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    Hi guys! Wow what a great GT3 Proxy season we are many great cars and competitive! OK so here is your opportunity to pre-register for the 2022 "Championship Proxy" GT3 series.


    The top 16 finishers from the current series + any previous series champion will have a reserved spot in the series. Please note that if car "x" finishes this year in position 11 (which means that it is eligible for the 2022 series) but decides not to enter, then it does not mean car in position 17 moves up, it only means that there is an additional spot available in the 27 car field.

    If we receive more than 27 cars at the deadline, then there will be a "shootout" to determine who makes it into the 27 car field. Cars that do not make it into the field will be returned, entry fee will be refunded minus the return shipping fee. I will do my best to provide feedback on these cars to ensure that there is somewhat of a learning experience for all entrants.

    Since we do not know for sure who will make this year's top 16, I will ask that all interested builders post their intention to race below. Entry fee will be $27 USD (registration and payment deadline will be August 31st). Deadline for the cars to be at the MID-BC track in Kelowna, BC will be November 12th, 2021. The qualifying shootout will be broadcast on YouTube within the week of receiving all the cars.

    * All international and domestic entrants that need to mail their cars will have a deadline of Monday November 1st to have their packages postmarked. This will eliminate the guesswork of shipping in today's world thus no need for some entrants to ship their cars a month or longer ahead of time. All other cars postmarked after November 1st or hand delivered must be delivered by November 12th without penalty.

    Payment $27 USD:

    PayPal to me at:
    r99walleye at

    Robert Malesan
    2252 Quail Run Dr
    Kelowna, BC, Canada
    V1V 2S3

    phone number 2508017548

    The Shootout, Round 0 and Post Series Technical "Under the Hood" videos will occur at the MID-BC track.

    The returning Champion own's car #1 (if they want this number!) and all previous season's 27 entrants have first right of refusal on their car number.

    Official Rules, Eligible Car list, and Host guidelines are in the GT3 Proxy_2022_Official Rules thread.
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    All interested builders post your intention to race below along with your car number. I will create the Entrant List below.
    Keep in mind, the 2021 Champion own's car #1 and the previous season's 2021 GT3 Proxy series 27 entrants have first right of refusal on their car number.

    Note: For new entrants here is a link to the 2021 GT3 scoreboard where you will find the numbers for the 27 cars entered this 2021 season. Hopefully this makes it easier for potential new entrants to choose their car number

    2022 GT3 Slot Car Proxy Entrant List

    1) Cgyracer #10 PAID
    2) Fast Co. #3 PAID
    3) Redlynr #5 PAID
    4) cj74 #74 PAID
    5) SuperSlab #9 PAID
    6) Steeveew #188 PAID
    7) DF Racing #93 PAID
    8) BARacer #30 or #68 PAID
    9) 53BN1 #27 PAID
    10) Rleog #48 PAID
    11) Loan Shark #60 PAID
    12) Brumos RSR #33 PAID
    13) OXO cube #23 PAID
    14) Zack #18 withdrawn
    15) ALS #11 PAID
    16) Courtney s #2 PAID
    17) BARC 1 #20 PAID
    18) Austin #69 PAID
    19) Audi1 #29, #64 or #65 PAID
    20) Big Duhg #99 PAID
    21) Westons Garage #55 PAID
    22) arroldn #63 or #53 PAID
    23) Ragtopman #88 PAID
    24) GT6 #6 or #98 PAID withdrawn
    25) F1Fan #7 PAID
    26) Pepsi 62 #62 PAID
    27) gsnopoint #8 or #31 PAID
    28) SR Hawaii #12 PAID
    29) tatter06 #50 PAID
    30) CRC1239 #77 PAID withdrawn
    31) Lez #54. PAID
    32) jimmyslots1950 #79 PAID
    33) Chrisguyw #19 PAID withdrawn
    34) Woodcote #116 PAID
    35) AdeC #22 PAID
    36) Aloha #4 PAID
    37) Leadfoot46 #46 PAID
    38) Camber #200 PAID
    39) Nonfractal PAID withdrawn
    40) Smokeio #70 PAID
    41) Lance #24 PAID
    42) Modernslots #13 PAID
    43) Budslots. #36 PAID withdrawn
    44) PK_CZ #100 PAID
    45) Jiri Micek #101 PAID
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      Sign me up for #3. Not sure of the car yet. Upgrades to the venerable C6 or something entirely new?
      Team SCANC
      Woodland Trace Raceway - SlotZuka - Bent Tree Raceway
      OFI - Buena Vista Motorsports Park - Slotkins Glen
      Leadfinger Raceway


