West Coast and I am going to make this post relatively short, but please review this important update:

    Early in January Steve S. (SCC) kindly connected with me to give me a heads-up that they are working on getting a new Predator ball bearing motor designed & made that will meet the 23k criteria for our proxy and wanted to know if it would be allowed in the series. We agreed that to allow entrants from everywhere to have access to this new motor we would set a deadline of late January to have the motor available, if the motor was not in stock at that time, then it would not be allowed. Unfortunately the motor did not arrive in time and thus we moved on.

    However late last week CGYRacer told me that the motor is now listed on Cloverleaf Racing, and after speaking with Steve, it was confirmed that the motor did arrive since we last spoke and it is now being listed and sold. I know that a few people have already placed orders for this new motor, myself included and we are all awaiting it's arrival. Since the motor was only listed late last week, I am doubtful anyone involved with this series (unless they were involved with the testing) has had a chance to run the new motor. On all accounts it looks like a motor that would be a good option for this series, but I have NO IDEA if it would outperform the other options that were available to us earlier.

    In the interest of fairness to all those involved, and especially since I have already received cars from countries like New Zeeland, the new Predator 22.5k ball bearing motor will NOT be eligible for this series this year. I trust you will understand, but as always I am open to your feedback. I doubt there will be much impact since most of us are in the final stages of our build and without having had access to this motor, but wanted to get this message out ASAP. I for one is looking forward to receiving mine and testing it, a balanced, ball bearing motor at 22.5k and 174 g-cm looks like a great proxy motor option to me.


    Click image for larger version  Name:	Predator 22k.JPG Views:	0 Size:	8.8 KB ID:	82973
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    It will be interesting to see how this Predator compares to the Predator non ball bearing 25 K RPM rated version that is listed at 167 g*cm torque.
    Bob G. ..... Boston, North Shore


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      Thank you for taking the time to review this. I am in support of your decision of not allowing this motor into this years event. I know i for one am looking forward to testing this motor. I am hopeful that this will be a good replacement for the Scale Auto Blue Ball Bearing 20K.
      Thank you


      • Redlynr
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        Agreed on all points!

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      Man Chris, I wish this was posted last week. I just ordered the motor looking for options. That's cool I may look at plans B &C. There is always another proxy or next year.


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        To me - it's pretty simple... if you want this to be a truly International Proxy, rather than a North American "World Championship" ( btw many outsiders are always entertained by the way winners of a domestic competition are crowned World Champions - we're looking at you, NHRA, NFL, etc ... ) - then the rules have to be frozen at least 2 months prior to the 'due date'.... Don't need another 'mirror-gate'....
        All the way from Sydney, Australia.......

        Cheers, Tony.


        • Courtney s
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          Tony , That's a good point as you know the world revolves around the USA!
          So are you for or against this change? The rules say, Maximum motor RPM as per manufacturer - 23k (any configuration or type) it does not give any exception or availability date.

          I guess my point is what if you had sent you car with a motor that was only available Down Under then during shipping the motor was made illegal. The car was built to the rules then the rules change and you can't fix it.

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        Agree with your decision.



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          Bummer, mine will be here tomorrow.



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            Good call Chris: sounds completely logical and reasonable to me.