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New Proxy - Crowning the World Champion! (Rules & Registration)

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  • New Proxy - Crowning the World Champion! (Rules & Registration)

    PROXY RULES World Championship Series

    Rules V1.3

    Open to builders who have placed 5th or better overall in a national proxy series that had more than 15 entries and 5 races in the series (onus would be on the entrant to provide details)

    Body - only Slot.It Porsche 962 or 956 cars

    Rubber tyres only

    Rear wheels (rims) must be minimum 15.8* and maximum 16.5* (please see additional comment below) with Porsche period correct inserts - tyre wheel width is open, but wheels must not extend beyond the body (when looking from above the wheels/tyres must not be visible beyond the edge of the body.

    * used two sizes on their models, the 15.8 and more recently the 16.2, but these measurements are across the rib, to make it easier to police and to ensure you are using the right size insert, I am going to ID the rim, the 15.8 = 12.5mm ID and the 16.2 wheel = 13mm ID. To make it easier to measure and to allow for some tolerance, any wheel between 12mm and 13.2mm ID will be acceptable, fitted with Porsche 956/962 inserts. Just to be clear, you can mix or match the inserts as you like (BBS etc) as long as the car has Porsche 962/956 style inserts and are the appropriate size - looking from the side. Width does not matter, but the tyres cannot protrude beyond the body

    To make the intention of this rule clear - the proxy car you enter needs to appear as per a 962/956 race car when viewed from the side and the car needs to have Porsche 956/962 inserts fitted and have the stance and of the original car.

    Minimum OD for rear wheel+tyre is 19mm and minimum width is 9mm, front rim minimum is 15mm and 16mm maximum, minimum front wheel+tyre OD is 17 and minimum width is 7mm. Wheels must have Porsche period correct inserts

    Guide –open but needs to fit tracks with slots 6.5mm deep (no weight in guide) cannot be visible when car is viewed from above - only one guide is allowed

    Braid and wire – open

    Chassis and pod are open - maximum weight of car cannot exceed 95g (custom chassis allowed) (see also the full interior rule) - no ground clearance specified

    White kit bodies and interiors must be painted in a racing livery, real or fantasy with sponsor and number decals - there will be a concours event with 2 points available for the winner of a custom painted livery that is suitable for the period. judgement will focus on 1) livery design and 2) execution

    Numbers must be decals and visible on 3 sides of the car. All cars must carry at least 3 numbers. The numbers must be of a size that represents the way they would have appeared on the 1:1 car of that period. Easy and clear to read. No handwritten numbers allowed

    The car must be pre-registered prior to tech inspection. Duplicate race numbers will not be permitted. Car owners please apply for a number, first come first served. [Returning entrants will have first pick at re-using their number, and number #1 is reserved for the current series champion] There will be no number 0 or numbers starting with 0.

    Your slot car forum name must appear on the bottom of the chassis

    Exterior of the body must be stock, with wings and vents (mirrors and wipers are recommended, but not mandatory). The rear diffuser can be removed and does not need to be on the car.

    Suspension allowed

    Weight limit is 95g maximum, there is no minimum. All weight must be placed inside (covered by the body) and there can be no weight placed on the bottom of the chassis No weight or ballast can be attached underneath the chassis or outside the car (guide, chassis, body etc). All weight must be above the chassis line, but not outside the body.

    Interior stock as per the model sold – no lightweight, all windows and driver as per original model - (white kits - interior must be complete and painted in a realistic manner - more than one colour)

    Inside of the body and cockpit interior can be sanded and/or shaved - but the interior and car must look complete and detailed as per the original when viewed from the outside or through the window.

    Mounting the body - All methods will be allowed, but body, pins etc. must be firmly secured. If securing the body from the outside, then it must be done in such a way as to minimize visual impact to the car. (small pin-heads etc) Pins cannot slide out and interfere with other cars. Body, wheels etc must maintain the original stance, arch/wheel clearance. Wheels must be centered in wheel arches, cars must appear "normal" from the outside - as per the original model. No slammed cars or low-riders!

    The car body must fully enclose the chassis, guide with braid and wheels/tyres when viewed from above. The exterior of the body cannot be widened and/or modified with larger wheel arches and/or openings. When looking at the car-body from the top and/or side it must appear the same as the original model.

    Cars should represent the actual race car, they cannot appear slammed or have wheels and tyres that appear to be out of scale. Cars can be lowered, but must maintain a “natural” stance.

    Tires – Only BLACK RUBBER tyres are allowed on the powered rear wheels with a minimum OD of 19mm at the start of the series. Minimum front tire diameter will be 17mm; minimum width of 7mm. No maximum rear tyre width. All tyres must be black.

