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GT3 Slot Car Proxy 2021 Round 2 The Professor!

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  • GT3 Slot Car Proxy 2021 Round 2 The Professor!

    Gentlemen, the cars are on route to The Professor's 51 foot Willow Park Track in Auburn Washington. Good luck to most of you for the second race in our series!

    Click image for larger version

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    I need more brakes!


    • Cgyracer
      Cgyracer commented
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      I'm sure The Professor will put both feet on the bake pedal!! Would not want to see you go through that garage door!

    • Loan Shark
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    I see a "face" when I look at that track, from that angle.............

    Lots of turns and ripples.



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      That track should suit my small block Chevy just fine!
      Team SCANC
      Woodland Trace Raceway - SlotZuka - Bent Tree Raceway
      OFI - Buena Vista Motorsports Park - Slotkins Glen
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        I heard F1Fan installed a parachute so he should be good!!! Lol


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          I can see my Viper in the wall at this track
          Merrimack, NH


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            Hoping the Lambo is a good short track runner
            Arrold Martin
            Nashville TN


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              Hello guys,

              Please don't worry too much about the tighter corners, they are banked about 5 degrees. It's amazing how much grip the cars find and the corner speeds they attain. We will be running cars Saturday December 19th. Good luck to all!


              • Brumos RSR
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                What’s the track record for GT3 or G5?

              • Heli_ca
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                Ok banked 5 degrees, I am liking that!

              • arroldn
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                Should make for some nice times I would think.

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              Hello Guys,

              I've gotten word that the cars have cleared customs and are on their way to the track. The race is this weekend, good luck to all.

              I don't keep track of lap times but the Gr 5 cars were some of the fastest proxy cars we've run here.


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                Getting ready for the race! Any chance of live stream?
                Courtney Smith
                Chattanooga TN


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                  Boys good luck to most of you!! Race Day! F1Fan could not sleep last night I heard......nerves are getting to him!


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                    Originally posted by Cgyracer View Post
                    Boys good luck to most of you!! Race Day! F1Fan could not sleep last night I heard......nerves are getting to him!
                    Dang right, I was thinking about my secret motor and set-up for my WCP entry.......!
                    "I don't make mistakes. I make prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong "
                    "And that just shows you how important the car is in Formula One Racing"

                    Murray Walker


                    • Audi1
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                      I can send you a spare motor wrapper if you'd like........just let me know which one you want...............

                    • F1Fan
                      F1Fan commented
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                      @Audi1.....that's very kind, yes please send it in a plain brown envelope marked private..hahahaha

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                    Um, did the race happen?????
                    Arrold Martin
                    Nashville TN


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                      I qualified the cars and added some comments on them. These GT3 cars picked up where their Gr5 big brothers left off.

                      ​​​​​​Car #——Time—— Comments
                      28——— 3.843——Geared perfectly for this track, doesn’t feel this fast, smooth
                      68——— 3.875——Excellent car, great motor/gearing, smooth
                      33——— 3.939——Great power, well balanced, brakes are a tad soft, nice
                      37——— 3.938——Does everything well, nice car
                      10——— 3.953——Deceptively fast, well suited to this track, easy to drive
                      7————3.953——Smooth, easy to drive, great car
                      30——— 3.969—— Explosive power, fun car to drive
                      4————3.969—— Good power, nice balance
                      3————3.968—— Fantastic brakes, smooth
                      9———— 4.013——Great power, fun car
                      79——— 4.015——Good power, smooth
                      63——— 4.094—— Great power and grip, soft brakes
                      211———4.109—— Good power, smooth, nice car
                      44———4.141—— Chatters off corners, split rear tire likely the cause
                      74———4.147—— Silent, very easy to drive
                      99——— 4.149——Great acceleration, smooth
                      46——— 4.149—— Quick, edgy, nervous
                      888——- 4.153—— Handles great, could use more power
                      5 ——— 4.156—— Smooth, a little noisy, nice grip
                      200—— 4.172—— Quick, chatters at the limit
                      6——— 4.419—— Very smooth, could use more motor
                      24———4.234—— Good power, soft brakes
                      34——— 4.281—— Loose on corner entry, could use more power
                      93——— 4.328—— Smooth
                      15——— 4.360—— More motor than side bite, hard to carry speed in corners
                      17——— 4.395—— Loose, corner entry was good, loose off, strange?
                      20——— 4.625—— STRONG brakes, chatters in corners

                      Race results to follow.
                      Last edited by the Professor; December 20, 2020, 12:26 PM. Reason: Corrected car #37 error where 3.038 was entered instead of the correct 3.938


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                        Car 37, please confirm his time?


                        • Austin
                          Austin commented
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                          37 is so fast, see him gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
                          But it is all so down on the list.

                        • the Professor
                          the Professor commented
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                          I've corrected my typo- thank you