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  • GT3 Proxy Cars Where To Send!

    All here is my address. Please also include the following on a piece of paper for the tech sheet. November 6th, 2020 is the due date.

    You can send by courier if you like. For Postal system shipping I find priority shipping USPS / Canada Post has been much quicker than regular parcel shipping. Regular parcel shipping can take upwards to a month and longer in some circumstances for reasons out of our control.

    Robert Malesan
    2252 Quail Run Dr
    Kelowna, BC
    V1V 2S3

    phone number for the customs form:

    Tech info to send;
    Car body / manufacturer
    Motor & Speed
    Pinion Tooth Count
    Crown / Spur Gear count
    Front Tires
    Rear Tires
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    Just a reminder of the address and info to include for your GT3 packages



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      Cars were put on the slow boat to north america from the most isolated land mass in the world...hope the little driver isn't too sea sick and gets his land legs back under him before they arrive in your wine country.
      We hope that the pacific islanders will do well. I am worried that friend of yours out in western canada does not put in another 5,000 laps of practice. Hmm actually two of them Mr Superslab and that guy F1 Fan.
      Good luck to all as we start holding our breath on how the 2020-2021 edition goes.
      As always most of us will be proud and honored to make the field


      • SuperSlab
        SuperSlab commented
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        Dale , I am greatly flattered that you would mention my efforts in the same sentence as Chris’s, but we all know he is in a different league to my amateur efforts. So I am happy to confirm that you need not be greatly concerned by my fumblings. But I do hope to be able to rise to a level where we can resume some of the battles we have had in the past: always a great pleasure. Very best of luck to you!

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      I'm sure if F1Fan puts any more laps on that car he will need new tires! I also worry about his controller handle, I bet cracks are starting to develop!

      Great you mailed your car!



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        Mine is in the mail as well. Decided to go with the green C6R with the 19.5k motor and a new set of boots.

        I remember, not long ago, (like, maybe months?) being able to ship a slot car priority mail just about anywhere in North America for $6.75 US. My local post office wanted $40 and change to ship to Kelowna! Holy schneikies!

        So, I decided instead to ship by first class mail. My car will be sent by courier pigeon on an indirect route across the United States, Canada, and possibly Mexico, but with luck it should arrive safe and sound in Kelowna before the due date.


        Team SCANC
        Woodland Trace Raceway - SlotZuka - Bent Tree Raceway
        OFI - Buena Vista Motorsports Park - Slotkins Glen
        Leadfinger Raceway


        • docdoom
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          hey it almost cheaper to take a road trip and hand delv the car

        • arroldn
          arroldn commented
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          Steve, I just logged on to USPS click and ship. Wow $40 Priority and $20 First Class. I better get the lead out and ship it this weekend. Glad my parts arrived yesterday.

        • Cgyracer
          Cgyracer commented
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          Thanks Steve. Looking forward to seeing what you did!

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        Darn, it looks like I missed my best opportunity to do well in this proxy! I just thought that if I could have hired a hacker to get me into Rob’s HRW account, by directing people to send their cars to an address in Tuktoyaktuk or somewhere similarly distant I could have eliminated a lot of the opposition. I almost typed “better opposition” but in my case that would have been redundant....

        Note to self: remember this strategy for next year.


        • Aloha
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        • Fast Co.
          Fast Co. commented
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          Tuktoyaktuk sounds like someplace where things go but never come back.

          Note to self: Don't fall for Alwyn's Tuktoyaktuk strategy next year.

        • Cgyracer
          Cgyracer commented
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          I’ve seen that name on the weather channel. Does not look very inviting!

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        Mine will be on it's journey today (Monday), hope it will make to Canada in time,

        forgot to include a spec sheet
        Scaleauto Audi R8 LMS #62
        Slotit 1mm offset SW pod
        Scaleauto 25K FC 130, slot it 11T pinion
        Slotit recessed rear axle & 34T spur
        Standard front axle
        Staffs 15.8 x 8.5 Red Aluminum wheels all round
        NSR 18 x 10 Supergrip Rears Glued/trued
        Scaleauto fronts, glued/trued
        Standard Scaleauto sprung guide
        Lexan interior
        10gm lead in front of motor
        weight 80.2gm


        • Rleog
          Rleog commented
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          Uh oh. “ Tires – Only BLACK RUBBER tyres are allowed on the powered rear wheels with a minimum OD of 19mm at the start of the series. Minimum front tire diameter will be 17mm; minimum width of 7mm. ”

          Did you check the OD on your rears. If they’re under 19 mm there may still be time to send another set of rear wheels/tires.

          Hope this comment is not needed.

        • War Eagle River
          War Eagle River commented
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          Is that 19mm on or off the wheels?

        • Brumos RSR
          Brumos RSR commented
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          On the wheel 19mm

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        As said.....yup make sure you double check your tire heights on your cars!

        Its crunch time!


        • Pepsi 62
          Pepsi 62 commented
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          checked another set of rims the same size with the same tire... 19.8mm on the rim, so should be fine

        • Audi1
          Audi1 commented
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          Whew - good! That was a close one!

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        #37 car & info while moving to British Columbia by air.
        Best of luck and more power to the everyone.


        Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_6696.jpg Views:	0 Size:	83.4 KB ID:	58548


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          Sharp looking Mercedes! Power to everyone I agree except for F1Fan’s car!



          • F1Fan
            F1Fan commented
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            completed over 4000 laps, no need to worry about me, I have exited stage left about two days ago!

          • Aloha
            Aloha commented
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            That concerns me as it is probably 3999+ laps that you did not need ... if i may speak for most of the group that makes "us" very nervous.

          • F1Fan
            F1Fan commented
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            Dale I appreciate your blind confidence in my abilities, but it takes a lot of work to ensure I built a car that's not too fast so as to win the series and upset our new & fragile race director, but fast enough to still come 2nd! LOL

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          My #44 Huracan left this morning, I hope it reaches you in time.
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          Dennis Samson

          Scratchbuilding is life
          Life is scratchbuilt


          • Cgyracer
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            Perfect! Should be good!

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          Car will go out tomorrow. Everyone was at the post office today here.
          The Jester

          Soxside (Chicago)


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            Nice, I will watch for the Silver Bullet!


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              My C7R shipped today to Kelowna!



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                My Viper Untested (all tracks around here closed) shipped today to Kelowna
                Merrimack, NH


                • Cgyracer
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                  Austin & Audi1’s cars on the way that is great.
                  Tracks closed around Austin’s area...not good and not uncommon. I know Covid cases are going up here, last two days record numbers. Everyone be careful and diligent out there.