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GT3 Slot Car Proxy 2021 Tech Sheet

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  • GT3 Slot Car Proxy 2021 Tech Sheet

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    Some Notes:

    - Cars were ran on the dyno for a minute to stabilize the RPM reading. Congratulations to Lance, he has the fastest car two years in a row. Austin came close but not fast enough!

    - Two scales were used for the front / back weights. These two combined weights were used to calculate the ratio. One single scale was used for the overall total weight.

    - Hoping to mail the cars today to SuperSlab but reality is setting in and it will be tomorrow I figure.

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    • arroldn
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      Rob will the spreadsheet be available for download. One of my prized tools from the Championship Proxy Series

    • Cgyracer
      Cgyracer commented
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      Yes I will place on Google drive soon. Just waiting so I can input the missing info that was posted. Thanks!

    • arroldn
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      Sounds good. I noticed over the years of the Championship Series of Proxies how the motors went from mostly 21-25K to where they were 30K. The top five Round 0 motors average 27K. Give me more "Cow Bell"

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    Super information. Thanks a lot for compiling this.
    Final RPM at the wheels is interesting info

    BARC tires are NSR Ultra grips, Car has a Slotting plus guide, and I think Avant hubs in the Rear and CB in the front.



    G.P Alberta


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      Excellent spreadsheet; thank you.
      Motor is a 25 K Predator and front tires are Quick Slicks Zero Grip.

      Bob G.
      Bob G. ..... Boston, North Shore


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        Some interesting stats there. Thanks for doing it Rob.
        Team SCANC
        Woodland Trace Raceway - SlotZuka - Bent Tree Raceway
        OFI - Buena Vista Motorsports Park - Slotkins Glen
        Leadfinger Raceway


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          Thanks for the stats sheet, Rob. Some very interesting information there. Bigger motors remain those most commonly used, although 25k seems to have a good following, too, with generally lower gear ratios than last year. Surprised to be sitting so far back in the bottom third on rpms at 10V; particularly since many races are run at or close to that voltage. We'll see how it goes.

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            Thank you Rob appreciate the effort and detail, for us data nerds it is fantastic to review this information and ponder the "what if" scenarios!

            "I don't make mistakes. I make prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong "
            "And that just shows you how important the car is in Formula One Racing"

            Murray Walker


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              Ah, let the data mining begin . Fantastic stuff there Rob, thanks. Looking forward to getting a copy of the spreadsheet - always like to do some additional number crunching - delta between 10 and 12 volts is interesting, especially considering electric motors are supposedly linear. May motivate me to finally dig out that Arduino kit and put together a rolling road to measure real time torque and power outputs.


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                This is why I really enjoy this proxy. So much information to digest and understand. Not surprised to see my speed doesn't result in position. I got better times in resting with the 2.75 gear ratio, but I kept telling myself to stay closer to 3. Time to start planning for next year's build.


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                  I moved some weight from the front of the pod to underneath the rear axle shifting my weight ratio to 36/64, attempting to get a little more bite. I also went with two less teeth on my spur gear to get a little more speed. Turns out I have the slowest speed ranked at 27. Last season I was ranked second slowest just behind Fast Co but I see Steve greatly increased his speed this season. I’d really be slow if I did not drop those two teeth!


                  • Rleog
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                    “Turns out I have the slowest speed ranked at 27.”

                    Here’s a clear example of data that can be misleading. Rob’s car scored 27th out of 27 cars on the dyno, recording the lowest RPM at both 10 and 12 volts yet he finished 4th in Round 0 with a fast lap of 6.707 s.

                    It seems, to me at least, that there are few straights on home built slot car tracks where max RPM/velocity can be approached. The quick cars are those that can handle well in the curves, maintaining a relatively high velocity there without unsettling the car.

                    Rob,I’ll gladly trade my more highly dyno rated speed car for your car, rated last on the dyno.

                    Thanks again for recording al of this data for us.

                    Bob G.

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                  Hello Rob,

                  What an impeccable all of amazing work you've done!
                  I really appreciate the amount of effort.



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                    This is great thank you and for all the new guys this is gold!
                    Courtney Smith
                    Chattanooga TN


                    • Cgyracer
                      Cgyracer commented
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                      Thanks. I’m just really trying to uphold the standard that F1Fan has created for the Championship Proxies. Now I see how much work it was previously!

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                    Outstanding information available, thanks Rob. Back to the drawing board to try and come up with a better combination for 2022!
                    Would be interesting to have the data on the 3 cars that missed out as a comparison,


                    • GT6
                      GT6 commented
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                      Ed (53BN1) ran a Maserati that was dead stock except for the rear tires, which I believe were NSR Ultras, plus whatever weights he used for tuning.

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                    Brilliant data sheet Rob,now everyone can see what the top runners are using ,just have to learn how to tune all the bits.
                    My car is suffering from too much weight which I half heartedly attempted to cure this year but ran out of time.
                    Not to worry ,I just finished my Slot it Porsche for the World Champ Proxy next year using a light weight Plafit chassis with a total weight of 90gms so next years GT3 is looking good & another fun challenge.
                    Cheers Jimmy


                    • F1Fan
                      F1Fan commented
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                      90g Plafit...?? Sounds fast. Now that the initial buzz has died down a bit for the GT3 series, all the focus will be on the WC series, stay tuned for more details on that side of the site.

                    • Brumos RSR
                      Brumos RSR commented
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                      Mine weighed in at 98grams so I shelved the idea......but it runs great!

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                    Cars are packed up and going to hit the post office tomorrow for the 40 minute flight to Vancouver. Tech sheet has been updated too along with a google drive link to the sheet.