    Cars with oiled and wet tyres that leave residue on a track will not be allowed to race. Cars will be inspected at scrutineering to ensure they conform to this rule. If tyres appear to be “wet” then the car will be placed on a paper towel and any residue or wetness will be inspected. The onus is on the builder to ensure that tyres do not leave any marks or oil on a track.

    Maximum motor RPM as per manufacturer - 23k (any configuration or type)

    Underside of car chassis: Any reinforcement on the underside of the chassis and body must clear the track road surface. Cars can be excluded from racing if gears contact the track or rails, and the track owner judges them a hazard to the track or rails. This is at the discretion of the track owner, builders must ensure clearance and prevent damage to the track surface. If a car is deemed to cause damage it will be removed and prevented from racing at that track

    Chassis: Any chassis - OEM (original equipment), custom made or kit (e.g. HRS) in any material is allowed. You can buy it or build it.

    No traction magnets are permitted.

    Cars must be powered by the same wheels and quantity as the 1:1 car that the model is based on.

    Entrant’s forum name must be written on the underside of the chassis in paint, Sharpie, printed sticker or engraved. Suggestion: Body screw adjustment information should be provided on the underside of the chassis.

    Racing & Operations:

    The series will take place on tracks located across the USA and Canada. Changes to venue(s) or tracks is at the discretion of the Race Director, but all changes will be posted in the forum

    The Series will include 10 races with an entrant’s top 9 finishes counting towards the championship.

    The series will run on wood tracks where available and always at a voltage of between 10v – 12v - lowest being 10v, highest being 12v. The voltage setting is at the discretion of the track host.

    The car due date in British Columbia, Canada will be March 26th. You are responsible to have your car delivered to the provided address on or before this due date. Consideration and allowance for border custom clearance and mailing delays is the responsibility of the entrant. Allowance will be given to entrants that can provide proof that the following shipping deadlines were met: 12 business days for overseas entries, 10 business days for Canadian and US entries. All entries that do not meet the deadline and/or are unable to provide proof that the shipping deadline was met, will receive a two (2) point penalty for each business day that the car is late – up to a maximum of 6 points.

    5 penalty points can be applied at the Race Director's discretion to entrants that require additional adjustments or modifications to meet these rules and/or make the car ready to race. If a car needs to be returned to the owner prior to the series start, it will be at the owner's cost, there will be no delay in the series, and 5 penalty points will be incurred

    If a car is damaged during a race, or has a mechanical issue, the owner will have the option to have the car returned at his cost, or have the track host repair the car. The impact (if any) to the results from that race will be the only penalty. Shipping expenses must be paid for by the owner, and the series will. The onus is on the entrant to arrange and organize shipping and ensure the car is shipped in a timely manner.

    The series will continue at the scheduled pace. Any car(s) that are returned to the owner during the event, can only have the needed repair work done, and must be returned to the series without additional tuning or “refreshing”. Consideration and fairness will be employed, especially when a car is damaged during the series due to no-fault of the entrant.

    If a car(s) is significantly damaged during shipping, all effort will be made to repair the car(s) to its original state – where possible the race event will be delayed to facilitate the repairs

    There is no allowance made for a car to be tuned, or have parts replaced for improved performance during a series.

    Cars that do not meet these rules and/or could impede the performance of other cars during the series will have a 5 point penalty applied. Multiple infractions will incur multiple penalty points up to a maximum of 15 points. Cars that are deemed to be unsafe and/or could impede the performance of other cars will not be allowed to race and will be returned and/or made compatible.

    Decisions by the Race Director are final, the onus is on the builder to ensure his/her car meets the rules and are compatible to the track and fellow entrants.

    Deadline for cars to be in Chilliwack BC - March 26, 2021

    Ship To Address:

    Chris Struwig
    PO Box 2575
    Sardis Station Main
    Chilliwack BC
    V2R 1A8

    Entry Fee $26 payable with PayPal to group5slotproxy (at) gmail (dot) com - deadline for payment December 31st, 2020.


