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GT3 Slot Car Proxy 2021 Round 0

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  • GT3 Slot Car Proxy 2021 Round 0

    Now that we know who the 27 GT3 entrants are, it's time to see what everyone has built to race for the dough! No details at the moment but I'm not available all weekend plus my busy work schedule I'm planning to run Round 0 tentatively on Wednesday the 18th next week. With the possibility of helping run the Ford vs Ferrari proxy at Lez's house the Sunday afterwards I really would like to be done running GT3 cars by Wednesday. This will be followed by car pictures, inspection & tech sheet. Hopefully no penalty points this year. FYI the cars will not be opened.

    I'll post the video link once my schedule is confirmed.

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    Thanks a bunch Rob! We very much appreciate the work you are putting into getting this thing going.


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      Thanks Rob, keep up the great work!


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        Oh yeah, Rob please remember to tape the front wheels clean on my car! I written that request on the chassis! My front tires are not zero grip or coated, my car runs better with grips up front!
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          Will I took a break from work and was thinking about this event that many of us have been waiting for. What I was wondering is who will be our top three qualifiers at the hands of our host so I will toss my hat in the ring and pick my top 3 in alphabetical order of course....
          CGY Racer
          F1 Fan

          Why I am at it what about a fastest lap at 6.799 seconds...that will keep Rob’s trigger finger happy!
          I am sure there will be surprises but that is my crystal ball in this very cloudy time...
          What do you think?
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              1) Sir Gascarnut
              2) Sir F1Fan it’s your history
              3) SirChrisguyW

              surprise finish Sir SuperSlab
              Most improved over previous entry ArroldN
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              The Jester

              Soxside (Chicago)


              • arroldn
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                Thanks for the mention Tony. Hope it holds true.

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              I am so nervous, not sure I am going to sleep tonight, and the truth is that I am hopeful for a top 3 but honestly very doubtful.

              1) Heli_ca
              2) Camber
              3) CGYRacer

              Good luck to ya'all (best copy and save this, since it might be the last time)

              Rob, thanks as always, you have done a great job with the series thus far

              "I don't make mistakes. I make prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong "
              "And that just shows you how important the car is in Formula One Racing"

              Murray Walker


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                CGY Racer
                Good luck all & stay safe


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                  Hi guys, the Round 0 is now rescheduled for Friday. I’ve been trying to piece about 3 hours of time to program the cars into Race Coordinator and run round 0 and it seems by Friday I will have a window! Sorry!!



                  • Audi1
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                    No problem; it's not easy to get all the pieces of a proxy round scheduled and sometimes changes do occur.

                    Note: The Trans-Am U2 Round #10 qualy will be on Friday, too - so, a good day for slot car racing all around.

                    My top Round 0 qualy and race picks:

                    1. Heli-CA
                    2. CGYracer
                    3. Chrisguyw

                    Best of luck to everyone!


                  • SuperSlab
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                    No problem Rob: it seems clear that you have an awful lot on your plate. Do NOT stress!!!

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                  1 cgy racer
                  2 arroldn
                  3 audi 1
                  Merrimack, NH


                  • arroldn
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                    Thank you for your vote of confidence Austin. Hope I can crack into this elite group.

                  • Austin
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                    Oh your Lambo flies, You got this year, Top 10 for sure for the year

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                  1. F1fan
                  2. Gascarnut
                  3.Cgy Racer

                  fastest lap 6.8144


                  • Austin
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                    arroldn is running 6.986 so that's just a little faster

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                  Gentlemen, Round 0 will be on YouTube Friday 6:15PM Pacific time, 9:15 Eastern time. I will provide the link on Friday once I know it.

                  Round 0 does not count in the standings it is for exhibition purposes only.

                  - I will be running the cars in reverse order of the Pre-Qualifing results and last season's top 16 results.
                  - The two "Green Jacket" cars...Gascarnut will run in the spot between the Pre-Qualifiers and last season's top 16 as he finished in 17th last season for his most recent result. Heli_ca's most recent result is 1st place in 2017 so he will run in the number 1 spot.
                  - I will use each car's fastest lap as the final result for Round 0.
                  - The lap total will be 15 laps for each car.
                  - GT6 contacted me regarding his car running so unusually sluggish so I took a peek at his car and his car had some sort of thread/fuzz wrapped around his bushing/gear. I removed the debris and all should be well.
                  - Brumos RSR I glued his wing back on.
                  - Tech inspection (body does not get removed) and photos to come early next week.
                  - Cars to mailed off to SuperSlab next week for Round 1.

                  Last night I moved your cars onto the track in running order plus I programmed Race Coordinator with all your names in the center lane in the proper order.

                  Good Luck Gentlemen! Let's see see how the cars stack up this season!

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	P1090110.JPG Views:	0 Size:	3.13 MB ID:	64242 Click image for larger version  Name:	P1090108.JPG Views:	0 Size:	3.24 MB ID:	64243
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                  • jimmyslots1950
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                    Thanks for my new screen saver Rob.
                    You have a very suttle way of building excitement.
                    Cheers Jimmy

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                  Great pics, Rob! The number or spectator figures you have really makes it feel like it's the real 1:1 deal - nice job!

                  Good luck to everyone tomorrow night!



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                    Very impressive lineup. Great track and I love the Le Mans style pits/garages with crews and spectators. I’ll be watching tomorrow evening.
                    Bob G. ..... Boston, North Shore


                    • Cgyracer
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                      Thanks, hope 9:15 Eastern is not too late!

                    • Audi1
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                      It is! Could you please make it 3:15PM PST? Haha! Sorry.............couldn't resist...............
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