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GT3 Entry Fee paid for next year! What is your Pre-Qualifier Prediction?

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  • GT3 Entry Fee paid for next year! What is your Pre-Qualifier Prediction?

    Gentlemen, lets predict who the top number #1 qualifier will be out of the 16 cars that need to Pre-Qualify. Your entry fee will be covered for next season's 2022 GT3 Proxy. This is open to all 29 entrants (excluding myself). Please post here who you think will be the top qualifier out of this group! Only one guess allowed per entrant. Thursday 12 noon Pacific time this prediction event will close.

    Yes you can vote for yourself!!

    Yes you can change your mind, but edit your original post with your prediction. Makes it easier for me!

    Yes you can wait for the presentation video tomorrow evening, but you can still vote ahead of time!

    Last season Brumos RSR was the top Pre-Qualifier.....who will it be this year?

    In the case of multiple people guessing the Top Qualifier I will pull a name out of a hat!

    Pre-Qualification Group
    Top 13 cars from this group to join the above. These cars are not in any order.
    1) GT6
    2) Steeveew
    3) Arroldn
    4) BigDuhg
    5) cj74
    6) Leadfoot46
    7) Dodgefarmer
    8) Redlynr
    9) Pepsi 62
    10) Rleog
    11) DMN17
    12) ALS
    13) 53BN1
    14) Barc 1
    15) Lance
    16) Austin
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    Oooooh, I can cut the tension with a knife!

    No disrespect to any builder, this is just a WAG...

    1) Dodgefarmer
    2) GT6
    3) Redlynr
    4) Steeveew

    Edit: sory Bigdugh, you had to make way for GT6...hope you understand....

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    "I don't make mistakes. I make prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong "
    "And that just shows you how important the car is in Formula One Racing"

    Murray Walker


    • Cgyracer
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      A WAG (wild-ass guess) is an off-the-cuff estimate for something, such as the completion date of a project, when there is insufficient data available to support a more informed estimation.

      So how about a WIG on the other hand?
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    I’ll go with
    ​​​​​​ Lance
    ​​​​​​ Arroldn
    i know there will be some surprises. All good proxy runners


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      Their will be some surprises


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        I will go with with BigDuhg.

        G.P Alberta


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          I think the Vipers will shock you all
          Merrimack, NH


          • Cgyracer
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            You voting for yourself in a subtle way right??? It's OK just do it!!

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            2) cj74
            3) Arroldn
            4) Steeveew
            Arrold Martin
            Nashville TN


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              I'll offer this as a "SWAG" (Strategic Wild-Assed Guess):


              Having said that - and more importantly - Good Luck To Everyone in today's pre-qualification shootout!!



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                    Changed the deadline for your predictions to Thursday 12 Noon Pacific Time. 3 PM Eastern.


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                      I will go with Dodgefarmer, his car kicked my butt the last time we were able to test them together on Robs track, sigh!


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                        Well, last night's unpacking reveal didn't make selection any easier - the cars all look great - and fast👍! Hmm, how to narrow down the choices? The pair of Huracans I tested weren't as quick as what I ended up with, so let's take the Huracans off the list (because we know nobody can prep a Huracan like I do 😜). And a 30 K motor seems a smidge too much, so any entry with one of those goes away too. I don't know what Redlyner has for a motor under the Scaleauto AMG so gotta throw out the unknown, similarly Steveew's Slotting Plus chassis is unfamiliar so it's gone. The remaining NSR's might be quick, but I think the Scaleauto chassis is faster so drop the NSR contingent. The Vipers in real life are front motor beasts so I can't see a model of one rising to the top, even if they are Scaleauto, so off the table with them. Pepsi62's R8? looks dangerous but thet short wheelbase may make it a tad twitchy, so move it down a few places. Gee, that leaves the four Masertis - quelle suprise 😲! Ed's mild mannered motor might out handle mine, but may run out of breath on the long straights. Down to three. Now I'm thinkin' Rob will be so dazzled by Lance's flouro orange paint that it'll throw his usually faultless driving skills off, and he'll be so busy admiring Rleog's gorgeous livery that that he'll slow down for a better look every time it goes past. So by that faultless logic, that leaves as my pick for top pre-quali car the #6 Maserati entered by ... GT6! Hey, if ya can't back yer own horse, what's the point?
                        Good luck all
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                        • Redlynr
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                          NSR 28k... But solid logic! ​​​​​​​
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                        • F1Fan
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                          Such sound reasoning and critical thinking is rare these days, and I cannot argue with logic, so I am changing my list!

                          PS: Scott, I really, really hope you make it into the series, the entertainment value you bring is worth the price of admission!

                        • Audi1
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                          I agree with that - 100%!

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                        I'm going with BigDuhg. So far every car of his has been faster than mine.
                        Randy C
                        Grindrod B.C.