    List of Interested Entrants:

    1) #7 F1Fan - CanAm winner 2015?
    2) #10 CGY Racer - Group 5 - 3rd? Place 2019
    3) #33 Brumos RSR - Canam 2019
    4) #53 Arroldn - deVols Cup
    5) #34 Bov - 4th slot it shootout
    6) # Sport Racer
    7) #17 Redlynr - Slot it shootout
    8) #9 Steeveew - winner slot it shootout
    9) #? ZackM - 5th place CanAm 2019
    10) #4 Aloha
    11) #88 Heli_ca
    12) #? Superslab
    13) #5 Audi1
    14) #35 Slotracing Hawaii
    15) # mseitz
    16) #70 Smokeio
    17) #19 Chrisguyw
    18) #
    19) #30 Jimmyslots
    20) # CourtneyS
    21) #8 DRW21
    22) #? Lance
    23) #15 Midagekid
    24) #14 Leadfoot
    25) #? BigDugh
    26) #? Modernslots
    27) #? RobNC

    Wait list:

    sport racer

    Did not make entry fee deadline:

    #4 MOV41T
    #27 Raderek
    #13 BeastLee
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    "I don't make mistakes. I make prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong "
    "And that just shows you how important the car is in Formula One Racing"

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    For a top 5 finish, what's your start date meaning how far can one go back for a top 5 finish in a proxy?
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    • F1Fan
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      I would start by saying 10 years, could even be longer if needed. If there are more than 24 entrants interested, then I can look at ways to reduce the field, that’s why I am not opening registration as I only want to judge interest. YOU can perhaps be crowned World Champion...the best of the best!

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    There would be a lot of “Sirs” in this proxy bringing their “A” game!



    • Brumos RSR
      Brumos RSR commented
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      And a few Padawans. Great idea

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    So would you two enter this event?

    Also, Rob made another great suggestion, the event will only take place every two? years
    "I don't make mistakes. I make prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong "
    "And that just shows you how important the car is in Formula One Racing"

    Murray Walker


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      I would give it a shot. The rules seem to contradict the innovations that make the greats so "great". But I get where you are going with it.



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        Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_5847.JPG Views:	36 Size:	689.4 KB ID:	18568
        I'm ready,.......I think. Maruzio has EVO rules out there that are very similar. Choice of wheels, hollow axles, period correct inserts and suspension would be my only request.
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          I like the idea, better now than never (20 years from now) Lol!! I’m in.

          Good opening thread to discuss interest and draft rules.



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            entering this proxy is too limiting, only 24entries and
            I would enter but i have not finished 5th or better in any National race. Do you mean any proxy race?
            Also a weight limit to keep heavy tanks (110gram+) from braking other cars
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              Interesting, and great idea...!!!


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                Chris....a very interesting idea. It would definitely be a proxy of interest to follow. Tires and motor would be the most important components. I believe these two should be flushed out further. Would Mauricio possibly be willing to blueprint, basically spec out either of these? It would still allow the builder to work with gear ratios, tire diameter and tire prep.
                Chris, you may have just created the olympics of proxy racing....


                • #11
                  Interesting. Why only the Porsches?


                  • F1Fan
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                    Trying to find a balance between a wide open proxy and one with limitations, almost like an IROC but for the best tuners. I did make some changes to the suggested rules, as I agree, the rules were too restricted. The Slot it is a good basic car, readily available across the world, the price is reasonable and it has good components to work with. Will you enter? I remember you winning a RAA proxy once.......!

                  • Redlynr
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                    I was just thinking the LC2-85 is the best of the Group C cars, imo. The Porsches provide plenty of liveries, though. I'm no Smokeio, but I have won my fair share of proxies, including the 2011 Shootout, in none other than a 956. This reminds me of that. I would likely enter. Cheers!
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                  • F1Fan
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                    That would be sweet! yes the livery options played a big role! Me and my mates won the 1st Touring Trophy with a Lancia LC2/85. great car

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                  Idea sound like fun. Gives the newbs like myself something to strive for.


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                    Both the 956 and 962 are very similar in performance. Why the ground clearance rule? Can you modify the front end to be able to adjust the front axle? Why do you have to show the NSR logo? There’s not as much room for tires that you are use to so you are going to struggle to get the widest tire under that body. You’ll want to be able to shave the sides of the tires. Are pods limited to


                    • arroldn
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                      I know this post is very old but I don't see anything in the rules about the tire having to be NSR. Maybe I missed it. I'll be reading all the post of this proxy tonight.

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                    Originally posted by Smokeio View Post
                    Both the 956 and 962 are very similar in performance. Why the ground clearance rule? Can you modify the front end to be able to adjust the front axle? Why do you have to show the NSR logo? There’s not as much room for tires that you are use to so you are going to struggle to get the widest tire under that body. You’ll want to be able to shave the sides of the tires. Are pods limited to
                    With the stock wheels I doubt you are going to get a wide enough tire in there to need to shave the sidewalls. My guess is the logo is supposed to be there just as proof that you are in fact on the spec tire.



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                      Quick clarification comment that to me seems obvious but just in case it is not. Could you confirm my understanding that when you say "builders who have placed 5th or better overall in any national proxy event " it means 5th place in the series as a whole, not just one of the races?



                      • F1Fan
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                        Thanks....yes correct in the series overall, clarified in v1.2
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