      • Cgyracer
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        Thanks Steve! Try inching your way up in gear ratio or motor perhaps. You have a great Vette there in 9th just 5 points out of 5th!

    • #4
      Maserati #5 please...
      Steve G
      Detroit Suburbia


      • Cgyracer
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        Redlynr is getting serious! Moving from the SLS to the Maserati!

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      I'm in. #74


      • Cgyracer
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        Awesome! Got it! You car was so fast, nimble and quiet!

      • cj74
        cj74 commented
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        Thanks for the kind words Rob. I still have some work to do as it doesn't look like I'll place high enough to earn a spot in 2022. I need to be quicker and nimbler. ๐Ÿ˜

    • #6
      What the heck, this time I will stick to a more proven recipe: #9 again please, car TBD


      • Cgyracer
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        More proven recipe! Alwyn is cooking something up!

    • #7
      Iโ€™ll try to qualify in again.
      #188 Aston Martin



      • Cgyracer
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        #888 to #188....I see a upward trend here!

    • #8
      Definitely returning. #93 please
      Randy C
      Grindrod B.C.


      • Cgyracer
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        Randy #93 is a fantastic car, interested to see what else you can make it do!

    • #9
      Hi Rob
      Please sign me up, number 27
      Ed aka 53BN1

      P.S. Enjoyed your call on the video of qualifying of 10th 2021 GT3 last evening


      • Cgyracer
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        Thanks Ed!! Looking forward to seeing the improvements you made!

    • #10
      Plucky Brit here, entering with a Scalextric!


      • Cgyracer
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        This season Steeveew entered an SXC Audi with a 3D chassis that runs fantastic so we will be very interested to see what you build with the Scalextric body! Hopefully more entrants from your side of the ocean decide to join! PS not sure if heli_ca will give up lucky number #68!

    • #11
      Sign me up for the shootout, please. Number 91, if I can do it justice! ๐Ÿ˜œ
      Last edited by Rleog; May 21, 2021, 12:57 PM. Reason: Checked... #91 is available
      Bob G. ..... Boston, North Shore


      • Cgyracer
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        Thanks Bob! #91 going to be another beautiful livery?!

      • Rleog
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        Hopefully, this time, not a pretty bottom feeder.

    • #12
      #19 backup number if possible.


      • Cgyracer
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        Got it! Good idea!

    • #13
      Count me in please. Likely with my C7R that didn't get finished for 2021.
      Loan Shark aka Matt
      I am Alive because Organ Donation Worked... TWICE
      Lake Country, BC, Canada
      Shark Pit: 38' Routed MDF


      • Cgyracer
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        Thanks Matt! I'm happy to see you jump into the Proxy racing world!

    • #14
      #33 please car TBD possible C6
      The Jester

      Soxside (Chicago)


      • Cgyracer
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        SIlver bullet!!

      • Brumos RSR
        Brumos RSR commented
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        Yes itโ€™s silver, not sure about the bullet part based on points finish

      • Rleog
        Rleog commented
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        Back with the number the Porsche Bullet deserves.

    • #15
      I am back this year. #18

      Testing 5 cars right now, I will have to get back to you on that haha

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      • Cgyracer
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        I'm expecting to see five fast car videos!!